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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - July 25, 2018 Starts to close: Wednesday, July 25 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.**** If you bid and win a item we would appreciate you coming to the correct pickup to retrieve your items. This is our policy on items not picked up during the correct pickup time. We thank you for your understanding. We will no longer hold items for the next pickup... Abandoned Items/Delinquent Accounts The Auctioneer will have the option of reselling, removing, storing or abandoning, at the expense and risk of the purchased items not paid for and/or removed within the specific time. The buyer agrees to pay all deficiencies, legal, collection, transportation and storage expenses associated with delinquent accounts or abandoned items Virginia Metalcrafters
2.Old Dog Doorstop, Cast Iron
3.Antique Egg Basket
4.Coca-Cola Wooden Crate
5.Pepsi Lynchburg VA Wooden Crate
6.Coca-Cola Wooden Crate
7.Buffalo Lithia Water Bottle, Good Shape
8.Waynesboro, VA Milk Bottle
9.Antique Lance Peanut Jar
10.Antique Lance Peanut Jar
11.John Deere 1915 Waterloo Collectible Tractor
12.Ertl 1:16 Scale Tractor
13.Ertl Scale Semi Truck
14.Tray of Political Pins
16.Ford Hubcap
17.Hubley Cap Gun
18.Small Animal Trap
19.Small Animal Trap
20.Small Animal Trap
21.Antique Tins
22.Antique Drink Dispenser
23.vintage iron roof snow guards
24.Small Enamel Cups
25.1 Gallon Brown Jug
26.Antique Apple Peeler
27.Railroad Insulators
28.Horseshoe Rack
29.Metal Crate
30.Small Miniature Grinder
31.Case 3-Blade Knife; 8318HP
32.Case 3-Blade USA Knife; 3347HP
33.Case 1-Blade Lock Knife; M1054LSSP
34.Case 2-Blade USA Knife; 06263
35.Case 2-Blade USA Knife; SR6244
36.Case 2-Blade USA Knife; 23095
37.Case 3-Blade USA Knife; 6347HP
38.Case XX 1-Blade USA Knife; 2138
39.Case XX 1-Blade USA Knife; 2138
40.Case XX USA 2-Blade Knife; A6208
41.Cast Iron Enterprise Meat Grinder
42.Antique Crate
43.Antique Basket
44.Wooden Stool
45.Half Gallon Mason Jar
46.Enterprise Meat Grinder
47.Chicken Feeders
48.Antique Metal Crate
49.Chicken Waterers
50.Antique Basket on wheels
51.Staunton, VA Dairy Crate
52.Thermos & More
53.Antique Wooden Crate
54.Saw Blade
55.Emerson TV w/ DVD Player
56.Atlas Quart Size Mason Jar
57.Antique Pipe Wrench
58.Virginia Metalcrafters Trivets
59.Flag Decoration
60.Battery Charger, Flood Lights & More
61.Vintage Drink Dispenser
62.Checkers Game & Harley Davidson Calendar
63.Vintage Tin Wind-Up Toy
64.WWII Dagger (replica), Silver Spoons, & More Some items are sterling and coin silver
65.Ball Jars
66.Post Cards
67.4 Trays of Baseball Cards
68.DVD Player & Binder Organizer
69.Vineyard Wooden Box, Full of Papers
70.Glassware & Coca-Cola Advertisement
71.Tray of Flashlights & More
72.Picture Frames
73.Chain Link Fence
74.Battery Bolts, Filter & More
76.Moose Decoration & More
77.Large Lot of Sandpaper
78.Dremel Multi-Pro Rotary Tool, Looks New
79.Dermal Tool w/ Papers
81.Large Wood Carving Tools
82.Dermal Tools & Accessories
83.2 Rolls of Sandpaper
84.2 Rolls of Sandpaper
85.Leather Punch & More
86.Nice Set of Wood Carving Tools, in Good Shape
87.Aluminum Coffee Pot
88.Pumpkin Decorations
89.Cake Decorating Set
90.Decorative Plate
92.1972 Proof Set
93.Tray of Hot Wheels
94.Tray of Hot Wheels
95.Tray of Hot Wheels
96.Tray of Hot Wheels
97.Tray of Hot Wheels
98.Tray of Hot Wheels
99.Tray of Hot Wheels
100.Tray of Hot Wheels
102.Jump Starter
103.Group of Golf Shoes
106.Antique One-Door Painted Cabinet
107.Chicken Feeder
108.Antique Milk Jug
109.Wooden Storage Cabinet
110.Red Wooden Shelf
111.4 Nesting Boxes
112.Chicken Feeder
113.Antique Floor Stand
114.Large Cosmetic Sign
115.Small Trampoline
116.Record Player, Small Oak Chair, & More
117.Large Lot of Rope, Picture Frame, & More
118.Wholesale Lot
119.Ironing Board
120.Multi-Use Futon
121.Red Dolly Cart
122.2 Rakes, Shovel, Pick Axe
123.Aluminum Ladder
124.Fish Tank w/ Accessories
125.Black TV Cabinet
127.Magazine Rack & More
128.Fishing Reel & Arrows
129.Cassette Tapes & Small Stand
130.Hummingbird Fish Finder
131.Cookbooks & more
132.Radio & More
133.Extension Cords & More
135.Hiking Pack & More
136.Fishing Waiters, Size XL
137.Coca-Cola Collectibles & More
138.XL Camo Hunting Jacket
139.Stadium Chair
140.Blood Pressure Monitor & More
141.Wrangler Wool Line Vest
142.Camo Pants, Hats, & More
143.3 Hats, 2 are Under Armor
144.Michelob Ultra Framed Sign
145.Knife Sharpener & Hunting Camera Lock
146.Cigar Boxes
147.Hunting Harnesses & More
148.Fishing Nets
149.Ice Cream Container & More
150.Croquet Set
151.Fishing Line
152.2 Knives
153.Gun Lock, Primer Bulb & More
154.Water Pack & More
155.Scope & Scope Rings
156.Pepsi Salt & Pepper Shaker & Strainer
157.Fishing Poles
158.Fishing Lure Organizers & More
159.Garmin Fish Finder
160.Cabela's Hunting Pack
161.Feeder & Dog Bed
162.Large Wooden Table
163.10 Shop Lights
164.Large Wooden Double-Sided Shelf, Contents NOT Included
165.Large Wooden Double-Sided Shelf, Contents NOT Included
166.Vintage Table
167.Wholesale Lot, Does NOT Include Table