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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - July 7, Bidding is open! Starts to close: Sunday, July 7 @ 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.Rare coin pocket knife and watch chain
2.Indian Cent Barber Dime V Nickel
3.160 1943 Steel cents
4.Titanic Ship Commemorative coin 1912-2012
5.2002 Proof Canada Silver Dollar
6.1946 Silver Half Dollar, Booker T Washington
7.1971 40% Silver Dollar Eisenhower "Ike"
8.100 1943 Steel Cents, Rare
9.1883-O New Orleans Silver Dollar
10.1907-D Denver Barber Half Dollar
11.Animal Connection 30 years of Saving Animals
12.1959 Silver Proof Set
13.1991-S Proof Half Dollar Mt Rushmore
14.1934 Orange County, Va Commemorative coin
15.1893 Silver Columbus Half Dollar
16.1993 Silver James Madison Half Dollar
17.10 Nazi Coins, One Silver WW2
18.1968 One Peso Silver Dollar Mexico
19.1909 Silver Barber Half Dollar
20.1946 Silver Booker T Washington Half Dollar
21.1960 Silver Canada Dollar
22.1970 Canadian Proof Set
23.2000 5 State Quarter Set
24.1982 Silver Washington Half Dollar
25.Bag 40 Buffalo Nickels
26.Elkins 50th Year Anniversary 1989
27.1743 Silver Six pense Jefferson Birth Year
28.1809 Silver Nickel
29.Silver Spanish Real
30.1989-S Proof Bicentennial of Congress Coin
31.5 State Capitals Coins
32.1965 Silver Canada Dollar
33.Apollo Commemorative Coin
34.1939 World's Fair Coin, New York
35.1913 and 1926-D Buffalo Nickels
36.Bag of Foreign and US Coins, Nazi, 1918 Canada
37.1992 Columbus Silver Half Dollar
38.2 Books- 17 Buffalo Nickels, 10 V Nickels
39.1907-S San Francisco Barber Half Dollar
40.1914-S San Francisco Barber Half Dollar
41.1906-S San Francisco Barber Half Dollar
42.1906-P Philadelphia Barber Half Dollar
43.1912-P Philadelphia Barber Half Dollar
44.1907-D Denver Barber Half Dollar
45.1906-D Denver Barber Half Dollar
46.1892 Barber 25 cent coin, First Year
47.1915-S San Francisco Barber Half Dollar
48.1896 Barber Quarter
49.1912 and 1914 Barber Dime
50.1901 and 1911 Barber Dime
51.Sterling Amythest Ring
52.Vintage Watch
53.Sterling Claudia Ring
54.2 Sterling Blue Stone Rings
55.Sterling Turquoise Ring
56.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
57.Sterling Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet
58.Sterling mother of pearl ring
59.Sterling green stone and amethyst ring
60.Sterling pink stone ring
61.Sterling and Diamond
62.Sterling Emerald 5 stone ring
63.2 Sterling Rings
64.Sterling Multi Stone Tennis Bracelet
65.Sterling Blue Stone Tennis bracelet
66.Sterling Ring and Enamel flower ring
67.2 Sterling Rings, Pink Stone
68.Multi stone sterling tennis bracelet
69.2 Sterling amethyst rings
70.Sterling Agate ring
71.Sterling amethyst tennis bracelet
72.Sterling amethyst ring
73.Sterling blue stone tennis bracelet
74.2 Sterling Amethyst rings
75.Sterling Multi Stone Tennis Bracelet
76.Vintage Blue Stone Bracelet
77.2 Sterling Vintage rings
78.Ladies Anne Klein Watch
79.2 Sterling Rings
80.Sterling Jade Ring
81.6 Silver Barber Dimes 1898 and up
82.2 Sterling Rings, 1 green 1 blue
83.1988 Proof Set US
84.1987 Proof Set US
85.1985 Proof Set US
86.1992 Proof Set US
87.1988 Proof Set US
88.1991 Proof Set US
89.1989 Proof Set US
90.1992 Proof Set US
91.1965 Mint Set US
92.2000 Proof Set US
93.1880-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar
94.1900-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar
95.1881-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar
96.1894-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar
97.1884 Morgan Silver Dollar
98.1878-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar, First Year
99.1892-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar
100.Bag of Foreign Coins
101.1965 Mint Set US
102.2 1909 Barber 25 cent coins
103.1909 and 1898 Barber Silver quarters
104.5 Barber Dimes, 1912 etc
105.4 Barber Dimes, 1 V Nickel
106.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
107.1880 Morgan Silver Dollar
108.1810 Large Cent
109.1868 Shield Nickel
110.2 Buffalo Nickels, 2 V Nickels, 3 Indian Cents, Silver War nickel
111.Rare 2018 $5 Gold Coin PF70
112.1855 $1 Gold Coin
113.2013-S Roosevelt PF70 Presidential Dollar
114.2013-S Taft PF70 Presidential Dollar
115.2013-S McKinley PF70 Presidential Dollar
116.1979-1981 and 1999 Susan B Anthony Coin Set
117.100 Pieces of Costume Jewelry
118.Costume Jewelry of all kinds
119.Costume Jewelry of all kinds
120.Costume Jewelry of all kinds
121.Costume Jewelry of all kinds
122.Costume Jewelry
123.Costume Jewelry
124.Lot of Watches, etc
125.Costume Jewelry
126.Costume Jewelry
127.Misc Items in box
128.1700 year old Roman Coin
129.Ship wreck coin, 1808 Admiral Gardner Ship
130.Roman Constitution Coin 348 AD
131.2012-P Australian MS70 Koala Silver
132.2013 Presidential Dollar Silver P D S Mint
133.2016-D 50 cent National Park Service MS 69
134.Sapphire and Diamond tennis bracelet
135.Sterling Diamond Ring
136.Sterling Diamond and Sapphire necklace and pendant
137.Sterling Ruby and Diamond Bracelet
138.Sterling and Diamond Pendant
139.Sterling and Diamond Ring
140.Large Sterling and Diamond Bracelet
141.Sterling and Diamond Pendant
142.Sterling and Diamond Bracelet
143.Ruby and Diamond Pendant and chain
144.Sterling blue and white diamond
145.Sterling and diamond heart pendant
146.Sterling and diamond tennis bracelet
147.Sterling and Diamond Necklace
148.Sterling and Diamond Ring
149.Sterling Diamond and Sapphire Ring
150.Sterling Multi Stone Bracelet
151.2007 10 Proof Coins
152.2002 P Mint Coins, Rare
153.Western Series Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Etc
154.3 year set of state quarters
155.4 presidential dollars, colorized 2007
156.4 presidential dollars colorized, 2008
157.Abe Lincoln 2010 Presidential Dollar
158.5 Coin Collector Silver Half Dollar, 25 cent, and 10 cent
159.5 coin set, Silver Half dollar, 25 cent, and 10 cent
160.5 coin Silver Proof set tribute 1950
161.5 Coin Silver Proof Set tribute
162.2004 Presidential Election Dollar, Bush
163.2011 Presidential Dollar US, Grant
164.5 coin silver set, 1937
165.1965 Silver Proof set
166.24 Buffalo Nickels, 1926-1937
167.Set of Washington DC US Territories Gold Plate 25 cent
168.World War 2 Victor Silver Coin set
169.US Vintage Silver Coin Set
170.20th century coins, collectors
171.100 year of American Nickels Including Silver
172.Buffalo Nickel Set, 1934
173.1910-1912 V Nickel Set
174.Presidential Proof Set Abraham Lincoln
175.Post Cards a lot of Virginia
176.Book of Roman Coins
177.Book of Roman Coins
178.Copy Hard Times Coins
179.Tractor Trailer watch
180.50 1943 Steel Pennies
181.1983 Proof Set
182.3 Rolls Wheat Pennies
183.Booker T Washington Silver Half Dollar 1946
184.5 Silver Standing Libertty 25 cent, 1926, 1927, 1930
185.1890 CC Carson Ciy RARE
186.Silver Titanic Anniversary Coin, 1912-2012
187.1853 Large Cent
188.Sterling Silver Pocket Watch
189.Eagle Pocket Watch
190.12 Silver Barber Dimes
191.Western Pocket Watch
192.2 Rolls Wheat Pennies
193.1973 Silver Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar Rare date
194.Vintage Coin Set
195.Train and Transformer
196.Harrington and Richardson Topper M48 Single Shot 20 Gauge, FFL Transfer Processed Through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 Charge to winning bidder.
197.Remington Model 597 22 Long Rifle Limited Edition Dale Earnhardt Jr #8 in original box. FFL Transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 Charge to winning Bidder.
198.Colt Woodsman 22 Caliber Semiautomatic Pistol, 4.5 inch barrel with box and holster. FFL Transfer Processed through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 Charge to Winning Bidder.
199.Remington Model 597 22 Long Rifle Limited Edition Dale Earnhardt Sr #3 in original box. FFL Transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 Charge to winning Bidder.
200.Ruger Vaquero 45 Cal Revolver. Excellent condition. FFL Transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 charge to winning bidder. RESERVE MET.
201.Victrola Record cabinet
202.Walnut dining table with 6 chairs
203.Dining Room set, Mixed Wood China cabinet, Buffet, and serving table
204.Small antique sleigh and rocking chair
205.Red upholstery sitting chairs
206.Marble Top wash stand
207.Marble top Vanity, Center marble cracked
208.Glass Top patio table with 6 chairs with cushions
209.High top swivel bar chairs
210.Oak bedroom set, Bed, dresser, and wash stand. Mirror on for dresser needs repair
211.Round Oak Dining table with Lions head design and claw feet feet, with 3 chairs
212.Walnut Victorian Bed
213.Diebold dial lock safe with combination. Given to winning bidder on pickup.
214.Marble top end table
215.Walnut Wall shelf
216.Walnut sewing table
217.Electrolux vaccuum
218.Childrens toys and games
219.Books, some historical
220.Eagle sculpture
221.Assorted glassware
222.Toolboxes and contents
223.Casserole dish and other glassware
224.Baking dishes, one pyrex
225.Large Rubbermaid tote with contents, includes vaccum
226.Hamilton Beach Brew Station
227.Artificial flower arrangements
228.Assorted collector china plates
229.Decorative plates
230.Assorted collector China plates
231.Collector China plates and Bradford Collector's plates book
232.1995 Duck Stamp, Denmark
233.Canvas Painting in frame
234.Assorted Collector china plates
235.Shakespearean Lovers collectors plates
236.Assorted glassware and decorative items
237.Canvas Painting, Oil lamp, and angel flower arrangement
238.Keurig and Black and Decker toaster
239.Paintings and pictures
240.Paintings and pictures
241.Glass mixing bowls and pie dish, small bowl pyrex
242.Casserole dishes
243.Assorted Tea cups and plates, 1 cup RS Prussia
244.China dishes
245.Cut glassware
246.China dishes
247.China dishes
248.Serving tray and sewing items
249.Silver platter and tea set
251.Floor rugs
252.Assorted Glass cups and dishes
253.Trash can and Oreck vaccuum Cleaner
254.2 Floor lamps
255.Dishes and cherubic picture
256.Vintage Fine China set
257.Blood pressure cuffs, heating bag, Nebulizer, and other items
258.Mugs and cups
259.Umbrellas and cane
260.Hand Fans and wallets
261.Assorted hats, scraves, and other items
263.Office supplies
264.Casserole dish and other glassware
265.Lazy Susan, Cut glassware, cups and other kitchen items-- Oval Serving platter matching china set in lot 256 has been moved.
266.Kitchen items
267.Assorted figurines, salt and pepper shakers, etc
268.Cups, mugs, and other items
269.Books and records
270.Princess House, glasses, and other items
271.Assorted glasses
272.Figurines and anniversary bells
273.Hen on nest, one blue, and other items
274.Porcelain hot plates and other items
275.Porcelain hot plates
276.Porcelain hot plates
277.Assorted bathroom items
278.Light bulbs and tools
280.Corning mugs and Heart shaped container
281.Religious items
282.Large area rug
283.Decorative box with wreath
284.Victorian Roseback Walnut chairs and fiddleback oak chair
285.Baby dolls
286.Aluminum ladder
287.Wooden end table
288.Small end table and magazine rack
289.Antique dolls
290.Small end tables, one marble top items
292.Assorted hand bags, Books, etc
293.Black Metal outdoor shelf, wooden shelves. Silver shelves in background not included. Amera+C293+C295
294.Cedar Chest
295.Antique trunk
296.Curio Cabinet+C300
297.Fur coat
298.Basket and picture
299.Assorted household items, fan, solar sidewalk lights, etc
300.Longaberger basket
301.Fur Coat
302.Massaging pads
303.Professional Style Deep Fryer
304.Santa Ice Fishing decoration
305.2 Large Santa Figures
306.2 Large Santa Figures
307.Wheelchair and 2 walkers
308.2 Totes with contents- extension chords, plastic cups, etc
309.TV Wall Mount hardware. NO MOUNT IN BOX.
310.Silver Plated 2 tier server and pcitures
311.Bissell Steam Mop
312.Box of blankets and other items
313.Laundry bin and ironing board
314.Antique coins banks, decorative plate and other items
315.Kitchen items and vintage cracker tin
316.Chandelier style light
317.Door handles and other items
318.Vintage dial phones
319.Wooden boxes and other items
320.Vintage Projector with screen
321.Toilet seat and wall mounted extending mirror
322.Assorted Kitchen items
323.Glazed pottery, stamped USA and decorative lamp
324.Assorted glassware and other items
325.Box of oils and items
326.Electrical items
327.File organizers
328.Singer Sewing Machine and Cloth items
329.Boxes of kitchen items
330.Sporting items and radio
331.Assorted bolts and hardware
332.Wiring box, electrical items, and other miscellaneous items
333.Fencing items
334.Surge Protectors, Electrical Items, and other items
335.Water Control valves
336.Braided electric fence and other items
337.Hardware and fence tensioners
338.Fencing items
339.John Deere parts
340.Booster cables, edger, and Jigsaw
341.Voltimeter, Electric Fence signs, and other items
342.Hydraulic/Transmission fluid, anti-freeze, and other jug
343.Hollytone plant food
344.Bench light and pipe pieces
345.Toolbox and contents
346.Grinding wheels and brushes
347.Assorted chains and hardware
348.Tool tray, box, and contents
349.assorted valves, hardware, and other items
350.Fencing supplies
351.Brushes, Windshield wipers, Hardware, and other items
352.Pressure gauges, hardware, and other items
353.Bathroom fixtures and maintenance items
354.Vehicle cleaning supplies, hardware, and other items
355.Assorted screws and other hardware
356.Pipe fittings, metal
357.Hardware and other item
358.Metal Toolbox with contents- PTO linkages
359.Assorted nails
360.Tire chains
361.Nails, Fencing Staples, and other items
362.Battery Charger, wiring, shop light, sprayer, and other items
363.Coin counter with rolls
364.Decorative kids sitting chair
365.Christmas hand towels and blanket
366.1987 Christmas figurines
367.Carved Santa figurines
368.Vintage ornaments and christmas items
369.Santa doll decorations
370.Carved Santa figurines, vintage/antique
371.Nativity scene stable
372.Christmas ornaments
373.Potholders, dish cloths, and other wash cloths
374.Framed picture with artificial flower arrangements
375.Artificial flower arrangements
376.Small wooden chest
377.Large dolls
378.Assorted bathroom items