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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - January 26, Bidding is open! Starts to close: Saturday, January 26 @ 8:00 P.M.

Item Description
1.Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Tennis Bracelet
2.Sterling Silver cameo pin/pendant
3.Sterling Silver and Amber Ring
4.Sterling Silver and Jade ring
5.Sterling Silver and Jade ring
6.Sterling Silver and mother of pearl ring
7.Sterling and Diamond Hoop ear
8.Sterling and Diamond ring
9.Sterling and opal ring
10.Sterling and diamond cluster ring
11.Sterling and turqoise ring
12.1 Carat Sterling blue and white diamond ring
13.Sterling enamel ring
14.Sterling multi stone tennis bracelet
15.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
16.Sterling and Diamond Cross chain
17.Sterling and diamond hoop ear
18.Sterling blue and white diamond necklace
19.Sterling Boy Scout Ring
20.Sterling and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
21.Sterling 3 stone ring
22.Sterling blue and white diamond heart earring
23.Sterling and pearl stud earring
24.Sterling/vermeil Hoop ear
25.Sterling sapphire and diamond heart pendant
26.Sterling Ruby Heart pendant
27.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond bracelet
28.Sterling and Diamond cross Ring
29.Sterling black and white diamond penguin necklace
30.Sterling Red Diamond band
31.Sterling Diamond tennis bracelet
32.Sterling multi stone band
33.Sterling black diamond heart earring
34.Sterling blue topaz necklace
35.Sterling Garnet Ring
36.Sterling amythest tennis bracelet
37.Sterling turqoise pendant
38.Sterling Jade Earring
39.2 pair Sterling earring 1 marcasite
40.Sterling Peridot bracelet
41.Sterling Marcasite ring
42.Sterling Blue diamond band
43.Sterling Amethyst tennis bracelet
44.Sterling Horsehead pill box
45.14k Gold Amethyst Ring Vintage
46.Sterling Initial/signant Ring
47.Sterling and Ruby Ring, Very Nice
48.Sterling and 14K ring
49.Rare sterling Elephant Pendant Ruby Eyes
50.Sterling Vintage pocket Watch and chain
51.Costume Jewelry Some vintage
52.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
53.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
54.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
55.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
56.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
57.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
58.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
59.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
60.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
61.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
62.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
63.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
64.Box of baseball and basketball Cards, Some notable names
65.Costume Jewelry, Blue Box, some Vintage
66.Costume Jewelry, Green Box, Some Vintage
67.Comic Books, Some 1960's Superman/Superboy
68.Assorted Coins
69.1972 Proof Set
70.2003 Proof Quarter Set
71.1972 Proof Set
72.1993 Proof set
73.1990 Proof set
74.1984 Proof set
75.1980 Proof Set
76.1984 Silver Half Dollar
77.1971 Proof set
78.1972 Proof set
79.1971 Ike/Eisenhower Silver Dollar
80.1974 Ike/Eisenhower Silver Dollar
81.1971 Mint Set
82.1985 Mint Set
83.1983 Proof Set
84.1994 Proof Set
85.2005 Mint Set
86.1972 Proof Set
87.1966 Kennedy Half Dollar
88.Costume Jewelry
89.Post cards
90.2007-S John Adam, Kennedy Half Dollar by Jay Johnson, Silver 2000 Half Dollar, 1974 Eisenhower, Bicentennial Eisenhower Silver dollar
91.1964 Silver Half dollars, 4 Kennedy Half Dollars, 2 Roosevelt Dimes
92.1911-S and 1915-D Barber 50 cent Silver
93.1902, 1903, 1909, 1899 Barber 25 cent silver
94.1905-S, 1908-D, 1906-D, 1912-D, Barber 50 cent silver
95.1899 Barber 25 cent Silver, 1912, 1911, 1914-D, 1904, 1908-D, 1905 Barber Dimes
96.1928 Peace Dollar
97.1896 Morgan Dollar
98.1885 Morgan Dollar
99.14K Opal Ring
100.14K 1/4 CT Diamond Amnesty Ring
101.Seth Thomas Mantle Clock
102.Brass Music Stand
103.Sterling Amethyst Ring
104.Sterling Tiffany Ring
105.Sterling and Blue Diamond ring
106.Sterling Amber and Amethyst Ring
107.Longaberger Basket
108.Stephens Rifle/ Cat Rifle
109.Glass dome anniversary clock
110.Sword Knights of Columbus, Tinsley
111.Grand Army Republic Sword
112.Lodge Sword Ivory Handle
113.Fancy Engraved Whistle Hanlde, Columbus Ohio, RARE
114.Horse Clock
115.Pair Vintage Oil lamps, Heart shape and pink
116.Luncheon plate violets
117.Cheese dish and drain plate
118.Cat plate
119.Carlsbad Duck plates
120.9 Vintage Wine Goblets
121.Fine Porcelain soup bowls
122.Shirley Temple mug
123.Bristle Barber Bottles RARE
124.Soap Dish, RS Germany Dish
125.Tripod- Vintage
126.Early Blown Glass bottles, Blue green
127.8 Flash Glass Ruby, 1901 Date
128.2 salt glaze pitchers
129.Art glass perfume and rose bowl
130.2 vases Lenox and Art glass vase
131.candle holder, Lenox Snowman
132.KPM Germany soup cup plate
133.2 portrait plates
134.1 portrait 1 Barvain
135.Red Mixing Bowl
137.Hafner Train Set
138.Pair past time wood carvings
140.Post Cards, Shenendoah Valley NY
141.Lionel Train set
142.Brown Mixing Bowl
143.Brown Jug
144.Bennington Spittoon
145.Chinese Planter
146.Enamel bowl
147.Box of Silver plate
148.Pink Green lamp
149.Hall Pottery Bowls
150.Silver plate tea set
151.Wedgewood teacup and saucers
152.Staffordshire red and blue
153.Pink Satin Glass vases
154.Sandwich glass and 2 bowls
155.2 porcelain bowls, German
156.2 plateaus mirrors
157.Nippon hand painted
158.Blue Onion Greenwood NJ Copeland
159.RS Germany Plates
160.3 egg cups and large perfume bottle
161.4 pieces sterling silver overlay
162.4 pieces of pattern class, mug, 2 bowls, spoon holder
163.flash glass, 8 pieces
164.porcelain mantle clock
165.Howard Miller clock
166.Civil War Lap Desk
167.Cut glass Vanity, 2 pieces
168.early chinese bowl
169.5-glasswear pink bowl, Lenox Basket
170.Wedgewood underplate, German urn NICE
171.Lot of silverplate, S&P, sugar plate, etc
172.Mother of Pearl Silverware
173.Gallery Tray, Oneida Stainless
174.Coal Port dish & Painted stand
175.Westbranch Cedar Chest
176.Oak High Chair
177.Walnut Victorian Wash Stand
178.Red Wing Belt Display
179.Oak Bookcase
180.Brass Marbletop Shelf
182.Walnut Bedside Table
183.Brass Marble Table
184.Wood Stool
185.Mahogany Tea Cart
186.Winchester model 1890 22 Short FFL transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors
187.Winchester model 1906 22 short FFL Transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors
188.Winchester model 1903 22 caliber semiautomatic FFL transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors
189.Savage 24J-DL Over-under 22 Mag/20 gauge RARE FFL Transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors
190.Drop Leaf table
191.Jack Daniels Box
192.Dinner Bell
193.1924 Peace Dollar, uncirculated
194.1921 Morgan Dollar uncirculated
195.1922 Peace Dollar uncirculated
196.1934-S Rare Silver Dollar
197.1896 Morgan Dollar
198.1921 Morgan Dollar
199.1886 Morgan Dollar
200.1924 Peace Dollar
201.1893 $10 Gold MS 62
202.1833 Liberty Cent
203.1848 Liberty Cent
204.1855 Seated Liberty Dime
205.1991 1/20 oz Gold Panda Coin RARE
206.320 AD Roman Coin
207.2015 1/10 oz Gold Eagle
208.1872 1/2 Calif Gold Token
209.Penny Proof/Mint Set, some uncirculated
210.Dime/quarter Proof/Mint set, some uncirculated
211.Nickel Proof/Mint set, some uncirculated
212.Dime Proof/Mint pages, some uncirculated
213.14KWG 3/8 carat Center Diamond 75 point
214.14 KWG 1 1/4 Carat diamond Band, SI clarity, I-K color
215.14KYG 1/3 Carat Diamond Center SI2, G Color
216.14KYWG 3 stone Band SI 1, I-K Color
217.Robert E Lee Barometer
218.Chromium Scissors
219.Small Dresser
220.Large Bear with others
221.Teddy Bears
222.Teddy Bears
223.Teddy Bears
224.Teddy Bears
225.Teddy Bears
226.Teddy Bears
227.Teddy Bears