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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Dec 11, Bidding is open! Starts to close:Monday, December 11 at 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Western Express Bike With Pull Behind. Good Shape
2.Table Game
3.Water Spheres
4.Martin And Co Cooler Seat
5.Nice Crock
6.Antique Tackle Box
7.Antique Drink Dispenser
8.Wooden Table
9.Saw, Hatchet And More
10.Delta Miter Saw
11.Bike Seats
12.Bike Helmets
13.Very Nice Hondo Guitar. Great Condition
14.Tackle Box
15.Fishing Seat
16.Griswold 10 Cast Iron Skillet
17.Griswold 6 Cast Iron Skillet
18.Large 15" Cast Iron Skillet
19.Small Cast Iron Skillet
20.Griswold Cast Iron Skillet
21.Small Cast Iron Skillet
22.2QT Cast Iron Skillet
23.Griswold 8 Cast Iron Skillet
24.Cast Iron Cornbread Mold
25.Cast Iron Pot
26.Cast Iron Pot With Glass Lid
27.Griswold 8 Cast Iron Skillet
28.Griswold Cast Iron Skillet With Glass Lid
29.Modern Cast Iron Skillet
30.12" Cast Iron Lid
31.Griswold 9 Cast Iron Skillet
32.Cast Iron Griddle
33.Wagner Cast Iron Skillet
34.Virginia Metal crafters Wall Hanging Fountain. Very Nice. Extra pieces belong to lot 166.
35.Framed And Matted Picture
36.VA Metal crafters Candle Holder
37.Cobblers Set
38.VA Metal crafters Large Leaf
39.Camp Stove. New
40.Palm Sander
41.Pull Behind Tube
42.Curt Bumper Hitch
43.Heater Cooker
44.Nice Pictures By Frank Howell
47.Nice Pictures By Frank Howell
48.Battery Jumper
49.Camp Stove.
50.Picture Frames And More
51.Headset And More
54.Misc. Items
55.Box Of Tools And More
57.Plate set
58.Coleman Lantern
59.Saws And More
61.Gas Stove
62.Antique Silver Set
63.Cash Register
65.Poulan Chainsaw With Accessories
66.Party Tub
67.Antique Tools
68.Coke Bottle Opener
69.705 Power Steamer
70.Nail Keg
71.Power Router
73.Poulin Micro Saw
74.V3 Racing Wheel
75.1500 Psi electric Pressure Washer, May Need Work
76.Metal Crates
77.Drill Bits
78.Peg Board Hooks
79.Shop Organizer
80.Shop Drill Press
81.Milk Bottle
82.Snake Light And More
83.Sockets And More
84.Jig Saw And More
87.Tray Of Tools
88.Tray Of Tools
89.Tray Of Tools
90.Tray Of Tools
91.Box Of Tools And More
93.Musical Instrument Stand
94.Musical Instrument Stand
95.Musical Instrument Stands
96.Musical Instrument Stands
97.Musical Instrument Stand
98.Vintage Projector
99.Wooden Display
101.Battery Charger
102.Glass Jar
103.Fishing Poles
104.Onion Machine And More
105.Nice Music Instrument Case
106.Fishing Poles
107.Back Massagers
108.Train Items
109.Plant Grower
110.Fishing Poles
111.Radio Control Boat
113.Boarder And More
114.Ammo Can
116.Antenna And More
117.Optimus Radio
118.Bug Trap
119.Lot Of Kites
120.Wonder Washer
121.Very Nice Hard Music Case
122.Roll Stool
123.Belt Sander
124.Dining Trays
125.Nice Bench Vise
127.Oil Lamp Globes
128.Oil Lamp
129.Cake Set
130.Oil Lamp
131.Oil Lamp
132.Oil Lamp
133.Case Full Of Tools
134.Mini Oil Lamps
135.Mini Oil Lamps
136.Popcorn Bowl And Coring ware
137.Oil Lamps
138.Oil Lamp
139.Mini Oil Lamps
140.Antique Picnic Basket
143.Drop Clothes
144.Tackle Box Full Of Vintage Fishing Items
145.Battery Charger
146.Tool Set
147.Small Slot Machine
149.Ammo Can
150.Jig Saw And More
151.Back Massagers
152.16' Flag Pole
153.New Bike Rack
155.Antique Beverage Dispenser
156.Can Crusher
157.Wall Mount Gas Heater
158.Around 7' Tall Antique Music Instrument Case
159.Nice Wooden Dresser With Desk
160.Air Compressor
161.Work Table
162.Vacuum With Accessories
163.Very Nice Pine Entertainment Center Or Wardrobe. Rocker
164.Rocker. Needs Work.
165.Wooden Iron Boards
166.Virginia Metal crafters Bird Bath. Would Clean Up Nice. Extra pieces from lot 34 go with this bird bath.
167.Animal Trap
168.Nice Wash Bowl And Pitcher Set.
169.Super Snark 12' Sail Boat. Everything Should Be Included
170.Nice Wooden Table
171.Nice Wooden Table
172.Nice Wooden Game Table
173.Golf Clubs With Bags
174.Nice Pine Dresser With Mirror.
175.Hot Plates
176.Clothes Rack
177.Nice Pine Sofa Table
178.Nice Air Conditioner
179.Metal Chairs
180.Toro Garden Cultivator
181.Baker Wood Chipper.
183.Window AC Unit
184.Wooden 6' Ladder
185.10' Umbrella
187.Solar Lighted Umbrella
190.Aquarium. New
191.Coleman Steel Belted Cooler
192.3 Wooden Chairs. Some Need Work
193.Step Stool
194.2 Nice Pine End Tables
195.Wheeled Bag
196.Wheeled Bag
197.Wood Table
198.Shovel And More
199.Misc. Items
200.Broadcast Spreader
201.File Chest
202.Atlanta Gas Stove
203.Croquet Set
205.Level And More
206.Nice Wooden Toy Chest With Toys
207.Nice Childs Rocker
208.American Camper
210.Hanging Decorations
212.Trivia Game And More
213.Sterling Silver
214.Mp3 Player
215.Cane And More
216.Nice Glass Serving Table
217.Nice Brass Lamp
218.Garden Hose
219.Board Game And More
220.Metal Box
221.Tackle Box
222.Willow Tree Decoration
223.Brass Flower Decoration And More
224.Misc. Items
225.Army Papers
226.Lisa German Print
228.Musical Books With Stand
229.Pool Pump Hose Set
231.Solar Light And More
232.Engraver Set
233.Hot Gloves
234.New Pack Of Golf Balls
235.Clip Fan
236.Music Stand
237.Guitar Decorations
239.Scooter Wheels And More
242.Lamp And More
243.Picture And More
244.Pegboard Hooks And More
245.Misc. Items
246.Misc. Items
247.Cast Iron Skillet With Lid
250.Tray Of Kids Toys
251.Sing Stand 2
252.Casio Camera. Needs Battery
253.Indian Pottery And More
254.Beach Toys
255.Books And Other Items
256.Camera Case And More
258.Elmo Bookbag And More
259.Primitive Decorations
260.Floor Lamp
261.Metal Stand
262.Metal Stand With Globe
263.2 Nice Outdoor Tables
264.Metal Plant Stand
266.Matchbox Car And More
267.NFL Jersey Cards And More
268.Garden Tool And More
269.Metal Outdoor Decorations
270.Plant Stands And More
272.Horse Rack, Basket And More
273.Nice Glassware
274.Mark McGuire Cards And More
275.Baseball Rack And More
276.Barry Bonds Cards And More
277.Hershey's Tins
278.VT Items
279.Hockey Cards
280.Butterfly Metal Stand
281.Hover Racer
282.Jersey Cards