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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Jan 23, 2018 Starts to close:Tuesday, January 23 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Hess Plane
2.Dale E Scale Cars
3.Dale E Remote Car
4.Dale E Scale Car
5.Dale E Scale Cars
6.Dale E Scale Car And Collectors Set
7.Dale E Bank And Scale Car
8.Napa Semi Truck
9.Dale E Semi Truck
10.Richard Pettie And Other Scale Cars
11.Scale Cars
12.Jeff Gordan Die Cast Replica
13.Goodwrench Tow Truck
14.Dale E Trackside Collection
15.Dale E Scale Car
16.Dale E Scale Car
17.Dale E Scale Car
18.Dale E Collectors Set
19.Winston Cup T Shirts And Collectible Cars
20.Poker Cards
21.Dale JR Scale Car
22.Die Cast Scale Replicas
23.Die Cast Scale Replicas
24.Rafio Controlled Truck
25.Dale E Semi Truck And Car
26.Richard Pettie Collectors Set
27.Dale E Train Set
28.Racing Collectibles
29.Racing Cars
30.Wilco Rescue Truck
31.Dale E Fone
32.Case Light Set
33.Die Cast Collectibles
34.Colectors Banks
35.Dale E Picture
36.Richard Pettie Clock And Car
37.Die Cast Cars
38.Nascar Collectors Set
39.Nascar Collectible Cars
40.Die Cast Semi Trucks
41.Nascar Collectibles
42.Collectible Cars
44.Dale E Glassware Gift Set
45.Die Cast Semi Trucks
46.Dale E Fan Set
47.Dale E Semi Truck
48.Davey Allison and Neil Bonnett Clock Plaque
49.Nascar Collectibles
50.Nascar Truack Set And Cars
52.Nascar Collectibles
53.49ers Wall Plaque
54.Nascar Cars
55.Nascar Cars
56.Nascar Cars
57.Nascar Cars
58.Nascar Cars
59.Nascar Cars
60.Dale E Trash Bin
61.Nascar Die Cast Replicas
62.Nascar Die Cast Replicas
63.Nascar Cars
64.Nascar Cars
65.Nascar Cars
66.Amaco Toy Tanker And More
67.Hess Emergency Truck
68.Hess Toy Truck And Helicopter
69.Hess Rescue Set
70.Kroger Air Express By Ertl
71.Hess And Wilco Rescue Set And Tanker
72.Dale Semi And Collectors Set
73.Nascar Collectibles
74.Hess Colectibles
75.Nascar Semi Trucks
76.Box Fan
77.Air Tank
78.Computer Chair
79.Bathroom Cabinet
80.Kerosene Heater
81.Spare Trailer Tire
82.7 Old Sign
83.Electric Trimmer
84.Old Shovel
85.Oak Chair
86.Large Coke Double Sided Sign
87.Coleman Steel Belted Cooler
88.Black And Decker Workmate
89.Werner Ladder
90.Stainless Steel Sheet
91.Gun Rack
92.Maple Table And 5 Chairs. Includes 2 Leaves
93.Wheel Barrel
94.Craftsman Push Mower
95.New Cooler
96.Dry Gin Wood Crate
97.Coke Cooler
98.Coleman 1850 Generator With Box
99.Tub With Contents
101.Step Stool
102.Oak Dresser With Mirror
103.Wood Ladder
104.Wood Table
105.Oak Washstand
108.New 4 Inch Anvil
110.Air Compressor
111.Air Compressor
112.Husky Sockets
113.Wrenches And More
114.Gas Tank
117.Toolbox FULL OF TOOLS
118.Clamps And More
119.Tie Downs And More
120.Tuff case
122.Gun Cleaning Kit
123.Gas Grill
124.Clamps And More
125.Antique Items
126.Strap And More
128.Guitar With Case
129.Texaco Gas Station Stamp And More
130.Texaco Gas Station Stamp And More
131.Orange Vests And Scraper
133.New Leaf Blower
134.Mt Solan VA Banner
135.VA Plates
136.Motor Trend Magazines
138.Safe-T Cones Metal Rack
141.Canning Jars
142.Old Forestry Helmet
143.Lionel Lantern
145.Racing Shirts
146.Antique Tap And Die Set
147.Cuckoo Clock
148.1999 Racing Collectors Pack
149.Glassware Racing Sets
150.Plastic Wheels
151.Belt Buckle And More
152.Misc. Items
153.Glass Jugs
154.Large Antique Mixing Bowl
155.Mug Collectors Set
156.Brass Bucket
157.Tent Steaks
158.Rope And More
160.Budweiser Cups
161.Beer Glasses
162.Forest Warden Tag
163.Mugs And Virginia Glasses
164.Glass Jars
166.Coke Glasses And More
167.Wooden Crate
168.Wooden Crate
169.7 Up Thermometer
170.Serving Trays
171.Infant Swing
172.Stetson Hat Size 7 With Box
173.Gas Grill And More
174.Collectors Cars
175.Nice Painted Lamp
176.Nice Painted Lamp
177.Set Of Nice Painted Lamp
178.Wood Crate
179.Chevrolet Hub Caps
180.Road Classics Wooden Cars
181.Argentine Pears Crate
182.Record Player
183.Cowboy Hats
184.Cramer Bottle Holder
185.Nail Keg
186.Guardian Service
187.WW2 Canteen
188.Child Chair
189.Coke Truck
190.Hess Truck And More
191.Mickey Mouse Banks
192.Pears Crate
193.Wire Set
194.Racing Collectibles
195.Red Man Belt Buckle And Other Racing Items
196.Dale E Bag
197.Richard Pettie Car
198.Racing Cars
199.Wilco Truck And Racing Collectibles
200.Wilco Truck And More
201.Train Set
202.Dale E Wall Plaque
203.Kroger Scale Car
205.Tide Cars
206.Legends Of The Track Book
207.Racing Cars
208.Kroger Die Cast Bank
209.Kroger Semi Truck
210.Locking Coin Bank With Key
211.Racing Cars
212.Racing Cars
213.Texaco Coin Bank And More
214.Racing Champions Cars And More
215.Dale E Metal Plates
216.Racing Champions Cars And More
217.Racing Champions Cars And More
218.Dale E Scale Dually Truck
219.Hot Wheels And More
220.Replica Cars
221.Racing Collectibles And More
222.Pepsi Advertisement
223.Maxwell House Coffee Mug Set
224.Dale E items
225.Dale E And Texaco Collectibles
226.Dale E Collectibles
227.Dale E Collectibles
228.NASCAR Collectibles
229.Winner's Circle Scale Cars
230.Racing Collectibles
231.Advertising Tins
232.Race Cars
233.Advertising Tins
234.Dale E Cast Iron Pit Stop Showcase
235.Advertising Tins
236.Racing Champions Scale Cars
237.Racing Items
238.Winner's Circle Scale Cars & More
239.Racing Champion Scale Cars & More
240.Racing Champion Scale Cars & More
241.Racing Champion Scale Cars & More
242.Rusty Wallace Glassware Gift Set
243.Statler Bros XXL Jacket
244.Extension Cord w/ Reel
245.Set of VA License Plates
246.Cooler w/ Thermos
247.Crock Jug
248.Wooden Crate
249.Chain Binder
250.Staunton VA Plates
251.Grill & Cooler Combo
252.VA & Forest Warden Signs
253.Maytag Oil Tin & More
254.Small Tub of Locks
255.Stanley Riveter
256.VA Tags & More
257.3-Step Aluminum Ladder
258.Crate of Tools
259.Plastic Toolbox
260.New XL Hunting Vest
261.Antique Price Markers
262.Antique Price Markers
263.Vintage Underwood Typewriter
264.Price Markers & More
265.Dale E items
266.Vintage Polaroid Camera
267.Antique Washboards
268.Blow Up Race Cars
269.Very Large Dale E Racing Team Truck & Trailer
270.Dirt Devil Vacuum
271.Eureka Vacuum
272.Outdoor Decoration
273.Wholesale Lot
274.Wholesale Lot
275.Wholesale Lot
276.Wholesale Lot, Does Not include black shelf
277.Pine Storage Cabinet
278.Wholesale Lot
279.Wholesale Lot