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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Aug 9, 2017 Bidding is Open!! Starts to close: Wednesday , August 9, 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Large Sterling Cluster Ring
2.Sterling Turqoise Ring
3.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
4.Sterling Pearl Ring
5.Sterling Amethyst Ring
6.Sterling Fancy Filigree Earrings
7.Sterling Garnet Ring
8.Sterling Rhodolite Ring
9.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
10.Sterling Hoop Earrings
11.Sterling Pearl Dangle Earrings
12.Sterling Amber Ring
13.Stelring Black Pearl Ring
14.Sterling Topaz Ring
15.Sterling Halo Ring
16.Sterling Pandora Bracelet
17.Stelring 3pc Ring, Necklace, Earring set Smokiy Quartes. Retail Price 226.99
18.Sterling Peridot Turtle Pendant on Chain
19.Sterling Red Stone Ring
20.Sterling Monkey Pendant
21.Sterling Lapis Ring
22.Sterling Black Onyx Cross
23.Sterling White Stone Ring
24.Sterling Black Onyx Earrings
25.Sterling Blue Topaz Earrings
26.Sterling Mulit Stone Ring
27.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
28.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
29.Sterling Fancy Filigree Germany Pin
30.2 Sterling Rings 1-Black Onyx 1-Topaz
31.Sterling Amethyst Ring
32.Sterling Sapphire Ring
33.Sterling Rope Chain
34.Sterling Beautiful Topaz Tennis Bracelet
35.Sterling Amethyst Ring
36.2 Sterling Turquoise Indian Rings
37.Sterling 3 Ring Band
38.Stelring Indian Turquoise Necklace
39.Sterling Beaded Ring
41.Sterling Beaded Necklace
42.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
43.Stelring Turquoise Ring
44.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
45.2 Sterling Indian Turquoise Rings
46.2 Sterling Enamel Rings Signed
47.Sterling Amethyst Ring
48.Sterling Jade Bead Ring
49.Sterling Heart and Flower Ring
50.Sterling Flower Ring
51.Sterling Large Charm Bracelet
52.Sterling Bead Necklace
53.2 Sterling Mother of Pearl Rings
54.3 Sterling Enamel Rings
55.2 Sterling Turquoise Rings
56.4 Sterling Bracelets
57.Sterling Turquoise Baby Ring
58.2 Sterling Turquoise Rings
59.2 Sterling Fancy Rings
60.Sterling Bead Ring
61.3 Sterling Mother of Pearl Rings
62.2 Sterling Marcasite Rings
63.Sterling Heart Marcasite Ring
64.2 Sterling Rings 1-Green Stone 1- Red Stone
65.Sterling Ring Bracelet
66.Sterling Emerald Cat Earrings
67.Sterling Ruby and Gold Heart Ring
68.Sterling Large Filigree Ring
69.Sterling Pearl and Flower Bracelet
70.Sterling Siam Earrings
71.Sterling Red Stone Necklace
72.Sterling 2 Sided Bracelet
73.Sterling 4 Stone Ring
74.Sterling Garnet Ring
75.Sterling Diamond Ring
76.Sterling and 10K Gold Ring
77.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
78.Sterling Diamond and Blue Topaz Earrings
79.Sterling Diamond Tennis Bracelet
80.Sterling Diamond Hoop Earrings
81.Sterling Amethyst and Diamond Ring
82.Sterling Diamond Earrings
83.Sterling Diamond Earrings
84.Sterling Diamond Cross
85.Sterling Multi Stone and Diamond Bracelet
86.Sterling Diamond Cross
87.Sterling Diamond Ring
88.Sterling Black and White Diamond Pendant on Chain
89.Sterling Diamond Pendant
90.Sterling Frog Ring
91.Sterling Sapphire Ring
92.New York Standard Watch Pocket Watch
93.Lot Silver and Copper Coins 1720 1765 1869
94.Lot Silver and Copper 1854 1447 1886
95.Lot Silver and Copper Coin 1831 1799
96.Lot of Early Copper Coins 1866 18571799
97.Lot 50 V Nickels Early 1900s
98.Lot 50 Buffalo Nickels 1920s 1930s
99.Lot 50 V Nickels Early 1900s
100.Lot 50 Indian Cents
101.Lot 50 Bufflao Nickels
102.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
103.1922 Peace Dollar
104.1924-S Peace Dollar
105.1926 Peace Dollar
106.1883 Morgan Silver Dollar
107.1888-O New Orlean Morgan Silver Dollar
108.1883 Morgan Silver Dollar
109.1900-O Morgan Silver Dollar
110.1922-S Peace Dollar
111.1890-O Morgan Silver Dollar
112.1891-O Morgan Silver Dollar
113.1886 Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
114.999 Silver Atlantic City
115.999 Caesars Silver Coin
116.999 Caesars Silver Coin
117.1889 Morgan Silver Dollar
118.1878-S San Francisco Morgan Dollar
119.1817 Large Cent
120.999 Silver Caesars Coin
121.1921 Unc Morgan Dollar
122.Rare Stone Mountain $.50
123.1971 Eisenhower Dollar Silver Bezel
124.1879 Morgan Silver Dollar
125.1937 and 1943 Liberty Half Dollar 90%
126.1935 and 1937 Liberty Half Dollar
127.1943 and 1944 Liberty Half Dollar
128.1941 Liberty Half Dollar
129.Elizabeh R 1980 Proof Set
130.1965 New Zealand Proof Set
131.1971 Isle of Ivlan Mint Set
132.Royal Visit Queen Elizabeth 1989
133.1986 Commonwealth Games Coin
134.1984 Canadian Proof Set
135.1989 United Kingdom Unc Coin Silver
136.2007 United Sates Presidential Dollar
137.Sudan 1967 Proof Set
138.Yorktown VA 1781 Coin
139.2 Decimal Coin Sets
140.1970 First Decimal Coins 1970
141.Isle of Man 1978 25th Anniversary Coin
142.1972 Queen Elizabeth Silver
143.1970 Isle of Man Coin
144.1977 25 Pence Coin 1947 Gibraltar Coin
145.1769-1969 New Zealand Coin, 1981 Prince of Wales
146.1776 Australia Coin, The Royal Wedding Coin
147.1876-1976 Isle of Man, 1952-1977 Falkland Island Coins
149.1980 3 Susan B Anthony Dollars
150.Postal Service Bicentennial Commemorative Coin
151.1989 Mint Set
152.1988 Mint Set
153.1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar
154.New Zealand Proof Set 1968
155.Falkland Island Crown
156.New Zealand Proof Set
157.United Kingdom One Pound Coin 1983
158.5 Coins
159.3 Coin Set
160.Cigar Box of Dolls
161.Antique Chair
162.Antique Chair
163.Wood Chair
164.Antique Walnut Chair
165.Antique Pine Washstand
166.Antique Chest
167.Antique Chest
168.Antique Mohogany End Tables
169.Antique Table
170.Large Antique Dropleaf Mohogany End Table
171.Antique Chair
172.Antique Brass Items
173.Carved Figurines
174.Wood Chest
175.Antique Glassware
176.Remington 12 Gauge Full
177.Ruger Mini 14 Clips
178.38 Special Ammo
179.Western 12 Gauge Paper Shotgun Shells
180.Winchester 22-250
181.Western Xpert Box
182.Winchester Box
183.Cci Blazer 38 Special
184.CCI Blazer 25 Auto
185.Western Super X Box
186.Remington kleanbore Box
187.Winchester Super Speed 12 Gauge
188.Winchester AA 12 Gauge FULL
189.Winchester 22 Short Blank
190.Old Shotgun Shells
191.Classics Illustrated
193.Fishersville VA Crate
194.Antique Clock
195.Nice Clock
196.Antique Clock
197.Clock With Glass Dome
198.Clock With Glass Dome
199.Knowels Collectible Plates FULL Box
200.Vintage Christmas Ordaments
201.Roanoke Va Trunk
202.Longaberger Basket
203.Longaberger Basket
204.Longaberger Basket
205.Longaberger Basket
206.Longaberger Basket
207.Longaberger Basket
208.Longaberger Basket
209.1 Gallon Crock
210.1 Gallon Crock
211.Large Longaberger Basket
212.1 Gallon Crock
213.1 Gallon Crock
214.2 Gallon Crock
215.Antique Tea Set
216.1 Gallon Glass Jug
217.Antique Cheese Box
218.Vintage Christmas Ordaments
220.Punchbowl Set
223.Glass Platters And More
224.Serving Platter
229.Glass Decanters
230.Glass Decanters
231.Star Trex Complete Set
232.Solid Oak Hot Wheels Displays
233.Solid Oak Hot Wheels Displays
234.Solid Oak Hot Wheels Displays
235.Solid Oak Hot Wheels Displays
236.Solid Oak Hot Wheels Displays
237.Tub Full Of Craft Items
239.High Speed CD/DVD Duplicator
241.Yamaha Keyboard With Stand
242.Light Up Cat And More
243.Hard Drive Enclosure And More
244.HP Office Jet 6700 Premium
245.HP Office Jet 6700 Premium
246.HP Ink And More
247.The Sopranos Trivia Game
248.Book Stand
249.VHS Tapes
250.Weather Tech Bumper Step
251.LED Hitch Light
252.Reese Towpower Hitch
253.Vhs Tapes
254.Siron And More
255.Infinity SSW-10 Servo SubWoofer And Speakers