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Dominion Auction
Estate Onsite Auction - September 23, 2017 Bidding is Open!! Starts to close: Saturday, September 23 @ 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.Nice Antique Walnut Dropfront Desk. Good Shape

****House number will be posted a day before the preview****

We can bring items back to Dominion Auction Building in Weyers Cave for a fee depending on the item(s).

2.Antique Walnut Rocking Chair
3.Small Antique Bench
4.Antique Marble Top Walnut Table. Good Shape
5.Upholstered Chair. Good Shape
6.Nice Antique Pictures By George Stinson
7.Antique Brass Bucket
8.Antique Walnut Upholstered Couch. Good Shape. Contents Not Included
9.Antique Clock With Key.
10.Nice Antique Picture And More
11.Nice Antique Marble Top Table. Good Shape
12.Set Of Lamps
13.Manjor Scene
14.Upholstered Chair. Matches Lot 5
15.Set Of 2 Antique Chairs
16.Nice Antique Walnut China Cabinet. Good Shape. Contents NOT Included
17.Antique Marble Top Walnut Dresser. Contents Not Included
18.Nice Glass Set
19.Antique Picture
20.Antique Glass Electric Lamp.
21.Antique Rocking Chair. Good Shape.
23.Couch With Pillows
24.Brass Bucket
25.Electric Lamp
26.Nice Lamp Set
27.Antique Marble Top Walnut Table. Good Shape
28.Antique Red Electric Lamp. Good Shape.
29.Antique Walnut Chair
30.Small Antique Footstool
31.Antique Pottery Pitcher
32.Antique Glassware
33.Set Of Antique Pictures
34.Nice Brass Fireplace Screen And Andirons
35.2 Trays Of Antique Glassware.
38.Vintage Phone
39.Antique Glassware
40.Large Oriental Vase
41.Large Antique Butter Churn
42.Small Rug
43.Clock And Antique Pictures
44.Antique Glassware
45.Salt And Pepper Shakers And More
46.Tray Of Local Postcards
47.Antique Plates
48.Antique Glassware And More
49.Serving Platters And More
50.Antique Glassware And More
51.Knives Watches And More
52.1960s Car Trophys And More
53.Staunton VA Advertising Knives And Pens
54.Antique Items
55.Mercury Roosevelt Dime Collection
56.Lincoln Cents Collection
57.Vintage Binoculars
58.Vintage Camera
59.Album Of Postcards. Do Not Look To Be Glued In.
60.Antique Oak Shelf
61.Nice Antique Walnut Dresser
62.Vintage Side Table
63.5 Gallon Blue Glass Jug
64.Antique Shaving Mirror
65.Vintage Dresser. Contents Not Included
66.Bird Prints
67.VA Prints
68.Lincoln 4 Cent Stamps
69.Washington 2 Cent Stamp
71.Jackets With Lots Of Patches
72.Shoe Rack
73.Oak Drying Rack
74.Antique Mahogany Dresser
75.1 Cent Stamps
76.4 Cent Stamp
77.Antique Room Divider
78.Antique Makeup Mirror
79.Antique Walnut Table. Contents Not Included. Knobs Included.
80.Antique Mahogany Vanity. Contents Not Included
81.Antique Benches.
82.Washbowls And Pitchers
83.Antique Walnut Table
84.Vote Of Assembly Book. Very Old
85.Vintage Lamp
86.Antique Oak Basket
87.Mirror And More
88.Glassware And Phones
89.5 Antique Wooden Chairs
90.Locking Keepsake Box
91.Cedar Lined Chest
92.Trash Can And More
93.Antique Lamp
94.Vintage Flashlight And More
95.Antique Walnut Dresser
96.Blankets And More
97.Nice Wood Frame Mirror
98.Antique Picture
99.Antique Pictures
100.Antique Pictures
101.Antique Pictures
102.Antique Mirrors
103.Antique Rug
104.Antique Rug
105.Antique Rug'
106.Antique Dropleaf Table
107.Antique Lamp
108.Knife And Flashlight
109.Model 2 Grinder
110.Antique Metal Lunchbox
111.Cast Iron Tea Kettle
112.2 Gallon Crock With Blue Decoration
113.Antique Cherry Stoner
114.Antique Planters Peanut Jar
115.Antique Cherry Stoner
116.Antique Butter Mold
117.Sterling Items
118.Small Staunton VA Box
119.Antique Apple Peeler
120.Antique Mold
121.Antique Butter Mold
122.Postcards. Some Local
123.Richmond VA Steam Gauge
124.Antique Pipes
125.M Ward Side By Side Fridge. Works Good
127.Pen And Calendar Set
128.Antique Wooded Duck
129.Antique Kitchen Items
130.Antique Coffee Grinder
131.Antique Lantern
134.Wooden Mixing Bowl
136.Old Letters And More
137.Thimbles And More
138.Antique Scale
139.Antique Scale
140.Antique Scale
141.Antique Scale
142.Antique Scale
143.Antique Walnut One Side Drop front Desk
144.Set Of 4 Walnut Chairs
145.Reclining Chair
146.Antique School Desk
147.Electric Recliner
148.Antique Walnut Table With Drawer
149.Old Wooden Kitchen Utensils And More
150.Antique Crock With Lid
151.Antique Crock
152.Antique Crock Jug
153.Antique Items
154.Glass Jug
155.Duraflame Fire Logs
157.Crock Jug
158.Crock Jug
159.Nice Antique Crock With Blue Decoration
160.Fireplace Set And Dog
162.Old Walking Sticks And More
163.Antique Horseshoes And More
165.Antique City Of Staunton Map. Staunton Development Co. 1891
166.Nice large Antique Desk.
167.Large Punchbowl Set With Glass Ladle
168.Nice Floor Lamp
169.Wild Turkey Decanters
170.Ceramic Duck Planters
171.Oil Lamps
172.Oil Lamps
173.Antique Hay Fork
174.Old Books
175.Set Of Glass Plates
176.Blow Dryer
177.Carnival Glass Cups
178.2 Trays Of Glassware
179.2 Trays Of Glassware
181.Reclining Chair
182.Floor Lamp
183.Jars And More
184.Wood Bucket With Lid
185.Ladderback Chair
186.Sofa In Good Condition
187.Nice Long Solid Wood Bench
188.Cast Iron Ducks
189.Ice Bucket And More
190.Buttons And More
191.Nice Painted Round Top Trunk
192.3 Small Rugs
193.Brass Bucket
194.Oak Table
196.Nice Antique Spool Cabinet With Base
197.Brass Bell And More
198.Antique Ice Pick And Spool
199.Trivets And More
200.Antique Kitchen Scale
201.Antique Bells
202.Sewing Baskets With Contents
203.Antique Projector And More
204.Vintage Cameras
205.Antique Table And Desk Lamp
206.Lamp With Shade
207.Tins Full Of Buttons
208.Lowery Piano With Stool, Good Shape
209.Antique Record Player With Records
210.Very Nice Walnut China Cabinet. Contents NOT Included
211..Nice Antique Glassware
212.2 Trays Of Glassware
213.Antique Floor Lamp
214.Antique Sewing Organizers
215.Nice Antique Walnut Pie Safe. Good Shape. Contents NOT included
216.Antique Bells
217.Antique Glassware Set
218.2 Antique Glassware Bowls
219.Glassware And More
220.Antique Glassware With Shelf
221.Antique Cobblers Bench
222.Computer. Includes Table And Everything On Table
223.Antique Walnut Dresser With Marble Top
224.Wood Organizer With Sewing Items
225.Glassware And More
226.Nice Antique Walnut Table
227.Antique Walnut Dropleaf Table. Lamps Not Included
229.Antique Walnut Washstand
230.Antique Walnut Organizer
231.Antique Painting
232.Antique China Hutch. Contents Not Included
233.Candy Dishes
234.First Shelf Of Glassware
235.Second Shelf Of Glassware
236.Third Shelf Of Glassware
237.Lamp Shade And More
238.Tins Full Of Buttons
239.Nice Painted Nail Keg
240.Wooden Bucket With Lid
241.Small Footstool
243.Bullet Mold
244.Antique Fishing Poles
245.Antique Heater
246.Dr. Pepper Porcelain Sign
247.Lot Of Keys And Lock
248.Old Cow Bells And More
249.Antique Items
250.Old Trunk With Ties
251.Old Tractor Seat
252.Antique Tools
253.Antique Tools
254.Box With Motors And More
255.Wooden Barrel
256.Old Sharpening Wheel
257.Garden Baskets And More
258.Wooden Box With Contents
259.Old Hay Hook And More
260.Antique Horn
261.Old Copper Sprayers And Tin
262.Old Wooden Boxes
264.Step Stool
266.Fold Up Table
267.File Cabinet
268.Wooden Shelf With Contents
269.Wood Table With Contents
270.3 Antique Tools
271.Antique Tools
272.Glass Bottles
273.Old Metal Basket And Tools
274.Augusta VA Feed Sacks
275.Texaco Oil Can And More
276.Black And Decker Work Bench
277.Large Wooden Box With Contents
278.Antique Fishing Reel With Box
279.Worktable With Contents
280.Contents Of Wooden Shelves. Shelves Not Included
281.Contents Of Wooden Shelf
282.Contents Of Wooden Shelf
284.Old Car Parts
285.Old Fish Scale And More
286.Oak Cabinets
287.Lantern And More
288.Western Xpert Box
289.Old Glasses And More
290.Old Tools
291.Old Tools
292.Wood Plane
294.Cast Iron Skillets
295.Wood Dresser
296.Glass Decanters
297.Metal Basket
298.Glassware And More
300.Corned Beef Wooden Box
301.Clicquot Club Waynesboro VA Crate
302.Clicquot Club Waynesboro VA Crate
303.Wooden Box With Lid
304.Antique Meters
305.Enamelware Pans And More
306.Antique Dovetail Painted Blanket Chest With Dovetail Corners
307.Fan And Grill
308.Military Bags
309.Coleman Mini Stove And More
310.Coleman Fuel And More
311.Homelite Chainsaw
313.Antique Blanket Chest
314.Apple Cider Bottle And More
315.Bed Frame
316.Wood Box And More
317.Fold Up Tables
318.Old Crock Jug And Pot
319.Coleman Lantern And More
320.Milk Can
321.Fold Up Chairs
323.Old Bottle And More
324.Old Dehumidifier
325.Horse Items
326.Single Trees
327.Shoe Shine Set
328.Old Baseballs And More
329.Coleman Grill And Cooler
331.Lane Cedar Chest
334.Antique Table. Contents NOT Included
335.Old Military Hat And More
336.Old Table
337.Heater And More
338.Old Bottles And More
339.220 Heater
340.Jar Lids And More
341.Old Bench And More
343.5 Gallon Crock And More
344.Crock With Handle
345.Somerville Staunton VA Crock
346.Slicer And More
347.Single Trees
348.Texaco Oil Can
349.Old Box And More
350.Old Basket And More
351.Oil Seeds Rack And More
352.Top 2 Rows Of Glassware
353.Bottom Shelf Of Glassware
354.Large Lot Of Sewing Items And More
355.Old Baskets With Craft Items
356.Antique Desk
357.Pottery And More
358.Shells And More
359.Old Tool And More
360.Old Barrel With Lamp
361.Table And 4 Chairs
364.Fishing Poles