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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - July 1, 2019 Bidding is Open!! Starts to close:Monday, July 1, 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Small book shelf
2.Heart carved shelf
3.Wooden disposal box with lid
4.Woven shelf
6.Decorative table with granite top
7.Iron bed
8.Coat rack
9.Decorative dresser
10.Decorative cabinet
11.Glass top table with 4 matching chairs
12.Glass top coffee and end tables
13.Sofa and love seat set
14.Chandelier style floor lamp
15.Decorative mantle style cabinet
16.Dining room table with 4 chairs, has one leaf extension
17.High top swivel chairs
18.Wooden table with 4 chairs, has 1 leaf extension
19.Red sitting chair
20.Small desk with lamp
21.Patio chair
22.Metal shelf with leaf design
23.Decorative metal shelf unit, glass shelves
24.Nostalgia GF 680 radio
25.Bassett Furniture Longwood Manor Cherry bedroom set, high dresser, long dresser with vanity, night stand, and bed ends
26.Wooden high top chair
27.2 drawer filing cabinet
28.Step ladders
29.Small table
30.Small decorative shelf
31.Decorative cabinet
33.Matching 3-- Medicine cabinet, wall shelf, and bathroom shelf
34.Cowboy Hats
35.TV Trays
36.2 Filing cabinets
37.Sharp Carousel Microwave
38.Rolling cart
39.Patio set, folding chairs with wooden bottoms, comes with umbrella
40.Small Cabinet
41.Flower print chair
42.Small tables
43.Granite top end table
44.Red Mill MFG. Wooden carvings
45.Baseboard heater
46.Christmas light decorations
47.Large mirror
48.Small table
49.Glass top end tables, round
50.Tall Powder station with mirror
51.China Hutch, does come in 2 pieces for transport
52.Curio Cabinet
53.Curio Cabinet
54.Box of Woodworking liquids
55.Red lamp
57.Small mirror
58.Small mirror
59.Decorative frame mirror
60.Decorative frame mirror
61.Decorative table lamp
62.Table lamp
63.Small bedside lamps
64.Table lamp with wicker shade
65.Floor lamps
66.Red lamp with shade
67.Pair of table lamps, only 1 shade
68.2 tall table lamps
69.decorative hanging light
70.Assorted glasses
71.Haviland Limoges plates
72.The Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell collection mugs
73.Nascar plates, cups, and watch
74.Etched glassware and platter
75.1957 Fine Ent. Inc ash tray
76.Baseball Encyclopedia 1951
77.Decorative plates and tea cups
78.Wicker Basket with Glassware
79.Silverware chest
80.Sandwich Glass, decorative glass, and fenton glass
81.Assorted Jewelry and watches
82.Jewelry cases and Invicta watch case, Jewelry box with contents
83.Thomas Kinkade Lamp and small suitcase
84.Camera items
85.Cow decorations
86.Coche Stoneware dish and other pitchers
87.Statler Brothers Records
89.Entertainment center
90.Strangl Pottery
91.Cake plate with serving knife
92.Cat stuffed pillows and needlepoint images
94.Treasured Scenes Ornaments
95.Simpson helmets and other nascar items
96.Corning Mug set
97.Mugs, some Durbin and Greenbriar Valley
98.Christmas Decoration, Antique santa
99.Christimas plates and items
100.Vintage christmas train
101.Christmas Dishware
102.Christmas items
103.Porcelain doll heads and mugs
105.Stuffed bear and Middleton Doll baby
106.Sports items and ornaments
107.Limoges plate and other decorative items
108.Quilt and other items
109.Mack Truck Mug, vintage insulator, and other items
110.Lard Tin and vintage milk bottles
111.Platters, tile, and marble top piece
112.Decorative plates
113.Museum Re Creations Napkin Holder
114.Assorted pins, coins, and other items
115.Porcelain Figures
116.Candle Items
117.Phone, Card ash trays, remote organizer, and other items
118.Political books
119.Italian scene plates
120.Decorative items
122.Jelley Belly mini bean machine
123.Christmas tree
124.Mason Jars
125.Mesh rolls and other items
126.Heater plus fan, Iron, and containers
127.Assorted tools
128.Sprinkler, tires, and wooden box
129.Painting items
130.Insulators, black plastic, and other fencing items
131.plumbings items
132.Miscellaneous items
133.Assorted items, cord, etc
134.Wooden crate with acrylic
135.Boxes of stain and paint
136.Wiring and electrical items
137.Bottle jacks and other items
138.Garden Hose reel
139.Assorted tools
140.boxes of hardware
141.Christmas tree
142.100th Anniversary Coca Cola clock
143.Spray Paint
144.Large bolts and other hardware
145.Oil stain with brush
146.Small cans of stain and other liquids
147.Master Mechanics light
149.Cyclone seed spreader
150.Assorted Tools, stain, and other items
151.Couplers, filter, and other items
152.Kitchen Items
153.Crafstaman Screwdriver and other items
154.Fencing Staples and insulated wire cover
155.Assorted tools, oils, and hardware
156.Fencing Hardware
157.2 sets of booster cables
158.Tap and Die Set, Drill Bits, and other tools
159.Assorted nails
160.Mason Jars
161.Electric recliner
162.Doors, ladders, boards, and other items
163.Book shelf
164.Christmas Tree
165.Wholesale lot