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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Mar 17, Bidding is open! Starts to close: Saturday, March 17 @ 8:30 P.M.

Item Description
1.Cast Iron Horse & Buggy
2.Cast Iron Horse & Buggy
3.Cast Iron Horse & Buggy
4.Cast Iron Buggy
5.Cast Iron Fisherman Bank
6.Cast Iron Overland Circus
7.Cast Iron Horse & Buggy
8.Cast Iron Ice Horse & Buggy
9.Fresh Milk Cast Iron Horse & Buggy
10.Cast Iron Horse & Buggy
11.Cast Iron Horse & Buggy
12.Cast Iron Horse & Wagon
13.Cast Iron Merry Christmas Horse
14.Cast Iron Mechanical Sailboat
15.Cast Iron Horse Drawn Carriage
16.Cast Iron Horse Drawn Carriage
17.CVA In-Line Muzzleloading Outfit
18.CVA In-Line Muzzleloading Outfit
19.Catfish Tackle Floating Trotline Packs
20.Cast Iron Tractor & More
21.Parkies Hockey Cards
22.Hockey Cards
23.Hockey Cards
24.NBA Greats Cards
25.NBA Greats Cards
26.NBA Greats Cards
27.Hall of Famers NBA Cards
28.Michael Jordan Cards
29.Hall of Famers NBA Cards
30.Sports Illustrated Magazines
31.Hall of Famers NBA Cards
32.Hall of Famers NBA Cards
33.3 Bags of Baseball Cards
34.4 Bags of Baseball Cards
35.Sports Illustrated Magazines
36.3 Bags of Baseball Cards
37.3 Bags of Baseball Cards
38.Cal Ripken Baseball Cards, & More
39.150 Hall of Fame Baseball Cards
40.150 Hall of Fame Baseball Cards
41.150 Hall of Fame Baseball Cards
42.3 Bags of Baseball Cards
43.Star Wars Cards
44.2 Trays of Glassware
45.Antique Childs' Rocking Chair
46.Wooden Display Shelf
47.40 Post Cards & Greeting Cards
48.Vintage Post Cards & More
49.Post Cards
50.Post Cards
51.Post Cards
52.Post Cards
53.Post Cards
54.Simply Fit Board & Thighmaster
55.30 DVDs
56.2 Dolls
57.2 Dolls
58.Brass Shelves & More
60.Lap Writing Desk
61.Wall Decorations & More
62.Pottery Set
63.Elizabeth Taylor Scrapbooks
64.Elizabeth Taylor Scrapbooks
65.2 Board Games
66.Board Games
67.Grooming Kit & More
68.Brass Candlestick Holder & More
69.Solar Lights
70.Toy Jets
71.Wooden Shelf & More
72.2 Cars & Mini Bar Display
74.Old Poker Set & New Poker Set
79.2 Wooden Heart Shelves
80.Sofa Slipcover, Fabric & More
81.Lot of Jewelry
82.Jeff Gordon Collectibles
83.Art Displays
84.Jeff Gordon Collectibles
85.Jeff Gordon Collectibles
86.Racing Picture & More
87.NASCAR Collectible Helmet & Scale Car
88.Signed Jeff Gordon Scale Car
89.Jeff Gordon Cars
90.Jeff Gordon Collectible Helmet
91.Jeff Gordon Collectible Helmet
92.NASCAR Cars & More
93.Jeff Gordon Collectibles & More
94.Dale Jarrett Collectible
95.Bobby Labonte Collectible Mini Helmet
96.Collectible Mini Helmet
97.Collectible Mini Helmet & Other NASCAR Collectibles
98.Hallmark NASCAR Ornaments
99.Collectible Mini Helmet & Other Collectibles
100.Two NASCAR Hot Wheels
101.Scale Race Car
102.Scale Race Car
103.Scale Race Car
104.Scale Race Car
105.Scale Race Car
106.Scale Race Car
107.Bill Elliot Collectibles
108.Richard Petty Scale Car
109.Coca Cola License Plate
110.Coca Cola Shirt, Pencils, & Collectible Tin
111.NBA Sports Cards & More
112.Coca Cola T Shirt & More
113.Coca Cola Collectibles
114.Coca Cola Collectibles
115.2 New Coca Cola Beach Balls
116.Coca Cola Bags & More
117.Baseball Cards
118.Coca Cola Book & More
119.Coca Cola Collectibles & Statler Brothers
120.Collectible Cards
122.Cap Guns & More
123.Ryan Newman Bobblehead
124.4 Square Playset
125.Collectible Toys
126.Campbell Baseballs
127.NFL Collectibles & More
129.Set of Bed Sheets & Pillow Cases
130.WF Collectibles
131.Sand Toys & More
132.Jewelry & More
133.Hershey Tins, Vacuum & More
134.Toys & More
136.Lot of Toys
137.New Snuggie
138.Clothes Hangers
139.Body Scrubs & More
140.Lot of Books
141.Box of Records
142.Light Bulb Covers
143.Thule Rack
144.Wall Mount Sink
145.Dunlop Golf Bag Cart
146.1847 Bible
147.1888 Bible
148.Star Wars Collectibles & More
149.Coca Cola Cooler Sign, Approx. 4' Long
150.Plexi Glass Display
151.Tool bags & More
152.Ladybug Neck Pillow & More
153.Rain Gauge & More
154.Metal Display Rack
155.Rawlings Tee Set
156.Sky Golf Sky Caddy, w/ Installation Kit
157.Black Wooden Shelf, Contents Not Included
158.Glassware Set
159.Antique Books & More
160.Subaru Car Parts
161.Dale Jr Banner
162.Decorating Supplies
165.Records & More
166.Gutter Brackets
167.1917 Tapestry
168.Vintage Christmas Lights
169.Dinner Plates
171.Antique Cherry Seeder
172.Scarf & Beanie
173.Music Books & More
174.Small Wooden Bench
175.Toy Gun & More
176.Leather Jacket
177.Wooden Shelf
178.Military Canteen & More
179.Antique Waffle Maker
180.Phone Cords & More
181.Vintage Record Cabinet
182.Vintage Record Cabinet
183.Ironing Board
184.Disney Books & More
186.Wall Mount Candle Holders & More
187.Frozen Roller Skates & More
188.Plastic Gun Case
189.Bedroom Set, Bunny Theme
190.Framed Pictures
191.Coolet & More
192.Recessed Lighting Kit & More
193.Doll Bed & Griddle
194.Virginia Glasses & More
195.New Bike Helmet
196.International China Glass Set
197.Jack Daniels Belt Buckle & More
198.Avon Collectibles
199.Christmas Lights & More
200.Lot of Collector Plates & More
201.Doll by Ashley Belle
202.Wine & Cheese Set
203.Avon Collectibles & Eagle Statue
204.Woman's' Gloves
205.Serving Platter & More
206.Misc. Glassware & Shells
207.Strainer, Welcome Sign & More
211.Cooking Glassware
212.Light Shades