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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - July 17 2018 Bidding is Open!! Starts to close: Tuesday, July 17 @ 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.**** If you bid and win a item we would appreciate you coming to the correct pickup to retrieve your items. This is our policy on items not picked up during the correct pickup time. We thank you for your understanding. We will no longer hold items for the next pickup... Abandoned Items/Delinquent Accounts The Auctioneer will have the option of reselling, removing, storing or abandoning, at the expense and risk of the purchased items not paid for and/or removed within the specific time. The buyer agrees to pay all deficiencies, legal, collection, transportation and storage expenses associated with delinquent accounts or abandoned items. Large lot of computer chairs
2.Shoe rack
3.Hedge trimmers
4.Old Pipe wrenches
5.Stihl Saw
6.Small Toolbox and Tool Set
7.Hand Sanders & Jigsaw
8.Small fold-up chairs
9.Life vests
11.Blue Angel water pump
12.Space Heaters
13.Jigsaws & More
14.Bowling ball
15.Jacks Motor Oil tins
16.Plant stand & more
18.Heat lamp
19.Hand tools
20.Old fishing poles
21.Large lot of glassware & silverware
22.Pots w/ Lids
23.Printer, Christmas lights & more
24.Large lot of kitchen items
25.Amoco heater
26.2 Small metal cabinets
28.Dewalt Drill w/ case
29.Small air compressor
30.Weed eater, Gas powered blower
31.Stack of records
32.Stack of records
33.Stack of records
34.Stack of records
36.Cassette tapes
37.Bowling ball
38.lot of decorative plates
39.lot of decorative plates
40.Box of glassware & more
41.Box of records
42.Stack of records
43.Stack of records
44.Christmas decorations & more
45.Stack of records
46.Stack of records
47.Stack of records
49.Lamp w/ Shade
50.Ashtrays & more
51.Bird feeder & jewelry chest
52.Lot of silver plate
53.Reversible Dirt Scoop
55.Wine rack
56.Floor lamp
57.Antique heater
58.Antique walnut upholstered chair
59.Antique quilts
60.Apple Master
61.Cast iron decoration
62.Crocks & more
63.Brass lamp
64.Antique crate
65.Large basket
66.2 Duffel bags
67.White Cracker Barrel rocking chair
68.Baseball cards & figurine
69.Baseball cards & figurine
70.Baseball cards & figurine
73.Box of baseball cards
74.Box of baseball cards
75.Box of baseball cards
76.Box of baseball cards
77.Colin Kappernick shirt & more
78.Baseball collectibles
79.Football cards
80.Football cards
81.Baseball cards
82.Football cards
83.Baseball cards
84.Baseball cards & more
86.Antique wooden box
87.Sheffield porcelain china, full box
88.Antique pictures
89.Glassware & more
90.Large box of medicine bottles & more
92.Starting Lineup figurines
93.Starting lineup figurines
94.Starting lineup figurines
95.Starting lineup figurines
96.Starting lineup figurines
97.Starting lineup figurines
98.2 Pictures
99.Lynchburg, VA pictures
100.Coca-Cola bottles
101.Baseball picture & Knick-knack shelf
102.Wooden mirror
103.Ashtray & more
104.Antique bottles
105.Antique book, coins, & more
106.New basket & more
108.Christmas glassware
109.Cake server
110.Glass pitcher w/ box
112.Antique items
114.Glassware & large stack of plates
115.Antique items
116.Antique items
117.Box of glassware
118.Box of figurines & glassware
120.Little Debbie glassware
121.Wooden brain teasers
122.Coca-Cola glassware & plates
124.Handbag, Metal Pitcher and more
125.Glassware set
126.Box of glassware
127.2 Boxes of antique table linens & more
128.2 wholesale lots
129.Wholesale lot
130.Computer chairs
131.Vintage end tables
132.Computer chairs & wooden chair
133.Wholesale lot
134.Wholesale lot