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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - August 26, Bidding is open! Starts to close: Saturday, August 26 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Sterling Filigree Ring
2.Sterling Cross Ring
3.Sterling MlitColor Ring
4.Sterling &10K Flower Ring
5.Sterling Cluster Ring
6.Sterling Ruby Ring
7.Sterling Anniversary Band
8.Sterling FreeForm Ring
9.Sterling Turquoise Earrings
10.Sterling Turquoise Ring
11.Sterling 3 Stone Turquoise Ring
13.Sterling Amethyst and Marcasite Ring
14.Sterling Indian Ring
15.Sterling 3 Stone Amethyst Ring
16.Sterling Garnet Ring
17.Sterling Larimar Ring
18.Sterling Emerald Ring
19.Sterling Amethyst Heart and Marcasite Ring
20.Sterling Multi Color Ring
21.Sterling Fancy Ring
22.Sterling Pearl and Marcasite Ring
23.Sterling Amethyst Ring
24.Sterling Fancy Swirl Marcasite Ring
25.Sterling India Opal Ring
26.Sterling Large Stone Ring
27.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
28.Sterling Indian Stone Ring
29.Sterling Fancy Spoon Ring
30.Sterling Fancy Pearl Ring
31.Sterling Opal Ring
33.Sterling Topaz Ring
34.Sterling Anniversary Ring
35.Sterling 3 Fancy Stone Ring
36.Sterling Spoon Ring
37.Sterling Anniversary Ring
38.Sterling Turquoise Indian Ring
39.Sterling Red Stone Ring
40.Sterling Pearl and Marcasite Ring
41.Sterling Blue Topaz Earrings
42.Sterling Diamond Accent Ring
43.Sterling Man's Ring
44.Sterling Diamond Accent Earrings and Pendant on Chain
45.Sterling Two Row Bar Set Ring
46.Sterling Topaz Ring
47.Sterling Flower Ring
48.Sterling Jade Ring
49.Sterling Inlay Ring
50.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
51.Sterling Two Stone Ring
52.Sterling Claddagh Ring
53.Sterling Multi Stone Ring
54.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
55.Sterling Turquoise Ring
56.Sterling Mq Ring
57.Sterling Cameo Ring
58.Sterling Pearl Ring
59.Sterling Tree Ring
60.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
61.Sterling Flower Bracelet
62.Sterling Cluster Ring
63.Sterling Turquoise Ring
64.Sterling Red Stone Necklace
65.Sterling Tennis Bracelet
66.Sterling Fancy Cameo Pendant/Pin
67.Sterling Horseshoe Turquoise Pendant
68.Sterling Emerald Ring
69.Sterling Tennis Bracelet
70.Sterling Turquoise Cross
71.Sterling Turquoise Ring
72.Sterling Malachite Ring
73.Sterling Amber Ring
74.Sterling Diamond Accent Band
75.Sterling Marcasite Band
76.Sterling Heart Ring
77.Sterling Oval Stone and Marcasite Ring
78.Sterling Turquoise Ring
79.Sterling Butterfly Ring
80.Sterling Black Diamond Earring
81.Sterling Hells Angel Ring
82.Sterling Amethyst Ring
83.Sterling Flower Ring
84.Sterling Flower Band
85.Sterling 3 Stone Ring
86.Sterling Stone Earrings
87.Sterling Indian Ring
88.Sterling Cluff Links
89.Sterling Hoop Earrings
90.Sterling Diamond Accent Cross
91.Sterling Opal Earrings
92.Sterling Pendant heavy
93.Sterling Diamond Accent Earrings
94.Sterling Hoop Earrings
95.Sterling Chrystal Necklace
96.Sterling Diamond Accent Pendant
97.Sterling Peridot Bracelet
98.Sterling Tennis Bracelet
99.Sterling Garnet Pendant
100.Sterling Jade Bracelet
101.Large Sterling Turquoise Bracelet
102.Sterling Brooch
103.Sterling Marcasite Bracelet
105.Large Kim Rogers Wrist Watch
106.Sterling Jade Ring
107.Sterling Larger Cluster Ring
108.Sterling Large Topaz Ring Very Heavy
109.Sterling Garnet and Diamond Accent Hoop Earrings
110.Sterling Mulit Stone Cluster Ring
111.Sterling Solitare and Wrap Set
113.Multi Stone Ring
114.Sterling Turquoise Ring
115.Sterling Turquoise Ring signed
116.Sterling Mulit Color Stone Brooch
118.Sterling Green Stone Halo Ring
119.Sterling Vintage Scoot Ring
120.Sterling Large Heavy Blue Stone Ring
121.Sterling Jade Amber Necklace
122.Sterling Green Cluster Ring
124.Sterling Indian Turquoise Ring
125.Sterling Pendant Early
126.Sterling 3 Stone Ring
127.Sterling Red Jasper Brooch
128.Sterling Peridot Ring
129.Sterling Vintage Butterfly Pendant
130.Sterling Mother of Pearl Pendant
131.Sterling Tigers Eye Pendant
132.Sterling Amethyst Ring
133.Sterling Turquoise Indian Pendant
134.Sterling Large Triangle Pendant
135.Sterling Mother of Pearl Pendant
136.Sterling "X" Ring
137.Sterling Red Jasper Earrings
138.BU UNC 1902-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar Rare
139.BU UNC 1921-D Morgan Dollar
140.BU UNC 1886 Morgan Dollar
141.BU UNC 1881-S San Francisco Silver Dollar
142.AU 1879 Morgan Silver Dollar
143.BU UNC 1921-S Morgan Silver Dollar
144.BU UNC 1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar
145.BU UNC 1883-O Morgan Silver Dollar
146.AU 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar
147.BU UNC 1921-D Morgan Dollar
148.BU 1883 Morgan Silver Dollar
149.AU 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar
150.BU UNC 1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar
151.1883-O Morgan Silver Dollar EX Fine
152.BU UNC 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar
153.BU UNC 1886 Morgan Dollar
154.BU UNC 1884-O Morgan Silver Dollar
155.BU UNC 1884-O Morgan Silver Dollar
156.BU UNC 1879-S Morgan Dollar rare
157.BU UNC 1887 Morgan Dollar
158.BU UNC 1921 Morgan Dollar
159.BU UNC 1883-O Morgan Dollar
160.BU UNC 1886 Morgan Dollar
161.BU UNC 1886 Morgan Dollar
162.Grover Cleveland Presidential Coin Set
163.4 Eishower Dollar in mint seal only
164.10 Proof US Coins
165.10 Proof US Coins
166.10 Proof US Coins
167.10 $1 US Coins
168.10 $1 US Coins
169.10 Proof US Coins
170.10 US Coin Some Proof
171.10 US Coin Some Proof
172.10 US Coin Some Proof
173.3 Coins damaged Large Cent 1858 2 cent pcs Indian
174.Copy 1793 Large Cent
175.Copy 1793 1/2 cent
176.American Presidents Collection
177.American Presidents Collection
178.Jefferson Nickels Bookwith 90% Silver Nickels
179.150 Wheat Penny 6 Sheets
180.2000 Proof Set Quarters
181.1985 Proof Set
182.1973 Mint Set
183.1984 Mint Set
184.1980 3 Coin Dollar Souvenir Set
185.1979 3 Coin Dollar Souvenir Set
186.1977-D Mint Set
187.47 Buffalo Nickels
188.Mother of Pearl Buckels
189.Mother of Pearl Name Tags
190.5 Dollar Pennsylvia Railroad Coin
191.5 Battle of Britian Coin
192.Denver Mint Set 1876-1976
194.Colibori and Cross Pens
195.2000 State Quarters Set
196.1994 Mint Set
197.1997 100 Eagle Replica Coin
198.Play-Clinton, Gore Bush Paper Money, Confederate Money
199.Custome Jewelry and Stick Pins
200.50 Buffalo Nickels
201.1923 Large $1 Bill scarce
202.Bag Mostly Wheat Pennies
203.Bag of Coins
204.1854 Silver Quarter
205.1853 Large Cent
206.5 Silver Quarters 1891 1894 1925 1928
207.1861 $.50 pc Civil War
208.14k Gold Clasp Pearl Necklace
209.14k Gold Clasp Pearl Necklace
210.14k Filigree Pearl Earrings
211.Sterling Silver Turquoise Earrings
212.Sterling ~1/4ct Diamond Accent Diamond Earring Blue/White Diamond
213.Sterling Indian Turquoise Earrings
214.Sterling ~1/4ct Diamond Accent Ring
215.Sterling Black Pearl Ring
216.Sterling Band
217.Sterling Large Fancy Filigree Ring
218.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
219.Sterling Garnet Ring
220.Sterling Multi Stone Cross Ring
221.Sterling Peridot Ring
222.Sterling Amethyst Ring
223.Sterling Turquoise Pendant
224.Rose Gold Over Sterling Amethyst Ring
225.Sterling Ring
226.Rare 1794 Masonc Token
227.Silver 6 Pence 1872 and other coins
228.1888 Silver Shilling 1839 6 pence and other coins
229.17941789 British Coin Token Rare
230.1790 1/2 Penny 1795 1/2 Penny 1796 1/2 penny
231.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
232.Sterling Yellow Black White Diamond ~3/4 ct ring
233.Sterling Turquoise Ring
234.Sterling Indian Turquoise Pendant
235.Sterling ColorDiamond Band
236.Sterling Ring
237.Sterling Topaz Ring
238.Sterling Diamond Accent Halo Ring
239.Sterling Indian Turquoise Ring
240.Sterling Signed Turquoise Pendant
241.Sterling Turquoise Pendant
242.Sterling Horseshoe Turquoise Ring
243.Sterling Diamond Accent Hoop Earrings
244.Sterling Rope Necklace
245.Sterling Large Turquoise Earrings
246.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
247.Sterling Garnet Ring
248.Sterling Turqouise Ring
249.Sterling Opal and Turquoise Ring
250.Sterling Pearl Black Diamond Ring
251.H and R Single Shot 16 Gauge Shotgun. Good Shape.
252.Antique Knife.
253.US Knife With Case
255.Camillus Usa Knife With Case
256.British Bayonet With Case
257.Spanish Bayonet With Case
258.10/22 Case
259.Military Patches
260.Military Patches
261.1 Gallon Crock
262.2 Small Crocks
263.Small Crock
264.Mini Crock Jug
267.Crock Churn
268.2 Gallon Crock
269.Crock Jug
271.Box Of Jewelry
272.Box Of Jewelry
273.Box Of Jewelry
274.Box Of Jewelry
275.Box Of Jewelry
276.Box Of Jewelry
277.Glasses And More
278.Box Of Jewelry
279.Military Patches
280.Military Patches
281.Glasses And More
282.Military Uniforms
283.Military Uniforms
284.Enamel Pitcher And More
285.1910-1920 Old Mail
286.US Rifle Wooden Box
287.Old File Cabinet
288.Ammo Can
289.Ammo Can
290.US Box
291.Military Shipping Box
292.Cast Iron Pot
293.Military Gas Can
294.Water Can
295.Grenade Shipping Crate
296.Single trees
297.Antique Tool
298.Military Musket Shipping Box
300.Antique Pictures
301.Oak Chest Of Drawers
302.2 Oak Chairs
303.Antique Round Table. Good Shape
304.Set Of 4 Chairs
305.Set Of 4 Oak Chairs
306.Nice Antique Round Top Trunk
307.Antique High Chair. Needs Repair
308.Bench And More
309.2 Nice Collector Baby Dolls
310.Andrew Collectible Baby Doll
311.The Amish Way Collection Baby Doll
312.Josh Collectible Doll
314.Signed Dolls
316.Signed Dolls
317.Signed Dolls
319.Antique Baby Dolls
320.Baby Dolls And More
322.Signed Baby Dolls
323.Baby Dolls
324.New Collectors Baby Doll
325.Collectors Baby Doll
326.Signed Baby Dolls
327.Collector Baby Doll
328.Collector Baby Doll
329.Box Of Dolls
331.2 Trays Of Glassware
333.Glassware Bowl And More
334.Oil Lamps And Plate Set
335.2 Trays Of Glassware
336.2 Trays Of Glassware
337.Nice Antique Glassware
338.Antique Pitchers And More
339.Antique Glassware
340.Glass Bucket And More
341.Cake Stand And More
342.Antique Glass Cups And More
343.Antique Glassware
345.Baking Dish And More
346.Antique Glassware With Lids
348.Tray Of Glassware
349.Roseville Pottery And More
350.Tray Of Glassware
351.Christmas Glasses
352.Antique Glassware
353.Roseville Pottery
354.Antique Stool
355.Picture Frames
356.Antique Glassware
357.Silver-plate And More
358.Glass Pitchers
359.Oil Lamp And More
361.Antique Items
363.Star Wars Board Game
364.Antique Pictures
365.New Lamp Shade
366.Silverware And More
367.Pewter And More
368.Glass Serving Platters
369.Punch Set And More
370.Antique Glassware
371.Antique Figures
372.Antique Glassware
373.Antique Figures
374.Nice Large Painting
375.US Pacific Fleet Picture
376.First At Vicksburg Picture
377.Nice Pictures
378.Knott Picture And More
379.Large Sea Picture
381.President Picture
382.General Picture