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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - June 17, 2019 Starts to close: Monday, June 17 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Boxes of books
2.Boxes of books, jars, cassette and vhs tapes
3.Partial roll of moving bubble wrap
4.Mechanics creeper
5.2 new shovels and rake
6.gun rack, fishing pole and gun case
7.back packs, soft shell gun cases, binoculars, archery
8.craftsman retractable air hose wheel
9.3 chicken candy dishes
10.floating minnow bucket
11.boyscout leather patches and books
12.trophies, pictures and plaques
13.sweden and germany blu/white metalware set
14.elvis presley tins and coffee
15.gordon 18" serrated machete
16.multiple saws, old level and screwdrivers
17.lynch's turkey call, political pins , antique handcuffs, misc louis gladd dazy churn
19.pez containers
20.general acoustic parts and cheese box
21.lot of lanterns (little wizard, monarch, no.8 air pilot, handlan, dietz, etc)
22.wire milk crate with bottles ((ball, kerr, atlas)
23.misc; concealment holster, blanket, bone strengthening fitness program, etc
24.lot of bottles: milk from DE, PA, Harbisons, etc
25.pulley, cards, crate, misc
26.lot of pocket knives and cases
27.Milk glass and green candy dishes and misc
28.antique wall and rotary phone
29.Sportsman cast iron meat grinder
30.Lot of stoneware (York P4, U.S.A 3, etc)
31.plastic bags
32.Commemorative and Type coin books
33.Zenith radio/clock, alarm clock and thermometer
34.Misc box lot (pelouze scale, saladshooter revereware kettle, griswald mini fryer)
35.lot of car accessories, peerless traction cables
36.Lot of framed Moss, Schuler, Elvis, Memorial Wall, etc
37.Bayonette with sleeve (S AK 3534) army dishonerable discharge papers
38.2013 boxed partial set of presidential $1
39.Black Sheep Hunting jacket, vest and pants
40.Lot of Green Bubble pattern glasses and grape bowl, misc
41.Old box and small 3 drawer jewelry holder
42.Lot of Large Canning and Steamer/Stockpots
43.Misc Lot (Indian and Polish Barbie, Atomic Pinball game, misc)
44.Clarke Siphon Feed Abrasivve Blasting Gun and box of jars
45.Misc Household Items
46.Avon Jaguar and Volkswagen After Shave
47.Grooming Case, Work Gloves, Misc Clamps
48.Sear's Electric Record Player in Case
49.Lot of Office Supplies, '45' record jackets
50.Central Pneumatic 3 gal pancake air compressor
51.Paymaster Register with key
52.D'arceau-Limoges Story Plates
53.Misc Lot of tools
54.Netgear Wireless Router
55.67 Ford Ad, Model Chevelles, Whitman frame tray puzzles
56.Cast Iron Frog, horse and Cheetah
57.lot of Extension Cords
58.Antique Planes and face razors
59.Haul Master triple ball Trailer Hitch
60.Sears 6 Amp Battery Charger
61.2 Small Dairy cans
62.Vintage Cracker Tins and Peanut Butter Bucket
63.Vintage After Shave Boxes and bottles
64.NFL KC Chiefs Ertl Collectible Trucks
65.Longerberber and other basket
66.Metal Powder Flask
67.Coleman Flourescent Lantern/Box
68.Animal Paper Weight and gavel
69.Misc glassware and cookie cutters
70.John Deere Tractor
71.Misc: Bolos, alarm clocks, bells, and bottle return tags
72."United We Stand" Stickers
73.Acme Corn Planter, Kaz Humidifier, Umbrella, Canes
74.Lot of Golf balls (Some in Sleeves, Titleist, Callaway and other)
75.Oyster Shuckers 1 gal tins and lids
76.Collector's Knives
77.Coca-Cola, Coke Pitchers, glasses and bottle opener
78.Pepsi-Cola Pitcher and glasses and Die Cast trucks
79.Misc Lot of Glassware
80.Coca-Cola juice and misc glasses
81.Bottle openers, lighters and tags
82.Lot of Padlocks and Deadbolt
83.Brownie Hawkeye Flash Outfit w/box
84.Shotgun shell boxes, some have empty shells
85.Nyllint Ladder Fire Trucks
86.Marlboro victorinox swiss army knives
87.vintage Iron
88.Chesterfield and Lucky Strike Cigarette tins and Harley Cigarettes
89.BeeGees and ET Lunchboxes and Campbells and Johnny Lightning Thermoses
90.Phillips Fine Parts Oil Can
91.Mr. Peanut Coin Bank
92.Sterling: Tiffany & Co salt an papper, misc lighters, candleabras and candlesticks
93.Gene Autry Melody Ranch Lunch Box and Thermos
94.Gene Autry Lunch boxes, comics, records, and Signed Picture with COA
95.Kodak Easy Share and Laser Jet Printer and cartridge
96.Metal Milk Crate and Records (Disney, Lennon, etc)
97.Assorted Lot
98.Metal Ammo Boxes, Tool Box and Metal lid
99.Box of Tools
100.cups and pitchers (1 is pewter and 1 is aluminum)
101.Ping Pong balls, net and Camelback water pack
102.Cast Iron Pans and Dutch oven
103.Metal Tool Box and Contents
104.2 Rubbermaid 20pc Produce containers w/ lids
105.Nostalgia Stainless 3 station Buffet with warming tray
107.2 lamps in Romney orchard wood crate
108.Lot of Metal Milk Crates (Monticello, Dalliker, Prop of Barbers, etc,)
109.Plastic Milk crates with Sporting Goods
110.Red Tricycle
111.Rubbermaid and Igloo Coolers
112.Stadium Seat
113.Dr.Pepper, Coke, Pepsi Cola and Mostly Pepsi Drink flats
115.Hoover Widepath Vacuum Cleaner
116.Coke Bottles (Some Vintage ) and 2 metal Bottle Carriers
117.Pepsi-Cola Bottles in Carriers and Royal Crown Cola Cradboard Carriers
118.US Army Friendship Banner
119.Painted Milk Jug (V OF VA M P HBURG)
120.Wooden Pepsi Flat, Charlottesville, VA
121.Operation Desert Storm Pro Set and Topps Collector Cards
122.Punch Out President and Pals Books and "63 + (mostly Kennedy Assassination) Newspapers
123.White Mountain Freezer Ice Cream Churn
124.Pistol Cases
125."Flex Drive" Flex Driver and bits/case
126.Baseball books, Comic books and Sleeved Basketball Cards (including Jordan)
127.Assorted Sports Cards and 9 pocket card pages
128.White House Vinegar Jugs
129.16 Piece Dinner Set (Blue and White) and Easy Press Iron
130.Guardian Service Serving Set
131.Misc Kitchen Items (Strainer, Coke bowl, etc)
132.Brass spittoon
133.Plumbing Fittings and Misc
134.Misc Lot of Items
135.Wholesale Lot
136.Wholesale Lot
137.Wholesale Lot
138.Wholesale Lot
139.1987 Washington Redskins Superbowl 22 Roster with picture
140.Wholesale Lot