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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - June 18, Bidding is open! Starts to close: Monday, June 18 @ 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.Sterling Anniversary Band

***This auction pickup time will be Tuesday, June 19 from 5-7***

2.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
3.Sterling Smiling Faces Ring
4.Sterling Filigree Ring
5.Sterling "S" Ring
6.Sterling Deer Ring
7.Sterling Green Stone Ring
8.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
9.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
10.Sterling Ball Ring
11.Sterling Green Stone Ring
12.Sterling Floral Ring
13.Sterling True Love Waits Ring
14.Sterling Green Stone Ring
15.Sterling Red Stone Ring
16.Sterling Green Stone Ring
17.Sterling Red Stone Ring
18.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
19.Sterling Green Stone Ring
20.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
21.Sterling Green Stone Ring
22.Sterling Green Stone Ring
23.Sterling Red Stone Ring
24.Sterling Vermeil Blue Stone Ring
25.Sterling Vermeil Pink Stone Ring
26.Sterling Red Stone Ring
27.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
28.Sterling Key Ring
29.Sterling Red Stone Ring
30.Sterling Friends Forever Ring
31.Sterling Vermeil Blue Stone Ring
32.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
33.Sterling Apple Ring
34.Sterling Red Stone Ring
35.Sterling Vermeil White Stone Ring
36.Sterling Apple Ring
37.Sterling Ball Ring
38.Sterling Stone Ring
39.Sterling Key Ring
40.Sterling Green Stone Ring
41.Sterling Band
42.Sterling Purple Stone Ring
43.Sterling Band
44.Sterling Garnet Pendant
45.Sterling Sapphire Earrings and Pendant Set
46.Sterling Vermeil Diamond Accent Bracelet
47.Sterling Black and White Diamond Pendant
48.Sterling ~1/4c Diamond Pendant
49.Sterling Diamond Accent Pendant on Chain
50.Sterling Diamond Accent Pendant
51.Sterling Diamond Accent Pendant on Chain
52.Sterling Diamond Accent Earrings
53.Sterling Diamond Accent Pendant on Chain Retail $124.98
54.Sterling Gents Black Onyx M Ring
55.Sterling Diamond Accent Tennis Bracelet
56.Sterling Vermeil Sapphire and Diamond Accent Heart Pendant on Chain
57.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Accent Cluster Pendant on Chain
58.Sterling Red Stone and Diamond Accent Heart Pendant
59.Sterling Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond Ring
60.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Accent Tennis Bracelet
61.Sterling Diamond Accent Cross Pendant on Chain
62.Sterling Diamond Accent Ring
63.Sterling Amethyst and Diamond Accent Tennis Bracelet
64.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Accent Heart Pendant on Chain
65.Sterling Diamond Accent Ring
66.Sterling Diamond Accent Ring
67.Sterling Diamond Accent Cross Pendant on Chain
68.Sterling Ruby and Diamond Accent Earrings
69.2 Sterling Diamond Accent Pendants
70.Sterling Diamond Accent Ring
71.Sterling Diamond Accent Heart Band
72.Sterling Diamond Accent Halo Style Ring
73.Sterling White and Black Diamond Ring
74.Sterling Diamond Accent Heart Bracelet
75.Sterling Diamond Accent Buckle Ring
76.Sterling Diamond Accent Band
77.Sterling Diamond Accent Heart Ring
78.Sterling Diamond Accent Double Heart Ring
79.Sterling Diamond Accent Double Heart Pendant on Chain
80.Sterling Diamond Accent Pendant on Chain
81.Sterling Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Accent Ring
82.Sterling Green Stone Ring
83.Sterling Orange Stone Ring
84.Sterling Orange Stone Ring
85.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
86.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
87.Sterling Green Stone Ring
88.Sterling Orange Stone Ring
89.Sterling Vermeil Red Stone Ring
90.Sterling Green Stone Ring
91.Sterling Vermeil Pink Stone Ring
92.Sterling Red Stone Ring
93.Sterling Vermeil White Stone Ring
94.Sterling Band
101.Unc 1921 Philadelphia Morgan Silver Dollar
102.Rare 1925 Stoney Mountain Half Lee & Jackson
103.1855-O Seated Half Dollar
104.Unc 1924 Peace Dollar
105.1881-O Morgan Silver Dollar
106.Unc 1924 Peace Dollar
107.1884 Morgan Silver Dollar
108.1896 Morgan Silver Dollar
109.Unc 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar
110.Unc 1924 Peace Dollar
111.Unc 1923 Peace Dollar
112.Box of Post Cards from VA 1920s 1930s
113.Box of Post Cards Staunton 1909 Calendar
114.Box of Good Costume Jewelry
115.Bag of Watches Mickey Mouse
116.2 Books Wheat Cent
117.1854 Large Cent
118.1809 Rare Half Cent
119.1854 Large Cent
120.1809 1/2 Cent rare
121.3 cent Silver 2 cent Large 1804 Silver
122.2 1971 Mint Set
123.1971 1998 Mint Set
124.2 Partial Set 2.30 face
125.Bag US and Foreign Coins some silver
126.Misc US Coins and stones
127.Lot of Costume Jewelry
128.Lot of Costume Jewelry
129.Lot of Costume Jewelry
130.Lot of Costume Jewelry
131.Lot of Costume Jewelry
132.Lot of Costume Jewelry
133.Lot of Misc Item
134.Lot of Misc Item
135.Vintage camera and more
136.Lot of Misc Item
137.Dunsmore Business College Calendar
138.Lot of Watches
139.Lot of Costume Jewelry
140.Costume Jewelry and Ribbons
141.Lot of Costume Jewelry
142.Christmas/Wintery Figurine
143.Lot of Watches and more
144.Collected Poems of Robert Frost Book
145.Misc Items
146.Lot of DVDs
147.Bags of Costume Jewelry
148.2 Watch Briefcase
149.Mint Sets
150.Mint Sets
151.Mint Sets
152.Mint Sets
153.Mint Sets
154.Pocket Watch Parts
155.Proof Sets
156.Proof Sets
157.Mint Sets
158.Mint Sets
159.Mint Sets
160.Mint Sets
161.Proof Sets
162.Proof Sets
163.Proof Sets
164.Proof Sets
165.Books of Pennies
166.Lot of 1 Cents