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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - July 20, 2017 Starts to close:Thursday, July 20 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Hustler Z 60" Commercial Mower. Around 2005 Model. Needs motor Work And Does Not Run And Drive. 1450 Hours. We Can Load.
2.Antique Stadium Chair.
3.Antique Stadium Chair.
4.Huge Antique Metal Star. 53"
5.Nice Wooden Entertainment Center
6.Croquet Set
8.Nice Slot Machine Works
9.Nice Large Dunkin Donuts Sign. 7' 5" Long
10.Antique Trunk
11.Antique Metal High Chair
12.Coleman 40 Steel Belt Cooler
13.Handicap Bench
14.Caution Sign
15.Wheel Chair
16.Vintage Fold Out Cot
17.Vintage Metal Chicken Nesting Box
18.Wooden Mirror
19.3 Boxes Of Books
20.2 Boxes Of Books
21.Nice Lamp And Boxes
22.Microwave. Needs Handle
23.White Shelves
24.Wheel Covers
26.Box Of Pipes And More
28.Fold Up Cot
29.Nice Chair
32.Metal Stars
33.Large Metal Star
34.Gumball Machine On Stand
35.Rooster candle Holder And More
37.Star D Professional D-26 Tri-pod
38.5 large Wheaton NJ Bottles
39.Box of Football Cards
40.Box of Football Cards
41.3 Pair of work Gloves
42.Fisher Price Track Set, Police Car, Small Train, Robot
43.Wall Decorations
44.Assortment of items
45.Wall mount saddle rack
49.Welding jacket & gloves
50.Box of Football Rooke Cards
51.Box of Football Rooke Cards
52.Box of complete set of GI Joe Cards
53.Box of nascar Cards
54.Box of nascar Cards
55.Box of nascar Cards
56.Box of nascar Cards
57.Box of nascar Cards
58.Box of nascar Cards
59.Pack of 5 autograph baseball cards
60.Pack of 5 autograph baseball cards
61.Pack of 5 autograph Redskin cards
62.Pack of 5 autograph Redskin cards
63.Pack of 5 autograph Redskin cards
64.Pack of 5 autograph Redskin cards
65.Pack of 4 autograph Redskin cards
66.Pack of 4 autograph football cards
67.Pack of 4 autograph football cards
68.Misc sports items
69.Michael Jackson cards
70.Box of baseball cards
71.Box of baseball cards
72.Box of baseball cards
73.Box of baseball cards
74.Box of baseball cards
75.Water Warmer and feed scoop
76.Water Containers For Chickens
77.Chicken Feeders
78.Chicken Waterer
79.Dining Tables
80.Small Stool
81.Antique Oak Picnic Basket
82.KKK Picture.
83.Lionel Clock
84.Decorative Banjo
85.Vintage Tray
86.Staunton VA Plaques And More
87.Coffee Grinder And More
88.Shoe Cleaning Items
89.Thermometer And More
90.Oak White Board
91.Box Of Books
92.Mini Bouncy Horse
93.Glass Bottle
95.1;18 Scale Replica Car
96.Oak Spice Storage
97.Vintage Clock
98.1;18 Scale Replica Car
99.Reebox Bag
100.Brass Items
101.Wood Puzzles
102.Handmade Candle Stand
103.Glass Plate
104.Claw Game
105.Tonka Truck
106.Picture Frames
107.Sorry Game
108.Action Figures
109.Pet mate Kennel
110.Super Bowl Hemet Lamp
112.Wood Windows
114.Wooden Horse
115.Bull Picture
116.Blacksmith Picture
117.Duck Pictures
119.Redskin Cups
128.Motorcycle Helmet
129.Christmas Decorations
130.Wood Box And More
132.Glassware And More
133.Floor Puzzle
135.Silverware Set
136.Cow Decoration
137.Brass Duck And More
138.Belt Buckles And More
139.Pillows And More
140.Glassware And More
141.Railroad Sign
143.Whiskey Bottles And More
144.Glassware And More
145.Cookie Jar And More
146.Beanie Babies And More
147.Decorative Flowers And More
148.Canteens And More
149.Football Figures
150.Christmas Decorations
151.Basketball Figures And More
152.Antler Handle Knife And More
153.Nice Lamp And More
154.Bike Helmets And More
155.Nice Lamp
156.Picture Frames
157.Lamps And More
158.Apple Decorations And More
159.Kitchen Towels
160.White Flyer Skeet
161.Artificial Flowers
162.Decorations and More
164.Glassware And More
165.Decorative Signs
166.Decorative Tree
168.Nice Primitive Dining Set. Great Shape
169.Columbia Tent. Looks Nice
170.Wood Shelf
171.Lights And More
173.Candles And More
174.Pipes And More
175.Garden Baskets
176.Electrical Cord Hose
177.Hand Tools
178.Hammers And More
180.Rockwell Belt Sander
181.Metal Wheel And More
182.Primitive House
185.Scroll Saw And More
186.Fan And More
187.Pencils And More
188.Vintage Kitchen Items
189.Scope Binoculars And More
190.Tons of AMMO. Some For Reloading.
191.Heat Lamps