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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Aug 4, 2018 Bidding is Open!! Starts to close: Saturday , August 4, 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Sewing machine table. Remember all items are sold as is. Please come to the preview. We also added a second pickup day to help. Please come to one of the pickups. We are unable to hold your items. They will be disposed of or resold. Thanks for understanding.
2.Mid century style credenza dresser
3.Children's desk
4.Chair with padded seat
5.Longaberger Basket. All the baskets seem to be in great shape.
6.Longaberger Basket
7.Longaberger Basket
8.Longaberger Basket
9.Longaberger Basket
10.Longaberger Basket
11.Longaberger Basket
12.Longaberger Basket
13.Longaberger Basket
14.Longaberger Basket
15.Longaberger Basket
16.Longaberger Basket
17.Longaberger Basket
18.Longaberger Basket
19.Longaberger Basket
20.Longaberger Basket
21.Longaberger Basket
22.Longaberger Basket
23.Longaberger Basket
24.Longaberger Basket
25.Longaberger Basket
26.Longaberger Basket
27.Longaberger Basket
28.Longaberger Basket
29.Longaberger Basket
30.Longaberger Basket
31.Longaberger Basket
32.Longaberger Basket
33.Old Metal Toys
34.Old Metal Toys
35.Antique Toy Truck
36.Vintage Toys
37.Small tea set and old baby dolls
38.Coca Cola print
39.Barbie Dolls
40.Barbie Dolls
41.Barbie Dolls
42.Barbie Dolls
43.Barbie Dolls
44.Barbie Dolls
45.Barbie Dolls
48.Lot of UVA paperweights
49.Lot of VT paperweights
50.Lot of VT paperweights
51.Lot of UVA paperweights
52.Old metal toy garage
53.Computer Monitor
54.Computer Monitor
55.Computer Monitor
56.Metal decoration
57.Lot of penny books
58.Sterling earrings
59.1879 Morgan Coin
60.1980 Proof Set
61.Sterling earrings
62.1924 Peace Dollar Coin
63.2 Old Pocket Watches
64.1922 Peace Dollar Coin
65.22 Bullets
66.22 Bullets
67.Dale Earnhardt car
68.Tricycle and Remote Control Truck, not sure if remote control truck works
69.Crock and more
70.Old boy scout framed print
71.Lot of unused boxes
72.Old dollar bill
73.Silver Coin
74.Old Pocket Watch
75.3 Small knives
76.Lot of 10 $1 Silver Certificates
77.Pocket Watches
78.Gun Locks and more
79.Old McCoy cookie jar
80.Lot of Christmas decorations
81.Square Buff and more
82.Lot of shakers
83.2 Cookie/Candy jars
84.Old Wood baby cradle
85.Wholesale lot, table not included
86.Wholesale lot
87.Lot of games and toys, items on white shelf are not included
88.Lot of games and toys, items on white shelf are not included
89.Wood doll house
90.Wood DVD/CD cabinet
91.Old kitchen table
92.Sterling silver ring
93.Sterling silver ring
94.Sterling silver necklace
95.Sterling silver necklace
96.Sterling silver bangle
98.Sterling silver necklace
99.Sterling silver ring
100.Sterling silver ring