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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Dec 19, Bidding is Open Starts to close: Wednesday, December 19 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Kenmore Cook Stove, Works, in good shape w/ papers
2.Frigidaire Refrigerator and Freezer
3.Frigidaire Upright Freezer w/ Key, looks to be in good shape
4.Triangular Wooden China Cabinet
5.Tabletop Wooden Showcase
6.Mechanic Creeper
7.Vintage Wooden Stool & Window
8.Antique Rustic Door
9.Antique Rustic Door
10.Antique Rustic Door
11.Cultural Decoration
12.Wooden Coffee Table w/ Drawer
13.Full Size White Couch
14.White Loveseat, matches lot 13
15.Glass Top Wooden Coffee Table
16.US Ontario Knife
17.Antique Rustic Door
18.Metal Oscar Meyer Shelf
19.2 Ronald Reagan Framed Pictures
20.Wooden Chest of Drawers, needs work
21.Reproduction Wall Mount Phone & Wine Shelf
22.2 Boxes of Kerr Jars
23.2 Boxes of Kerr Jars
24.Wooden Storage Cabinet on Wheels
25.Antique Bookshelf
26.Oriental Planting Bowl
27.Oriental Planting Bowl
28.5 Gal Clear Jar
29.6 Gal Clear Jar
30.7 Gal Clear Jar
31.Agrifab Broadcast Spreader
32.Large Heavy Metal Storage/Wine Rack
33.Child Size Bike
34.Child Size Bike
35.Child Size Snowboard
36.Twin Metal Daybed
37.Bryce Mountain Resort, VA Framed Picture
38.Lisa Geiman Framed & Matted Picture
39.Framed & Matted Picture
40.Lisa Geiman Framed & Matted Picture
41.Electric Pressure Washer
42.Plastic Fence Decoration
43.Large Lot of Tools & More
44.Lawn & Garden Tools
45.Picnic Basket
46.Wooden Shutters
47.Lot of Camping Supplies (Skillet, Sleeping Bags, Tent, & More)
48.Plastic Chairs & More
49.Sony DVD Player & Decorative Pillows
50.Stainless Steel Pots & Enamelware
52.Christmas Decorations & More
53.Magazine Rack, Wooden Table, & Lamp
54.Radiant Heater & Fan
55.Black & Decker Coffee Maker & More
56.Lawn & Garden Tools & More
57.Delta 10" Bench Saw
58.Small Greenhouse
59.Very Large Salt Lamp
60.Large Granite Stone w/ Drilled Hole
61.Eureka Vacuum
62.Aluminum Ladder
63.Wagner Painting System & Craftsman Router Table
64.Outdoor Tiles
65.Electric Wire, Tape & More
66.Set of Porcelain Dishes
67.Trailer Hitch & More
68.Swivel Seat
69.Glass Dishes
70.Nice Guitar Case
71.2 Antique Chairs & Vintage End Table
72.Wooden Storage Shelf
73.Wooden Storage Shelf w/ Drawer
74.Tupperware & Strainer
75.Stand-Up Shop Light
76.Floor Lamp & Antique Chair
77.Pink Broyhill Chair
78.White Wooden Storage Cabinet
79.Coleman Convertible Cooler
80.Antique Wonder Pony Bouncy Horse
81.Electric Pressure Washer
82.Power Craft Universal Tool
83.Pine Wash Table
84.Wooden Drop Leaf Table
85.Wooden Desk
86.Cannon Copy/Fax/Scanner w/ Accessories
87.Shoe Rack & 2 Matching Chairs
88.Foot Bath & More
89.Gas Portable Grill
90.Butterfly Outdoor Decorations
91.Welcome Wreath & Other Decorative Items
92.Saws, 1/3 Scale, Torpedo
93.Black Storage Rack, Black & Decker Coffee Maker & More
94.Antique Wooden Crate w/ Flashlight & Other Decorative Items
95.Box of Glassware
96.Shop Light & Antique Jar Sealer
97.Callaway Iron & California Girls Clock
98.Wahl Pet Clippers Kit, Tripod, & More
99.Drill Bit Set, Wagner Paint Sprayer, & More
100.Travel Luggage Case
101.Outdoor Chairs
102.Antique Crate w/ Christmas Lights & Outdoor Decorations
103.Princess House Glassware
104.Princess House Glass Basket
105.Princess House Glass Basket
106.Princess House Glass Basket
107.Fantasia Crystal
108.Art Stand, Outdoor Decorations
109.Lot of Glassware
111.Fantasia Crystal
112.Princess House Glassware
113.Princess House Glassware
114.Princess House Glassware
115.Home Decorations
116.Princess House Set of 4 Cups
117.Glass Jars & Other Decorations
118.Porcelain Laundry Sign
119.Wooden Night Stand
120.Decorative Flag, Butterfly Decorations, & More
121.Wooden Lined Hat Box
122.Aluminum Pot & Stainless Pot
123.Sun Dial Virginia Metalcrafters
124.Wall Decorations
125.Wooden Duck
127.Pet Mate Pet Waterer & Dog Flea/Tick Medicine
128.Mixing Bowls & More
129.Antique Metal Spatula
130.Cat Decoration
131.Metal Wine Racks
133.Outdoor Umbrella w/ Bases
134.World Atlas Wooden Shelf & More
135.Reproduction Carnival Glass
136.Metal Dining Trays & More
137.Toaster Oven
138.Table Lot of Kitchenware, table not included
139.Atari Game System w/ Games, Controllers, & More
141.2 Figurines
143.Toaster Oven
144.Coleman Cook stove
145.Child Desk & Wooden Table
146.9' Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree
148.2 Pyrex 13x9 Baking Dishes
149.Toaster Oven
150.New Wave Infrared Oven
151.Glass Drink Dispenser
152.Table Lot of Books, Candlestick Holders, & More, table not included
153.Table Lot of Figurines & Decorative Items
154.Lot of Depression Glass
155.Small Longaberger Basket
156.Farberware Christmas Glassware Set & Phaltzgraff Utensil Set
157.Lot of Tupperware & Rubbermaid
158.Ice Cream Maker & glass Covered Dish
159.Pancake Baker, Microwave Plates & More
160.Christmas Glass
161.Christmas Decorations
162.Ginger Jar & More
163.The Volume Library Antique Book
164.Christmas Glassware
165.Lot of Christmas Glass Cups
166.3 Cast Iron Skillets
167.Snowman S&P Shakers & More
168.Countryside Glassware Beverage Set
169.Wok Set
170.Glass Fruit & Vegetables, Longaberger Basket
171.Flinstones, Looney Tunes, & Alvin & the Chipmunks Collectible Glasses
172.Bread Maker
173.Ice Cream Freezer & Rice Cooker
174.Large Candle
175.Extension Cords
176.Craftsman Soldering Gun
177.Small Wilton Bench Vice & Miter Set
178.Skil Belt Sander & Hand Sander
179.Black & Decker Miter Saw
180.Porter Cable Circular Saw
181.Craftsman Circular Saw
182.Craftsman Jigsaw & Extension Cord
183.Leitz Projector w/ Case
184.Hand Tools
185.Stanley Planer
186.Hatchet, Hammer & More
187.Ford Wiring Kit & Ryobi Battery
188.Concrete Tools
189.Antique Tools
190.John Deere Backhoe
191.John Deere Skid loader
192.Lot of Trucks & More
193.Caterpillar Loader
194.Raggedy Ann & Andy Lunchbox w/ Thermos
195.Vintage Mary Poppins Lunchbox
196.Board Games & Carrom Board
197.Tonka Dump Truck
198.Susie Homemaker Oven
199.Decorative Wash Board
200.Longaberger Pottery Pitcher
201.Longaberger Basket w/ Liner & Protector
202.Longaberger Basket w/ Liner & Protector
203.Longaberger Basket w/ Liner & Protector & Notepad
204.Christmas Candle & More
205.Glass Lamp w/ Matching Shade
206.Natural Bridge Banner & More
207.Box of Figurines
208.Box of Glassware
209.Box of Bear Figurines
210.Reproduction Wedgewood
211.Tray of Glassware
212.Limited Edition Local Christmas Tree Ornaments
213.Box of Decorations
214.Lot of Pictures
215.Candlestick Holders, Lamp & More
216.Plug In Angel & Wreath
217.Tray of Glassware & Large Wilton Cake Set w/ Pots, Pans, Lamps & More
218.Large Lot of Baking Pans, Some Wilton
219.CVA Muzzleloader Kit
220.CVA Muzzleloader Kit
221.Signed Mark McGuire Plaque
222.Cal Ripken Framed Picture
223.1991 Baseball Puzzle & Card, Sealed
224.1991 Baseball Puzzle & Card, Sealed
225.Don Russ Baseball Cards
226.Binder of Baseball Cards
227.Binder of Baseball Cards
228.Binder of Baseball Cards
229.1991 Don Russ Baseball Cards
230.1991 Bowman Baseball Cards
231.1989 Fleer Baseball Cards, Sealed
232.1990 Bowman Baseball Cards, Sealed
233.1991 Score Baseball Cards, Sealed
234.Mark McGuire Plaques
235.Binder of Baseball Cards
236.Binder of Baseball Cards
237.Tray Lot of VT Paperweights
238.Box of Baseball Cards
239.Box of Baseball Cards
240.Box of Baseball Cards
241.Box of Baseball Cards
242.Box of Baseball Cards
243.Box of Baseball Cards
244.Box of Baseball Cards
245.Box of Baseball Cards
246.Box of Baseball Cards
247.1988 Score Baseball Cards
248.1992 Fleer Baseball Cards
249.Minor League Baseball Cards
250.Assortment of Baseball Cards
251.Small Box of Baseball Cards
252.Small Box of Baseball Cards
253.Small Box of Baseball Cards
254.Box of Baseball Cards
255.Box of Baseball Cards
256.1989 Upper Deck Baseball Cards
257.1991 Fleer Baseball Cards
258.1993 Topps Baseball Cards
259.1992 Score Baseball Cards
260.1992 Topps Baseball Cards
261.1987 Topps Baseball Cards
262.1991 Upper Deck Baseball Cards
263.1989 Fleer Baseball Cards
264.NASCAR Cards
265.College Cards
266.1992 Topps Baseball Cards
267.1987 Topps Baseball Cards
268.1988 Topps Baseball Cards
269.Box of Baseball Cards
270.Fleer Football Cards
271.Mixed Ball Cards
272.1899 Don Russ Baseball Cards
273.1992 Don Russ Baseball Cards
274.Small Plastic Container of Baseball Cards
275.Don Russ Baseball Cards
276.1991 Line Drive Baseball Cards
277.1991 Score Baseball Cards
278.Mixed Baseball Cards
279.Upper Deck Cards
280.Mixed Cards
281.Leaf Baseball cards
282.Small Box of Cards
283.1992 Score Baseball Cards
284.Baseball Cards
285.Baseball Cards
286.Mixed Cards
287.Mixed Cards
288.Don Russ Cards
289.Mixed Baseball Cards
290.Mixed Baseball Cards
291.Mixed Baseball Cards
292.Mixed Baseball Cards
293.1990 Score Baseball Cards
294.Upper Deck Baseball Cards
295.1989 Score Baseball Cards
296.1988 Fleer Baseball Cards
297.Hall of Fame Cards
298.Don Russ Baseball Cards
299.1989 Topps Baseball Cards
300.1988 Don Russ Baseball Cards
301.1991 Don Russ Baseball Cards
302.Don Russ Baseball Cards
303.Don Russ Baseball Cards
304.Puzzle Cards & More
306.1989 Score Baseball Cards
307.Small Box of Racing Cards
308.1992 Score Baseball Cards
309.1988 Fleer Baseball Cards
310.1990 Score Baseball Cards
311.Box of Cards
312.Box of Cards
313.1990 Don Russ Baseball Cards
314.Box of Cards
315.Racing Cards
316.Soccer Cards
317.1990 Upper Deck Baseball Cards
318.Baseball Cards
319.Mixed Baseball Cards
320.Misc. Baseball Cards
321.1992 Fleer Baseball Cards
322.Mixed Baseball Cards
323.Many Baseball Cards
324.Mixed Baseball Cards
325.Mixed Baseball Cards
326.Mixed Baseball Cards
327.Mixed Baseball Cards
328.Box of Cards
329.Minor League Cards
330.Gas Can, Propane Torch & More
331.Shelf Brackets, Air Ratchet & More
332.Trimmer Line, Grinders & More
333.Lot of Glasses
334.CDs, VHS Tapes & More
335.Round Glass
336.Lot of Glassware
337.Towle Silver Plate
338.Box of Glassware
340.Lot of Glassware
341.Salt Candle, Glassware & More
342.Candles, Glassware & More
343.Lot of Glassware
344.Phaltzgraff Pottery & More
346.Glassware w/ Sterling Base
347.Pottery & More
348.Antique Items & More
350.Tub of Misc. Items
351.Princess House Glassware
352.Avon Collectibles & More
353.Cracker Barrel S&P Shakers & More
354.Old Coke Bottles & More
355.Ice Containers
356.Dart Board
357.Outdoor Light
358.Titlist Golf Balls
359.Beer Steins
360.Beer Steins
361.Canning Jars w/ Lids
362.Punch Bowl Set & More
364.Bookends, Trivet & More
365.Picture Frames
366.Picture Books, Stapler, Jewelry Box, & More
367.Christmas Decorations
368.Glassware & More
369.Ash Tray, Beer Steins, & More
370.Misc. Items
371.Small Jewelry Box, Jewelry Display, & More
372.Primitive Decorations & More
374.Glassware & More
375.Black & Decker Coffee Maker & More
376.Nativity Scene, Christmas Glasses & More
378.Pictures & More
379.Box of Glassware, Decorations, & More
380.Foot Massager & Bubble Spa
381.Picture Frames
382.Small Wooden Blocks & More
383.Silverware Set & More
384.Thermos Mug & More
385.Large Lot of Picture Frames
386.Brackets & More
387.Fall Decorations
388.Microscope & Other Toys
389.Board Games
390.Picture Frames
391.Longaberger Basket w/ Liner & Protector
392.Longaberger Pitcher
393.Set of Longaberger Cups
394.Small Longaberger Planters
395.Starting Lineup Figurines
396.Small Tray of Jewelry
397.Dress Jewelry Displays
398.Princess House
399.Princess House Glassware
400.Princess House Glassware
401.Princess House Glassware
402.Fantasia Metal Rack & Glass Set
403.Princess House Glassware
404.Princess House Glassware
405.Princess House Glassware
406.Fantasia Glassware
407.Fantasia Glassware
408.Fantasia Glassware
409.Princess House Glassware
410.Costume Jewelry
411.Costume Jewelry
412.Costume Jewelry Rings
413.Costume Jewelry Rings
414.Costume Jewelry Rings
415.Costume Jewelry Rings
416.Costume Jewelry Rings
417.Costume Jewelry Rings
418.Costume Jewelry Rings
419.Costume Jewelry Rings
420.Costume Jewelry
421.Costume Jewelry Rings
422.Costume Jewelry Rings
423.Costume Jewelry Rings
424.Bag of Costume Jewelry
425.Costume Jewelry Rings
426.Costume Jewelry Rings
427.Costume Jewelry Rings
428.Costume Jewelry Rings
429.Bag of Costume Jewelry
430.Costume Rings
431.Mens Ring
432.Costume Jewelry Rings
433.Costume Jewelry Rings
434.Bag of Costume Jewelry
435.Costume Jewelry Rings
436.Costume Jewelry Rings
437.Costume Jewelry Rings
438.Bag of Costume Jewelry
439.Costume Jewelry Rings
440.Costume Jewelry Rings
441.Costume Jewelry Rings
442.Costume Jewelry
443.Costume Jewelry Rings
444.Costume Mens Rings
445.Costume Jewelry Rings
446.Costume Jewelry Rings
447.Costume Jewelry Rings
448.Costume Jewelry Rings
449.Costume Jewelry Rings
450.Costume Jewelry Rings
451.Costume Jewelry Rings
452.Costume Jewelry Rings
453.Costume Jewelry Rings
454.Costume Jewelry Rings
455.Costume Jewelry Rings
456.Collectible Coin
457.Costume Jewelry Rings
458.Costume Jewelry Rings
459.Costume Mens Rings
460.Costume Jewelry Rings
461.Costume Jewelry Rings
462.Costume Mens Rings
463.Costume Jewelry Rings
464.Costume Jewelry Rings
465.Costume Jewelry Rings
466.Costume Jewelry Rings
467.Costume Jewelry Rings
468.Costume Jewelry Rings
469.Costume Jewelry
470.Costume Jewelry Rings
472.Costume Jewelry Rings
473.Costume Jewelry Rings
474.Costume Jewelry
475.Costume Jewelry
476.Costume Jewelry Rings
477.Costume Jewelry Rings
478.Mens Rings
479.Mens Rings
480.Costume Jewelry Rings
481.Costume Jewelry Rings
482.Costume Jewelry Rings
483.Costume Jewelry Rings
484.Costume Jewelry Rings
485.Costume Jewelry Rings
486.Costume Jewelry Rings
487.Costume Jewelry Rings
488.Costume Jewelry Rings
489.Costume Jewelry Rings
490.Costume Jewelry Rings
491.Costume Jewelry Rings
492.Costume Jewelry Rings
493.Costume Jewelry Rings
494.Costume Jewelry
495.Costume Jewelry rings
496.Mens Rings
497.Costume Earrings
498..925 Earrings
499. Glassware
500.Comm. Coins
501.Collectible Knives
502.Commemerative Coin
503.Collectible coins
504.Donald Trump Collectible Coin & More
505.England Coins & 10 cent coins
506.England Coins
507.Foreign Coins
508.Boy Scout Items & Mickey Mouse and other collectible Watches
510.Costume Jewelry Rings
511.Costume Jewelry Rings
512.Costume Jewelry
513.Costume Jewelry Rings
514.Costume Jewelry Rings
515.Costume Jewelry Rings
516.Costume Jewelry Rings
517.Costume Jewelry Rings
518.Costume Jewelry Rings
519.Costume Jewelry Rings
520.Costume Jewelry Rings
521.Glass ornaments
522.Projector & More