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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Mar 24, Bidding is open! Starts to close:Saturday, March 24 at 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.No 7 Cast Iron Skillet
2.No 7 Cast Iron Skillet
3.Small Cast Iron Skillet
4.No 8 Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
5.Small Cast Iron Skillet
6.8 Cast Iron Skillet
7.Cast Iron Lid
8.F.A.S And Co Cast Iron Skillet
9.10 1/2 inch Cast Iron Skillet
10.Unmarked Griswold Cast Iron Skillet
11.Marietta Pa 8 Inch Cast Iron Skillet
12.Cast Iron Pot
13.Small Cast Iron Melting Pot
14.No 8 Miami Cast Iron Skillet
15.No 5 Puritan Cast Iron Skillet
16.The Favorite Cast Iron Skillet
17.Miami Cast Iron Skillet
18.Wapak No 9 Cast Iron Skillet
19.Smart Cast Iron Skillet
20.Cast Iron Pot With Lid
21.Cast Iron Pot With Lid
22.Small Cast Iron Skillet
23.Wagner Cast Iron Skillet
24.Puritan 8 Cast Iron Pan
25.Cast Iron Skillet
26.No 8 Cast Iron Skillet
27.Merit Cast Iron Griddle
28.Antique Stanley Miter Box
29.Antique Miter Box
30.Military Can
31.Mortar Cases
32.Antique Fire Extinguishers
33.Antique Iron
34.Antique Oil Lamps
35.Antique Finger Lamps
36.Antique Oil Lamps
37.Antique Oil Lamps
38.Antique Lantern
39.Set Of Antique Oil Lamps
40.Antique items
41.Antique Rounded Picture
42.Advertising Records
43.Tin Plate
44.Oil Filters
45.Tin Cans
46.Splash Guards
47.Oil Lamps
48.Single Trees
49.Oil Lamp
50.Motor Oil Tins And More
51.Antique Light Fixture
52.Aladdin Oil Lamp
53.Heavy Glass Oil Lamp
54.Antique Oil Lamps
55.Oil Lamp Burners
56.Oil Lamp Globes
58.Child Size Guitar
60.Toy Guitar w/ Case
62.Carry-On Case
63.Kalart Editor Viewer 8
64.Glass Set
65.Windshield Cover for Motorhome
66.American Flag & More
67.Guitar Cases
68.Microscope Set
69.Misc. Items
70.Music Instrument Case
71.Briefcase w/ Records
72.4 Bass & Co. Mugs
73.Music Note Glassware Set
74.Guitar Case & Banjo Frame
75.Guitar Case
76.Spice Rack & More
78.Radio Shack Headphones & DVD Player
79.Woman's Shoes; All around size 8
80.Men's Dress Shoes, All around size 11
81.Boat Floats
83.Metal Hanging Picture Frame
84.Metal Box
86.Back Massager & More
87.Decoration Items
88.Coleman Avon Collectibles
89.Hamilton Beach SnoCone Maker
90.Desk Lamp, Figurines & More
91.Set of 2 Speakers
92.Lamp w/ Shade
93.Large Cooking Sheet, Pictures & More
96.Mini Greenhouse
97.Small Antique Table
98.Appetizer Tray
99.2 Topsy Turvy Growing Kits
100.Metal Stand
101.Plane Set
102.Brownie Pan Set
103.Music Instrument Case
104.Misc. Items
105.Briefcase w/ Records
106.Outdoor Flood Lights & More
107.Movie Projector & Antique Vacuum
108.Large Cargo Bars
109.Metal Drying Rack & Light
110.Bed Rail
111.Bubble Blower
112.Apple Peeler
113.Drinking Water Cooler
114.Antique Gate Leg Table
115.Set of 2 Antique Chairs
116.Antique Chair
117.Advance Auto Parts Stool
118.Antique Wooden Bench
119.Antique Mahogany Morris Chair
120.Antique Chair
121.Wooden Desk Chair
122.Oak Rocking Chair
123.Antique Wagon Wheel
124.Set of 4 Oak Chairs
125.Wooden Stool
126.2 Plastic Totes
127.Metal Lamp
128.Car Dash Cover
129.2 Antique Crates
130.Industrial Hanging Lights