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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - June 30, Bidding is open! Starts to close:Saturday, June 30 at 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.3 Office Chairs
2.3 Office Chairs
3.3 Office Chairs
4.3 Office Chairs
5.3 Office Chairs
6.3 Office Chairs
7.3 Office Chairs
8.3 Office Chairs
9.3 Office Chairs
10.Flower Decorations
11.Primitive Decorations
12.Zebra Decoration & More
13.Step 2 Gardening Box
14.Coleman Fold Up Chair
15.Decorations & More
16.Flower Decorations
17.Primitive Decorations
18.Flower Decorations
19.Primitive Decorations
20.Lot of Bells
21.Tub of Board Games
25.Metal Decorations
26.File Folders & More
28.Wooden Box & More
29.Glass Bottles & More
30.3 Outdoor Fold-Up Chairs
31.Small Computer Chair
32.Bi-Fold Closet Door
33.Small Oak Table
34.Antique Wooden Crate
35.Antique Wooden Crate
36.Antique Tools
37.Inflatable Water Tube
38.Small Kids' Stool
39.Large Decorative Star
40.Cutting Board & Pyrex Dish
41.10 Gal Antique Crock
42.Coleman Lantern
43.Airplane Lamp
44.Field & Stream Fold-Up Fire Pit
45.Shelf Waste Container
46.Kobalt Wire Brushes
47.White Clad Solid Oak Table
48.Fold-Up Stool
49.Shop Organizer, Full of Hardware
50.Pool Filters
51.Hess Toy Trucks
52.Brass Firewood Holder & More
53.Jewelry Chest
54.AMFM Radio& More
55.Coleman Lantern
56.Antique Fireplace Screen
57.Headless Boy Decoration
58.Fall Decoration
59.Set of Skillets
60.Coat Rack
61.2 Trays of Car Parts
62.Small Record Player
63.Moose Decoration
64.Shop Light
65.Bucket Full of Car Cleaning Items
66.Weedeater Parts & More
67.9 Ft Umbrella
68.Large Doll in Box
69.Antique Fire Extinguisher
70.Bolens Mower
71.2 Fold-Up Tables & more
72.Christmas Tree in Box
73.NASCAR Cars & More
74.Star Wars Toy Ship
76.NASCAR Cars
77.Dale Earnhardt Cast Iron Collectible Bank
78.Oak Antique Chair
79.Bey Blades Toys
80.Wooden Rocking Horse
81.Wooden Gun Rack & Wooden Shelf
82.Meat Grinder & More
83.BB Gun & antique Shovel
84.Red Toolbox
85.1 Gal Crock
86.Unframed Picture
87.Cast Iron Skillet
88.Antique Flower Seeds Display Box
89.Antique Oil Lamps
90.Antique Aladdin Lamp
91.Black & Decker Jigsaw
93.Cast Iron Horse & Buggy
94.Cast Iron Horse & Buggy
95.Hose Reel Cart
96.Guitar w/ Case
97.Lawn Grass Bags
98.Paraffin Bath
100.Tool bag w/ Tools
101.Extension Cord
103.Wholesale Lot
104.Wholesale Lot
105.Wholesale Lot
106.Wholesale Lot
107.Wholesale Lot
108.Wholesale Lot
109.Wholesale Lot
110.Singer Sewing Machine
111.Upholstered Love Seat
112.2 Chairs
113.Wholesale Lot
114.Wooden Bench & More
115.Rubber Tire & Tread Adhesive
116.Shutters & More
117.Fireplace & Irons
118.Carrom Board & More
119.Wholesale Lot, Does NOT Include Shelves
120.Wholesale Lot, Includes Metal Shelf
121.Wholesale Lot
122.Wholesale Lot
123.Wholesale Lot
124.Fold-Up Table & Wooden End Table
125.Wholesale Lot
126.Wholesale Lot
127.Wholesale Lot, Note: Fold up table in this lot is broken