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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Feb 28, 2018 Bidding is Open!! Starts to close: Wednesday , February 28, 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.New Hickory Kitchen Cabinets. Good Shape. 15 Total Pieces. Please Call For List Of Measurements And More Details.
2.Bag Of Shotgun Shells
3.Tul Ammo .308
4.Winchester 12 Gauge
5.CCI 22lr
6.Winchester 556 2 Boxes
7.PPU 30-06
8.Remington .308
9.Tul Ammo .223 2 Boxes
10.Winchester .556 1 Box
11.22 LR
12.Winchester 30-30
13.American Eagle .223
14.Ruger Scope Mounts
15.New Insulated XL Hunting Pants
16.Barska Contour Scope
17.Old Shotgun Shell Box
18.Old Shotgun Shell Box
19.Old Shotgun Shell Box
20.Old Shotgun Shell Box With Paper Shells
21.Old Shotgun Shell Box
22.Large Wooden Gunsmith Sign
23.Fire Trucks
24.Tool Set
25.Shop Organizer
26.Window Fan
27.Mighty Wheels Dump Truck
28.Dukes Of Hazzard Unassembled Car
29.Camp Cell Bag With Tent
30.Large Tonka Dump Truck
31.Nerf Gun
32.Invisible Ink Pens
33.Military Plane And More
34.Small Wood Display
35.Hot wheels With Case
37.18 Wheeler Bank
38.Camaro Tin Sign
39.Wooden Shelf
40.Sun Dial
41.Sun Dial
42.UVA Flag
43.Harley Tin Sign
44.Mustang Tin Sign
45.Vault Coin Sorter Bank
46.Semi Truck And Other Toy
47.Taz Collectibles
48.Collectible Semi Trucks
49.Chevy Scale Truck And Dice Game
50.Scale Cars
51.Cider Pots And Tea Pot
52.Horse Shoe
53.Tonka Fire Truck And More
54.Old Baseball Cards And More
55.BeyBlades Toys
57.Mountain Dew Blow Up Car
58.Mini Basketballs
59.Heavy Duty Tool Box With Tools
61.3 Footballs
62.Leap Pad
63.Basket And More
64.Small Coffee Grinder And More
65.Vintage Thermos And More
66.Tech Decks
67.Vintage Camera And More
69.Brass Decorations
70.Wood Shelf
71.Small Wood Planes
72.Antique Drill And More
73.Powder Boxes And More
75.Glassware And More
76.Whistle And More
77.Virginia Metal crafters
80.Marbles And More
81.Old Indian Coin Banks
82.Wooden Cannon
84.Crayons And More
85.Box Of Toys
86.Farm Animal Toys
87.Tray Of Toy Cars
88.Tray Of Toy Cars
89.Tray Of Toys
90.Military Toys
91.Army Toys
92.Army Toys
93.Military Toys And More
94.Army Toys
95.Glass Jar With Rocks
96.Shells And Rocks
97.Storage Tote
98.Window Screen
99.Ash Tray And More
100.Glassware Containers
102.Jewelry And More
104.Texaco Coin Bank And More
105.Fishing VHS Tapes And More
107.Mini Book And More
108.Salt And Pepper Shakers And More
109.Kids Books
110.Remote Control Car. Works
111.Craftsman Tool Set
112.Coke Decoration And More
113.Scrubber Refills
114.Harley Scale Motorcycle
115.Basket And More
116.Wrestler Toys
117.Tool Set
118.Tool Sets
119.Tools Sets
120.Tray Of Toys
121.Tray Of Toys
122.Clamps And More
123.Scale Cars
124.Scale Cars
125.Scale Cars
126.Scale Cars
127.Scale Cars
129.Gun Books And More
130.Turok Comics And More
132.Space Jam Collectors Items
133.Tray Of Hot Wheels
134.Tray Of Hot Wheels
135.Military Toys
136.Military Toys
137.Military Toys
138.Military Toys
139.Military Toys
140.Tub Of Military Toys And More
141.Skil 12V Drill
142.Opera Glasses And More
143.Extension Cord And More
144.Tray Of Glassware
145.Cowboy Figurines
148.Powder Boxes And More
149.Milk Glass Vases And More
150.Calculator And More
151.Hatchet And Pipe Wrench
152.New Worlds Smallest Puzzle
153.Tonka Fork Lift
155.Large Lot Of Garden Tools
157.Figurines And More
158.Glass Set
159.Brass Items
160.Glass Decanters
161.Bank Bags
162.Antique Tools
163.Star Wars Transformers
164.Tub Of Toys
165.Scale Cars
166.Scale Cars
167.Scale Cars
168.Scale Cars
169.Antique Corn Cutter
170.Antique Box
171.Baby Items
172.Large Galvanized Water Jug
173.Old Stereos
174.Old Stereos
175.Nice Pop Corn Machine With Papers.
176.Boxes Of Pest Control Glue Boards
177.Stereo Equipment
178.Chain Binder And Chain
179.3 Metal Shutters
180.Mongoose Bike With 1 Wheel
181.Large Firepit
182.Baby Toy
183.Briggs And Stratton 3 HP Water Pump
185.Volvo Head And Tail Lights
186.Volvo Head And Tail Lights
187.Bottles And Grill Cleaner And Degreaser
188.Pest Glue Trap Boards
189.Epoxy Grout And Mortar
192.Briggs And Stratton Carb Kits And More
193.Electrical Items
194.Bostitch Air Compressor
196.Nice Wooden Chair
197.Gatorade Cooler
198.98-2002 Honda Accord Door Panels
200.Set Of Golf Clubs
202.Kids Toys
203.Tire Chains
204.4 Light Wall Mount Light Fixture
205.Leroy Lettering Tool And Gurley Tool
206.Unitech Lettering Tool And More
207.Tools In Wooden Cases
208.Makita Saw And Sander
209.Winston Clock
210.Fowler Height Micrometer In Nice Wooden Case
211.Bosch Sander
212.Chobani Cooler
213.Tire Chains
215.Tool Boxes
216.Toolbox With Tools
218.Toolbox Full Of Tools
219.Box Of Electrical Items And More
220.Electric Blower
221.Volvo Head And Tail Lights
223.Harris Gas Meter And More
224.Recessed Lighting. New
225.Diaper Refill Machine
226.Child Bed Safety Rail
227.30 Amp Safety Switches
228.Wooden Mirror
229.Dog Grooming Items
230.2004 Ford F150/F250 Tail Lights
231.Light Bulbs
232.Planters And More
233.Flexible Curve Rules
234.Pipe Insulation. New
235.Kids Toy Horse And More
236.Cycle Country Spreader
237.Kids Car Track
238.Rubber Tile And Tread Adhesive
239.Turtle And Dog Trick Or Treat Bags
240.Vinyl Tile And Tread Adhesive
241.Water Based Contact Adhesive
242.Life Vests
243.Bissel Vacuum
244.Kenwood Subwoofers
245.Dual Subwoofer And More
246.Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers
247.Amoco Heater
248.Adirondack Chairs
251.Grinder And More
252.Hilti Firestop Joint Spray
253.Little Tikes Basketball Goal
254.Parts Washer
255.Bike And Doll Chair
257.Eureka Vacuum
258.Porter Cable Radio
259.Speakers And More
260.Enamel Ware Bowls, Clock And More
261.Antique Battery Box And Electrical Box
262.Compressor And More
263.Door Knob And More
264.Keyboards And More
265.HP Printer
266.Electrical Cords
267.Flag Bucket
268.Leather Briefcase
269.Speakers And More
270.Set Of 4 Honda Tires Size 195/65/15
271.195/60/15 Tire
272.1998 Honda Accord Trunk and Rear Bumper Cover
273.1991 Honda Accord Hood