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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Feb 19, 2018 Starts to close: Monday, February 19 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Wooden Bench
2.Water OUS Float Pump, Owner Says Runs Great & Retails for over $3000, This Item Has a Reserve
5.Drying Rack
7.Vintage Windows
8.Vintage Shelves
10.Picture Frames
11.Shelf & Doll Bed
12.Basket of Light Fixtures & More
13.Wooden Crate
14.Old English Waxer & Polisher
15.2 Shelves
16.Horse with Wheel
17.Black Crate
18.Large Antique Rake
19.Small Table
20.Rocking Chair
21.Vintage Corn Mold
22.Vintage Cash Register
23.Wooden Box & Basket w/ Handles
24.Duck, Made in Italy
25.Planter, Recipe Box & More
26.UPCO USA Pottery
27.Vintage Pour Spout, Measuring Cups & More
28.Wooden Bowl, Glassware & More
29.Vintage Student Books & Wooden Box
30.Last Supper Plate, Cigar Boxes
31.Antiques Sign & Patriotic Wooden Decoration
32.Primitive Ladder Decoration
33.Vintage Shine-Butler, Solar Flares & Chocolate Tin
34.Gun Cleaner, Book, Baby Shoes & More
35.Wooden Wheelbarrow Decoration
36.Large Fruit Decoration Tray
37.Metal Newspaper Prints
38.Pottery, Enamel Bowl, & More
39.Chair Back Hanging Decoration & More
40.Primitive Wooden Goose, Display Shelf & More
41.Wooden Duck & More
42.Wooden Drawer & Baskets
43.Carter Mountain Jug & Metal Feeder
44.Vintage Rummy-O Game
45.Wooden Crate
46.Vintage Spencer Lens in Case, Wooden Crate & More
47.Longaberger Basket
48.Bow & Arrow
49.Glass Container of Shells
50.Wooden Box & Mason Jar
51.Bowling Pins
52.Wooden Decorative Display
53.Metal "Unattended Children..." Sign
54.Enamel Pan & 2 Rolling Pins
55.Vintage Metal Container
56.Vintage Irons
57.Strasburg, VA Pottery
58.Enamel Pot w/ Lid & Tambourine
59.Magazine Rack w/ Lids & More
60.Vintage Wrenches & More
61.Vintage Accordion
62.Vintage Minnow Bucket & More
63.Primitive Sheep Picture & More
64.Vintage Oil Lamps
66.Pottery & More
67.Antique Wooden Crate & More
68.Primitive Sign & More
69.Wooden Decoration & Newspaper
70.Canteen, Letter Decorations & More
71.Flour Sifter & More
72.Wooden Organizer, Cast Iron Skillet, & Roller
73.Serving Platter
74.Small Spittoon
75.Brush Knives
76.Picture Frame & More
77.Books & More
78.Antique Tools
79.Antique Wood Plane
80.Antique Tools
81.Antique Tools
82.Primitive Tray & More
83.Antique Crate & More
85.Baskets & More
86.Antique Wooden Box
87.Magazine Rack & More
89.America Picture & More
90.Wooden Shelf & More
91.Antique Wooden Tool
92.Wooden Cowboy Signs
93.Galvanized Can & More
94.Red Wooden Tray
95.Metal Crate
96.Brass Lamp
97.Fold-Out Cot
98.Electrolux Vacuum
99.Tins & More
100.Hedge Trimmers
101.Kids' Bike
102.Antique Seed Box
103.Kids' School Chair
104.Metal Road Sign
105.Small Cast Iron Skillet
106.Craftsman Miter Box
107.Truck Gun Racks & More
108.Stanley Miter Box
109.Coleman Cooler
110.Large Casters & More
111.P. Buckley Moss Print
112.Enamelware Tubs & More
113.Primitive Decorations & More
114.Primitive Picture
117.Ceramic Piggy Bank & More
118.Large Basket of Tins
119.Tray of Tins
120.Box of Glassware & More
121.Large Record Player & More
122.3 Bundles of Insulation
123.Solid Pine Bookshelf
124.3 Vintage Wooden Chairs
125.Metal File Cabinet
126.Heavy Vintage Shelf
127.Antique Tools
128.Vintage Boxes
129.Framed & Matted Pictures
130.Misc. Items
132.Antique Mixing Bowl & More
133.VHS Players
134.Small Toolbox & More
135.Antique Hardware
136.Locks & More
138.Misc. Items
139.Misc. Items
140.Misc. Items
141.Vintage Light Fixture & More
142.Large Silverware Set
143.Lot of Glassware
144.Lot of Glassware
145.Wooden Decorations
146.Large Silver Serving Platter & More
147.Heat Lamp & More
149.Pottery & More
151.Silver Items
152.Electric Drill & More
153.Toys & More
154.Pottery & Glassware
155.Large Lot of Dolls
156.Advertising Plate & More
157.Large Glassware Set by Imperial China
158.Foreign Bills
159.Foreign Bills
161.Large Bag of Buffalo Nickels
163.Primitive Wooden Stools
164.Glass Lamp
165.Primitive Berries
166.Primitive Berries
167.Wooden Gun Rack
169.Primitive Decorations
170.Country Home Magazines
171.iPhone 6 Plus Phone Cases
172.Board Games
173.Light Fixtures
174.Picnic Basket
175.Framed Pictures
176.Jewelry & More
179.King Size Oak Headboard