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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - July 11, 2019 Starts to close:Thursday, July 11 @ 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.Tonka Trucks
2.Wooden bowls and spoons and assorted glassware
3.Red glass candy dish and glass platters
4.Saki cups
5.Lenox figurines
6.Shenandoah's Pride, Early Dawn, Farmers Co-operative Dairy and Valley Gold milk bottles
7.Staunton Creamery milk bottles and phone directory
8.Porcelain figurines
9.Antique Big Boy iron shoe horns
10.Sporting knives
11.11 White house vinegar jugs and one 1 gallon jug
12.Fifty States quarter cases (still in packaging) and collectors map
13.Crossman C02 pellet pistol
14.Hand painted sawblade, wooden jug, and crock
15.5pc bake set, Pyrex Portables, and dish
16.1776 Commemorative plate and other plates, including Golden Wheat 22k Gold Oven Proof dishware
17.Pfaltzgraff Dip serving set and other dishware
18.Disney and Mcdonalds glassware
19.Under cabinet lightbulbs
20.Wrapping paper, ballon, and small party bowl
21.Metal Candle sticks and Bookends
22.Early grade books, readers, and miscellaneous French books
23.DC, Vertigo, and Marvel Comic books, some in sleeves, One 1992 Superman
24.Instrument Approach Charts, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and misc Medical and travel books with lamp
25.Records including The Statler Brothers, Johnny Cash, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, ACDC, and more
26.Elvis Presley cards, records, and memorabilia
27.Rachet straps and Bungee cords
28.Cassettes, and 8 tracks
29.Coca-Cola bottle carrier, trays, and Cola Collector papers
30.Bubble wrap and large rolls of packing tape
31.Popular Mechanics toolbox
32.Paint gun, air hose, and other items
33.Sunbeam mist humidifier
34.Grill trays
35.Military canvas bags and ammo can
36.Black and decker pivot driver, Pittsburgh screwdrivers, and more
37.Direct tv receivers and remotes
38.New Pocket photo albums
40.Cd's and Gas-line antifreeze and water remover
41.Pumpkin power saws, knives, and skewers
42.Paintings and pictures
44.New York American Titanic newspaper, Vintage Marlboro advertisments, feed sacks, W. H. Shultz calender
45.Longenberger lids
46.US Army Blue beret Flash on Black Beret w/ gold bar, dress shoes, sash, canteen, and black powder items
47.John Deere table mats, Farming posters, English fox hunting place mats
48.Cast iron clown coin bank
49.Blue No. 13 Ball jars, White house Vinegar jar, White House Apple Butter Jars, all with Zinc lids, and glass ball lids
50.Knives and metal war figures
51.Salt shakers and assorted glassware
52.Vintage Cracker Jack doll, date stamp 12 19 80 on back of package
53.Green glass pig coin bank
54.Assorted office products
55.Ceramic mixing bowls
56.Snow Crest bank bottles
57.Dazey butter churn No 40
58.Vases with pedestals
59.Cedar box with contents and jewelry box
60.Vintage irons
61.Nascar memerabilia, Hunting books and vhs tapes, and binoculars with case
62.Early Religious books, poetry books, and novels
63.Antique hymnals and religious books
64.1970s? Records
65.1920s? records
66.Barry Manilow, Disney, and other assorted records
67.45s, some in Jackets
68.Boy Scout books
69.VHS tapes
70.New toaster oven and coffee pot
71.Jack of all trades shirts, some still in packaging, XL and XXL
72.Snowboard helmet with goggles and other kids items
73.Gas can, fish basket, and metal jug with handle
74.Blood pressure monitor, baskets, and other assorted kitchen items
75.Lodge cast irons skillets and sauce pan
76.Bicycle pump
77.Kodak Carousel projector, camera, camera books, and key hook
78.Royal Crown Cola and Coca-Cola carrier flats
79.Milkglass grape candy dish, Italy glass canister, and 5" black and white TV
80.Floor lamp
81.3pc Bamboo steamer set
82.Light housing and sunlamp
83.Stoneware mugs
84.Open Hearth kebab and serving tray
85.Covered Roaster, Clay, Stamped W-Germany 111
86.Portable radio cassette recorder and VHS tapes
87.Kitchen items
88.Porcelain Gravyboat with underplate and Divided platter
89.Frosted bakeware
90.Christmas angels
91.Christmas Candles and tins
92.Christmas items
93.Kitchen items
95.Easter items
96.Craft items
97.Assorted bottles and vases
98.Candle Glassware
99.Cut glassware, traditional
100.Modern cut glassware, apple dishes, cheese server, etc
101.Silver plate and kitchen items, knives primarily
103.Manual slicer and kitchen items with Vintage cookie cutters and pastry tins
104.Ceiling Fan, lamp globe, and oil lamp glass
105.Blue Willow dishware and misc platters and plates
106.Vineyard Bottles, Wooden candles with hurricanes, Teapot and sugar dish
107.Miscellaneous glassware
108.Silver plate basket and spice racks and spoon rack
110.Military paperwork
111.Kitchen items
112.Picture frames
114.Woven baskets
115.Metal candlabra
116.VHS tapes, classic and disney movies
117.Fireplace items
118.Shop vac
120.Wooden signs
121.Headboard and footboard
122.Coffee pot and fan
123.Mostly Foreign Records
124.Cassette tapes
125.English Tea Cups
126.Musical Jewelery box, cassette tape recorder, glasses in cases, and cassettes and cleaner
127.4 Milk glass globes and jewelry holders
128.Toaster, coffee maker, and slicer
129.Kelsyus Portable hammock
130.Fanned wall candlabra with candles and owl candles
131.Kitchen items
132.Kitchen items
133.Kitchen items
134.Vintage Old Spice bottles
135.Mason jars
136.Frosted Glass globes, Rabbits, wooden bear, and Loc-Nop Cranberry globe
137.Foot massage mat and workboot(9 1/2-11)
138.Wooden bench
139.Filing Cabinet
140.Halloween Decoration, 8 statues
141.Sunbeam Propane grill with tank
142.Sanitaire Electric Vaccuum
143.Jimi Hendrix poster and records
144.Shovel, Posthole digger, rake, wooden rake, and horse harness
145.Office chair
146.Poker Table with folding legs
147.Gun case and large Batman Figure
148.Vaughan Slat Sleigh bed
149.Folding Chairs
150.Da-Lite screen, baseboard heaters, and shutters
151.Assorted pictures, some signed
152.Vaughan wooden bed
153.Screen door
154.Pulldown maps
155.Card Tables
156.Card Tables
157.Proform XP590 Treadmill
158.Football, stool, and crate
159.Tufted headboard
160.Kitchen Items in Black Trunk
161.Domestic Rotary Sewing Machine, Planter, and leather footstool
162.2 Side tables
163.Small coolers, travel papers, and 2 Trav-l-bars
164.Small table and CD Rack
165.Glider Rocker
166.SKB Travel Golf case and golf clubs
168.Coffee table and 2 end tables
169.Camp cot, luggage roller, and canvas folding chair
170.5x7'8" area rug and runner
171.2 gun cases Billy club, and hard case
172.Miscellaneous linens
173.Small Corner shelf, wicker letter holder, jars, and wooden bowl
174.Miscellaneous Sewing supplies, Crepe Maker and other items
175.Miscellaneous lots, includes Boy Scout compass and Pin on compass
176.Lighbulbs, Work gloves, and flexible hose
177.Kitchen Items- including Magma Marine Kettle
178.Hunting VHS tapes, assorted movies, and VHS Player
179.Lamp shades
180.Assorted bike parts and large flashlight
181.Assorted picture frames
182.Chinese Wok Set and Food processor
183.Intercom and phone systems and cassette tapes
184.Candles, Boomerang, brass kettle, and other items
185.Camera tripods
187.Bathroom Items
188.Office Supplies and other items
189.8 Track tapes, cassettes, 3 rings binders, and file organizers
190.Kitchen items
191.Lamps and brass lamp finials
192.Shoe dryer and shoe inserts
193.Organizer trays and toys
194.Material, linens, and sheets
195.Obama Collector Plates
196.Shel Silverstein Books, ZooBooks, and other childrens books
197.Adult Novels- Including Black Beauty, Little Women, Nora Roberts, and Nicholas Sparks
198.Childrens books- including Beverly Cleary, Stine, and other authors- and linking mats
199.Easy Bake Oven, Compact microwave, and Oster Juice Extractor
200.Surge protectors and electrical items
201.Antique wooden pidgeon/poultry crate
202.6 sets of Sno-Treads
203.Assorted Electrical and household items
204.Southern Living Annual Recipe Collection and other books
205.Collection of National Geographic Magazines, scenic books, Generals In Blue, and other books
206.Baseball Cards- Topps, Pinnacle, Bowman, Fleet Ultra, and others- and Operation Desert Storm cards
207.French Books
208.2 Night Stands, Dresser and mirror
209.Dresser, needs work
210.Wholesale Lot
211.Wholesale Lot
212.Wholesale Lot
213.Wholesale Lot
214.Ironstone plates and English teacups
215.Covered Chamber pot and misc dishes
216.Anchorglass Ivory Punch Set
217.Spice Rack, Mixer and other kitchen items
218.Melamine dinnerware and microwave bake set
219.2 laptops in case
220.3 cheese boxes
221.miscellaneous electronic items
222.Fancy hats and boxes
223.Confederate bills
224.Miscellaneous glassware
225.Punchbowl, 2 serving dishes, syrup jar, and other items
226.Wholesale Lot
227.Large Wall Mirror
228.Samsung Washer and Dryer (Dryer needs work)
229.Bow Case\Archery Case
230.2 paintings
231.Antique Travel Trunk
232.Contractor Series Shop Vac
233.ProForm 770EKG Treadmill
234.Whirlpool Wahing Machine and Maytag Dryer
235.Wooden Bucket and Glass Insulators (Some are Hemingray)
236.Danby Mini fridge and Comfort-aire window ac unit