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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - April 24, 2019 Bidding is Open Starts to close: Wednesday, April 24 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Sterling Silver and 14K Post Earring
2.14K Gold Post ball earring
3.Sterling and diamond band
4.Sterling and Black Hills 10K Gold
5.Sterling and Diamond heart pendant
6.Sterling 1/4 ct diamond cluster Ring
7.Sterling and black Hills 10K Gold
8.Sterling and Diamond Earring
9.Sterling and Diamond Pendant
10.Sterling and diamond tennis bracelet
11.Sterling and Black Hills 12K Gold
12.14K Gold Post Earring
13.14K Gold Post pearl earring
14.Sterling Drusy Quartz pendant
15.Sterling and Black Hills 12K Gold
16.14K Gold Post Earring
17.14K Gold Post Earring
18.14K Gold Post Earring
19.14K Gold Post Earring
20.Sterling Opal Ring
21.Sterling Filigree Blue Topaz Ring
22.Sterling amber marcasite ring
23.Sterling and Diamond Ring
24.Sterling and Green stone ring
25.Sterling and Pink Stone ring
26.2 Black onyx rings
27.Sterling sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet
28.Sterling 1/2 ct Diamond tennis bracelet
29.Sterling Jade and Marcasite ring
30.Sterling Ruby and Diamond Earring
31.Sterling Green Stone Ring
32.2 sterling and diamond pendant
33.Sterling and diamond tennis bracelet
34.Sterling and diamond band
35.Sterling and diamond tennis bracelet
36.Sterling and Diamond Hoop Earring
37.Sterling Black and white pearl earring
38.2 pair sterling earrings
39.Sterling and Diamond earring
40.Sterling and diamond ring
41.Sterling and diamond hoop earring and sterling and diamond cross pendant
42.Sterling black and white diamond
43.Sterling Heart and diamond ring
44.Sterling and diamond bee ring
45.2 pair earring, diamond hoop
46.2 pair, 1 garnet and 1 sapphire earring
47.2 sterling rings, blue and red stone
48.Sterling Diamond and red stone ring
49.Sterling blue stone and diamond ring
50.Sterling green stone ring
51.Sterling Filigree ring
52.Sterling Green Stone Ring
53.Sterling Green Stone Ring
54.Sterling Red Stone Ring
55.Sterling Belt Buckle ring
56.Sterling Ring
57.Sterling 2 Red Stone Ring
58.Sterling Amethyst Ring
59.2 Sterling Stone Rings
60.2 Sterling Rings, blue and red stone
61.Sterling and Diamond Hoop Earring
62.1982 Proof Set
63.1981 Proof Set
64.1982 Proof Set
65.1980 Proof Set
66.1978 Proof Set
67.1972 Proof Set
68.1983 Proof Set
69.1984 Proof Set
70.1985 Proof Set
71.1987 Proof Set
72.1987 Proof Set
73.1990 Proof Set
74.1989 Proof Set
75.1988 Proof Set
76.2000 Proof Set
77.1991 Proof Set
78.Quarter Mint Set
79.1986 Uncirculated 50 cent
80.1966 40% Silver Mint Set
81.1972 Mint Set
82.1972 Mint Set
83.1969 Mint Set 40% Silver
84.1999 Quarter and Mint Sets
85.3 Mint Sets, 1991, 1993, 1998
86.3 Mint Sets, 1971, 1983, 1987
87.3 Mint Sets, 1991, 1993, 1998
88.3 Mint Sets, 1991, 1995, 1997
89.1971 Silver Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar
90.1973 American Revolution coin
91.1973 Canadian Proof Set
92.2000 2 piece mint Set, 2 gold dollars
93.24K Gold Indian and Buffalo Bills
94.24K Gold $20 and $100 bills
95.50 cent Frontier
96.1923 Silver Certificate loose bill
97.1885-O New Orleans Uncirculated silver dollar
98.Uncirculated 1923 Peace Dollar
99.RARE 1908 $5 Gold coin
100.RARE 1908 $10 indian uncirculated
101.1881-O Morgan Silver Dollar
102.RARE 1878-CC Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar
103.1923 Silver Peace Dollar
104.1921 AU Morgan Silver Dollar
105.1887-) New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar
106.1923-S San Francisco Peace Dollar
107.1899-O Morgan Silver Dollar
108.1879-O New Orleans Morgan Silver Dollar
109.1925 Silver Peace Dollar
110.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
111.1946 Booker T Washington 50 cent
112.1902 Barber 50 cent silver
113.1905-S San Francisco Barber Half Dollar
114.1906-D Denver Barber Half Dollar
115.1906-O New Orleans Mint Barber Half Dollar
116.1900-S San Francisco Mint Barber Half Dollar
117.1903-S San Francisco Mint Barber Half Dollar
118.1809 1/2 cent RARE, hole in center
119.1893 Columus Silver Half Dollar
120.1818 US Large Cent
121.1934 Orange County, VA Token
122.1907-O New Orleans mint Barber Half Dollar
123.1929-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar
124.1807 US Half Cent
125.1839 US Large Cent
126.US Large Cent
127.1845 Large Cent
128.1817 US Large Cent
129.1854 Large Cent
130.1903 Barber Half Dollar
131.1900-O New Orleans Barber Half Dollar
132.1899 Barber Half Dollar Silver
133.1904 Barber Half Dollar Silver
134.1908 Barber Half Dollar Silver
135.1904-O New Orleans Barber Half Dollar
136.1963 150th year centennial
137.Red Ruby Gold Filled pendant
138.Red Ruby Pendant and Earring
139.1991 US mint Set
140.1998 US Mint Set
141.1997 US Mint Set
142.1995 US Mint Set
143.Boxed Wolf Knife
144.Boxed Fox Knife
145.John Deere Cast Iron Tractor
146.Iron Clown Bank, Vintage
147.Punch Cigar Bank, Cast Iron
148.Salted Peanut Bank, Cast Iron
149.Amish Lady Bank
150.Peanuts and Lion King Banks
151.Vintage Wooden Turtle Bank
152.Pig and Hummel Bank
153.Little Brown Church Bank
154.Carousel, Boat, and Liberty Bell Banks
155.2000 24K Gold Plated Coin Set
156.2000 24K Gold Plated Coin Set
157.Sterling Spanish Silver restrike bullion
158.California Gold Token
159.Sterling Silver Ring
160.Turqoise Indiand Ring
161.Multi-Stone Silver Band
162.Black Onyx Mother of Pearl Ring
163.Sterling Jasper Ring
164.Sterling and Sapphire Ring
165.Sterling Double Butterfly Ring
166.Red Stone Silver Anniversary Ring
167.Sterling Orange Stone Ring
168.Sterling and Amethust Ring
169.Sterling Double Pearl Ring
170.2 Sterling Rings, Halo stule and blue and green stone
171.Sterling Amethyst Earring
172.Sterling and Amber Ring
173.Sterling Ruby Earring
174.Sterling and black onyx earring
175.Sterling mother of Pearl Earring
176.2 Pair earrings, Green stone and topaz, sterling
177.Sterling Mother of Pearl Earrings
178..999 Silver Gaming Coin
179..999 Silver Gaming Coin
180.Silver Green Stone Earring
181.1963 Canadian Silver Dollar
182.Sterling Peridot Earring
183.Sterling Orange Stone Earring
184.Sterling Filigree ring
185.Sterling Turqouise ring
186.Sterling Amethyst Ring
187.Sterling Filigree Amethyst Ring
188.Sterling Mother of pearl Ring
189.Sterling Garnet Ring
190.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
191.Sterling Red Stone Ring
192.3 Stone Sterling Garnet Ring
193.Bag of 1941 Steel Cent
194.Sterling and Garnet Tennis Bracelet
195.Sterling Diamond Ring
196.Sterling Diamond Heart Pendant
197.Sterling Diamond and Sapphire Tennis Bracelet
198.2 Sterling Heart Pendants
199.English 1840 Rifle, Fouler
200.Tower Musket, Civil War
201.1840's Kentucky Rifle
202.Vintage Percussion shotgun, 1860's
203.Winchester Model 12 12 Gauge shotgun. FFL Transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 fee to winning bidder.
204.CVA Hawken 50 caliber Black Powder Rifle
205.Spanish Mauser m1916 7mm Rifle FFL Transfer REQUIRED. Processed through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 fee to winning bidder.
206.Spanish Mauser m1916 308 rifle FFL Transfer REQUIRED. Processed through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 fee to winning bidder.
207.Harrington and Richardson Topper model 48 20 gauge shotgun. FFL Transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 fee to winning bidder.
208.Harrington and Richardson 20 gauge Topper model 58. FFL Transfer Processed through Dominion Outdoors. Additional $10 fee to winning bidder.
209.1888-S San Francisco Mint $10 Gold Piece
210.Rare 1852 $1 Gold Piece
211.Dietz NY Lanterns, One monarch, one little wizard
212.Bel Air 3 ATM Stainless watch with case
213.Speidel Pocket Watch
214.Pulsar Watch with case, black stainless band
215.Precious Moments "Super Mom" Watch
216.Precious Moments Pendant Watch
217.Pulsar Watch with case, stainless
218.Geneva Cuff band watch
219.Gruen Embassy watch with case, stainless band
220.Magique by Helbros watch, stretch band
221.John Weitz watch with case, stainless band
222.Speidel Medilog watch with case, stretch band
223.Bel Air Watch with case and extra bands, leather
224.Speidel digital watch
225.Pulsar Watch with case, stainless band
226.Solina Quartz watch with case, leather band