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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Oct 28, Bidding is open! Starts to close:Saturday, October 28, 2017

Item Description
1.Nice Wire Rack With Hooks And Shelves
2.Nice Wire Rack With Hooks And Shelves
3.Nice Wire Rack With Hooks And Shelves
4.Nice Glass Showcase With 2 Shelves
5.Nice Glass Showcase With 2 Shelves
6.Nice Glass Showcase With 2 Shelves
7.Nice Glass Showcase With 2 Shelves
8.Wood Cabinet With Shelf. Great Shape
9.Wood Cabinet With Shelf. Great Shape
10.2 Wood Corner Shelves. Great Shape
11.Large Hand On Pedestal
12.Craft Items
13.Wood Shelf
14.Antique Items
15.Nice Green Wood Cabinet
16.Wood Chair
17.Wood Table
18.Room Divider
19.Dewalt Drill
21.Wine Holder
22.Homes Book
23.Single Layer Log Briquette Maker
24.Large Playhouse
25.Plastic Caps
26.Car Part
30.Ball Cards
32.Paper items
33.Sandwich Glass
34.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
35.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
36.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
37.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
38.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
39.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
40.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
41.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
42.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
43.Nice Tray Of Woodcarving Tools.
44.Woodcarving Tools
45.Nice Woodcarving Tools
46.Woodcarving Tools
47.Stanley Spoke Shave
48.Woodcarving Tools
49.Woodcarving Tools
50.Tackle Box
51.Tackle Box
52.Stack Of Woodcarving Books
53.Stack Of Woodcarving Books
54.Stack Of Woodcarving Books
55.Stack Of Woodcarving Books
56.Stack Of Woodcarving Books
57.Stack Of Woodcarving Books
58.Stack Of Woodcarving Books
59.Stack Of Woodcarving Books
60.Stack Of Woodcarving Books
61.Dremel Plunge Router. New
62.Clamp Light
63.Craftsman Tool
64.Woodcarving Molds
66.Carving Books And More
68.Woodcarving Items
69.Carving Wood
70.Tub Full Of Woodcarving Items
74.Dremel Router Attachment
75.Blades For Woodcarving
76.Wooden Fishing Lure Set
77.Mahogany Carving Wood
78.J-Tong Or Bass Carving Wood lot
79.J-Tong Or Bass Carving Wood lot
80.J-Tong Or Bass Carving Wood lot
81.J-Tong Or Bass Carving Wood lot
82.2 Boxes Of Mahogany Wood
83.J-Tong Or Bass Carving Wood lot
84.J-Tong Or Bass Carving Wood lot
85.Carving Wood
86.Carving Items
87.Carving Items
88.Screwdrivers And More
89.Hunting Items
90.18v Trimmer With 2 Batteries And Charger
91.Shot Glasses
92.Shot Glasses And More
93.Hot Wheels
94.Feeder Kit
95.Colt Thermometer
96.Gun Case
97.Animal Cage
98.Ammo Casings
99.Truck Gun Rack
100.Arc Welder
101.Air Tank
102.Tackle Box
103.Black Crates
104.Garden Items
106.Rake And More
107.Oil And More
108.Outdoor Lights
109.Outdoor Lights
110.Rubber Boots
111.Star Trex Tapes
112.Hunting Stand
113.Storage Rack
117.Glassware Storage For CDs
118.Tires And More
119.Lamp And More
120.Plastic Organizer
121.Decorative Pillow And More
123.Lisence Plate And More
124.Glassware And More
125.Old Parts Book And More
126.Glassware And More
128.Lot Of Plates
129.New Roxy Button Up Shirt. Size Small
130.New Roxy Button Up Shirt. Size Large
131.New Roxy Button Up Shirts. Size Large
132.New Roxy Button Up Shirts. Size Large
133.New Roxy Button Up Shirts. Size Large
134.New Roxy Button Up Shirt. Size Small
135.New Roxy Button Up Shirt, Size M
136.New Roxy Button Up Shirt, Size M
137.Dodge Hubcaps
138.Old Books
140.Sewing Patterns
141.Chilton Books & More
142.Candles & More
143.Old Books
144.Old Magazines
145.Glassware & More
146.Shark Hand Vac
147.Silver Mountain Train
148.Framed Picture & More
149.Scarecrow, Apple Clock & More
150.Computer Accessories & More
151.DVDs & Glassware
152.Computer Bags
153.Sewing Patterns
154.Sewing Patterns
155.Sewing Patterns
156.Antique Item
157.Canteen & More
158.2 Pairs of Boots
159.Old Pictures
160.Car Cup Holder Organizer
161.Candy Dispenser
162.Old Magazines
163.Air Purifier and Magazines
164.Fireplace Items
165.Antique Heater
166.Brooms & Dustpans
167.Antique Tools
168.Antique Tools
169.Motor Oil
170.Brake Fluid & More
171.Old Frames
172.Pottery & More
174.Picnic Table
175.Table & Door Decoration
177.Bird Bath
178.Rake & Garden Tool
179.Pallet & Chalkboard
180.Mics. Items
181.Mics. Items
182.Mics. Items
183.Mics. Items
185.Basket of Bears
188.Wholesale Lot
189.Wholesale Lot
191.Wholesale Lot
192.Display Rack
193.Wholesale Lot
194.Wholesale Lot
195.Wholesale Lot
196.Wholesale Lot
197.Wholesale Lot
198.Wholesale Lot