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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - April 14, 2019 Bidding is Open!! Starts to close: Sunday, April 14 @ 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.Yamaha PW50 Motorcycle with training wheels. Has Title. Does Run. Winning bidder will be given the option of payment: Cash, Credit Card, or Certified Cashiers Check. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED AS PAYMENT.
2.Belts, Sheaths, and holsters
3.Gun Belts
4.Box of fishing lures, some vintage
5.Box of fishing lures, some vintage
6.Toolbox with fly fishing tackle, includes flies
7.Umco Tackle Boxes with lures
8.Vintage Plano Rod Case
9.Pflueger/Shakespeare Ultimate Marlboro Fishing rod and reel case
10.Plastic Cases
11.WoodStream 52 Tackle box with lures
12.Umco Tackle box with lures and fishing tackle, some vintage
13.Fenwick Tackle Boxes
14.Woodstream Tackle Boxes
15.Adverturer 1413 tackle box with lures and tackle, some vintage and Adventurer 1743 tackle box
16.Camp stove with wicks
17.Plano tackles box with lures, some vintage
18.Plano 5000 Tackle Boxes
19.Campfire grid with skewer
20.Box of reloading equipment, mostly empty brass, 30-06, 25, and others
21.Propane camp stove with coffee pot
22.Baseball and Softball gloves with balls
23.Vintage Tennis rackets
24.Sporting Goods
25.Box of Books
26.Collapsible fishing pole with tackle box and lures
27.Sporting Goods
28.Tennis and racquetballs with racket
29.Belts, Sheaths, and holsters
30.Head Tennis Racket
31.Spalding rackets, vintage
32.Wilson rackets, some vintage
33.Vintage Canvas Bank bags
34.Vintage life vest
35.Vintage fishing reels
36.Plano Tackle Box
37.Plano 767 Tackle Box
38.Fenwick Wide Body 5.7 Tackle Box
39.Pocket size lure boxes, one unopened, Bass Pro Shop box contains lures
40.Gladding Tackle Box with lures and tackle, some vintage
41.Rebel Tackle Boxes, Rebel Excalibur Box filled with lures
42.Plano Phantom Tackle Box with lures, some vintage
43.Plano Magnum Tackle Boxes, Plano TrailPak, TrailPak has lures
44.Fenwick Eagle II Tackle Box with lures
45.Flambeau Rod'n Reel case and telesopic rod case
46.Vintage Garcia 2021 B 6 1/2 foot rod case
47.Fenwick 1080 Tackle Box, busted latch, and tins with contents
48.Fenwick 5.6 Tackle Box with lures, some vintage
49.Beman and CAE X-Caliber Arrows
50.Rod Case, no foam
51.Foam Deer Decoys
52.Tub of hunting backpacks, poncho, seats, and other items
53.Hunting Books
54.Military/Military Style canvas and canvas bags, If interested please come see in person
55.Shell Vests and hunting coats
56.Picnic Baskets
57.Saddle Bags, 2 leather, 1 canvas
58.Framed Hiking Bags
59.Leather Bags
60.Vintage Rossignol Ski Bag
61.Water Rake golf abll retriever and horshoe hangers
62.United Airline Sporting Good Bags
63.Hunting Items
64.Brass Eagle Decorations
65.Box of empty shotgun shells and shotgun ammo boxes
66.Collapsible fishing net
67.Shell Holders, Sheaths, holsters, and shooting glasses
68.Golf head covers and Monte Carlo Country Club bags
69.2 pairs of Hip waders and tray for lures
70.Plano Molded Tackle Box and Hurriflex Saltwater Monofilament, 10 lb test
71.H-I Wading Bucket, Vintage
72.Vintage Eagle Seal-Tip 99 Oiler, 4 inch
73.Assorted items
74.Photography slides
75.LaCrosse Outdoorsman Hip Waders, Size 11
76.Trophy Storage Boxes
77.Box of ice skates
78.Leather Gun Belt and holsters
79.Weaver Top Mount bases for various guns
80.Redfield, Tasco, and Burris Scope Mounts
81.NCStar scope mounts and rail laser sight
82.Gun Slings
83.Redfield scope mount bases
84.Assorted Scope mounts, rails, and rings
85.Pistol Holsters including KelTech Tomcat
86.Knives and Bayonets
87.18 R8 Collets, 1/16" through 1 1/8", Internal and External Threads
88.Assorted Gun Springs and screws
89.Green arrow electric putting cup
90.Assorted Purses and Wallets
91.Girl Scout Bag, Canteen, and collapsible cooking pot
92.Military Style Frame Pack and Trapper Neeson's Indian Pack Board
93.Boy Scouts of America National Council bag and military style bags
94.Bait Canteen and collapsible canvas minnow bucket
95.Gun Cleaning Items
96.Sports Books
97.Winchester Quicksilver 31 Compund Bow with Beman Arrows, TruGlo Sight, Quiver, Rage Broadheads, and Flambeau Hard Case. ITEM IS HELD WITH RESERVE.
98.Zip Up canvas bag
99.Military Style sleeping bags
100.Taxidermy deer mounts
101.Seat Cane
102.Sleeping Bags
103.Military Quilt and "Mummy" Bag
104.Gun Case
105.Upright Gun Cabinet with keys, decorative glass
106.Long Bows
107.Military Tarp and Bug Net
108.Scott Air-Pak
109.Hunting Pants
110.Canvas Bags
111.Vintage Cane Pole, approximately 12 feet
112.Vintage Lead Shot bags
113.8 Foot Steel Truck Boxes, No keys to locks. ITEM IS HELD WITH RESERVE.