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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - July 29, Bidding is open! Starts to close: Saturday, July 29 at 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Sterling Diamond Tennis Bracelet
2.Sterling Diamond Heart Dangle Bracelet
3.Sterling ~1/4ct Diamond Ring
4.Sterling Diamond Pendant on Chain
5.Sterling Diamond Tennis Bracelet
6.Sterling Heart Diamond Pendant on Chain
7.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
8.Sterling Diamond Ring
9.2 Vintage Watches Imperial and Hampden
10.Sterling Heart Diamond Pendant on Chain
11.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
12.Sterling Black and White Diamond Ring
13.Sterling Pandora Bracelet
14.Sterling Blue Topaz and Diamond Necklace
15.Sterling Multi Stone and Diamond Bracelet
16.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
17.Sterling Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald Diamond Earrings
18.Sterling ~1/2 ct Diamond Heart Pendant
19.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
20.Sterling Heart Diamond Bracelet
21.Sterling Diamond Ring
22.Sterling Diamond Earrings
23.Sterling Large Red Stone and Diamond Bracelet
24.Sterling Diamond Ring
25.Sterling Honora Pearl Earrings
26.Sterling Butterfly Pendant
27.Sterling Ring
28.Sterling Diamond Necklace
29.Sterling Blue Topaz and Diamond Earrings
30.Sterling Diamond Accent Blue Stone Ring
31.Rare Pocket Watch Train on Back
32.12 Costume Rings
33.4 Vintage China Dolls
34.Sterling Turquoise Necklace
35.Sterling Turquoise Necklace
36.4 Pair Turquoise Earrings
37.4 County Stone Tokens HM Burge Appomattox VA
38.Indian Turquoise Bolo
39.Sterling Turquoise Cuff
40.Sterling Topaz and Marcasite Ring
41.Sterling Onxy Ring
42.Sterling Moonstone Bracelet
43.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
44.Sterling Mother of Pearl and Marcasite Ring
45.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
46.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
47.Sterling Heart Signet Ring
48.Sterling Opal Ring
49.Sterling Amethyst Ring
50.Sterling Diamond Ring
51.1946 Silver Booker T Washington $.50
52.1952 Washington Silver $.50
53.1893 Columbus $.50
54.1923 Unc Peace Dollar
55.1921 Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
56.1902 Morgan Silver Dollar
57.3 Large Cent 1817
58.1927 Peace Dollar Scarce Date
59.78 Silver War Nickels
60.1923 Peace Dollar Unc
61.1899-O New Orleans Silver Dollar
62.1923 Unc Peace Dollar
63.1922 D Denver Mint Peace Dollar
64.Wheat Pennies
65.1901 O Morgan Dollar
66.1897 O Morgan Dollar
67.1921 Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
68.1923 Peace Dollar
69.1923-Peace Dollar
70.1921 Morgan Dollar
71.1921 Morgan Dollar
72.Sterling Black Onyx and Marcasite Ring
73.Sterling 3 stone Topaz Ring
74.Sterling Turquoise Indian Ring
75.Sterling Diamond Ring
76.Sterling Flower Ring
77.Sterling Turquoise Anniversary Ring
78.Sterling 5 Stone Ring
79.Sterling Indian Ring
80.Sterling Turquoise Ring
81.Sterling Pearl Ring
82.Sterling Turquoise Ring
83.Sterling Turquoise Ring
84.Sterling Peridot Ring
85.Sterling Turquoise Ring
86.Sterling Turqoise Ring
87.Sterling Peridot Ring
88.Stelring Butterfly Ring
89.Large Sterling Ring
90.Sterling Multi Stone Ring
91.Sterling Turqoise Pendant
92.Sterling Turquoise Ring
93.Sterling CZ Ring
94.Sterling Turquoise Ring
95.Sterling 5 Toe Rings
96.Sterling Turquoise Earrings
97.Sterling Diamond Pendant
98.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
99.Large Lot Custome Jewelry
100.Sterling Diamond Tennis Bracelet
101.Bag of Coins 1861-1863 $.01 US $.03 $.01 pcs
102.Bag Unc Cent 1943
103.100 Buffalo Nickels
104.100 V Nickels 1890-1912
105.Bag Wheat Pennies
106.4 Name Wrist Watch
107.Vintage Custome Jewelry
108.Vintage Jewelry
109.1871 Indian Cent
110.Bag of Coin 2 Large Cent
111.Calpenters Will Nail Anything Belt Buckle
112.Sterling Fancy Band
113.Sterling Diamond Hoop Earrings
114.Sterling Diamond and Sapphire Tennis Bracelet
115.Sterling Hoop Earrings
116.Sterling Diamond Ring
117.Sterling Ruby and Diamond Pendant
118.Sterling Toggle Heart Bracelet
119.6 Eisenhower Silver Dollar
120.Sterling ring Signed
121.2 Sterling and Diamond Pendant
122.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
123.Sterling Black Onyx Star Pendant
124.Sterling Ring
125.Sterling Opal Star Pendant
126.Sterling Black Hills Gold Ring
127.Sterling Elephant Bracelet
128.Sterling Heart and Diamond Pendant
129.Sterling Heart Tennis Bracelet
130.Sterling Emerald and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
131.Sterling Diamond Tennis Bracelet
132.Sterling Blue Topaz Diamond Ring
133.Sterling Diamond Tennis Bracelet
134.Sterling Heart Diamond Tennis Bracelet
135.Sterling Red Stone Heart Bracelet
136.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
137.Over 100 V Nickels Buffalo Nickels
138.Vintage Coral Silver Necklace
139.Sterling Gold Covered Bracelet
140.3 pc Pearl Jewelry
141.4 Heart Pendant and Watch Pendant
142.1 Can Rattle Snake
143.Large Red Stone Cuff
144.Box of Custome Jewelry
145.Kim Roger Watch
146.2007 Unc State Mint Presidental Coin Set
147.1968 Mint Set
148.1969 Mint Set
149.1971 Mint Set
150.1972 Mint Set
151.1968 Proof Set
152.1969 Proof Set
153.1971 Proof Set
154.1972 Proof Set
155.Recession Coins Nixon and others
156.2007 Presidential Dollars $16.00 value
157.50 State Quarter Collections
158.4 unc Dollar Bill Unc
159.4 $2 Bill Collector Edition Mint
160.District of Columbia Archival Quality 2009 quarters
161.2007 Presidential Dollar 2007 $16 value
162.Box of Old Coins Wheat Pennies, 4 books $.03 pc
163.Bag of Silver & Cooper Foreign Coins Scarce Date 1796 1785
164.Bag of Early Silver and Cooper coins Great Britain
165.Foreign Coin Collection
167.Rare Token Fort Labour
168.China 424 Chin 1888 Paso 1663 Polo 1830 Guernsey
169.Lot of Foreign Coins Farthing 1826
170.The Lincoln Bicentennial Coin Collection Book Volume II
171.1862 1/2 Penny 1826 1806 1821 Silver Shilling 1886 Silver Shilling 1911 Great Britain Medal
172.1858 Flying Eagle Coin 1909 Indian Cent
173.China Vintage Kewpee Doll
174.5 Old (some signed on back) China Miniature Dolls
175.Celluloid Doll in Original Box
176.Vintage Kewpee Doll in Collector's Box Early Doll
179.Box of Dolls and Doll parts
180.Bag of Wheat Pennies
181.1887 Morgan Dollar Belt Buckle
182.1882-CC Rare Carson Cily Silver Dollar
183.1921-S Walking Liberty $.50
184.Rare 1832 $.50 pc
185.1892 Barber $.50 pc
186.1854 Seated Quarter with Arrow
187.1891 Early Dime
188.1852 Large Cent
189.1851 Large Cent
190.1834 Large Cent
191.1872 Silver Dime
192.1890 Silver Dime
193.1844 Large Cent
194.1891 Silver Dime
195.1853 Large Cent
196.1864 Civil War $.02 pc
197.1827 Large Cent
198.1857 1/2 Dime Rare Hard to Find
199.1865 $.02 pc
200.17 Vintage WWII Pins Airborne Infantry
201.50 Buffalo Nickels
202.50 Buffalo Nickels
203.Augusta Co Plate
207.Tray Of Jewelry
208.Tray Of Jewelry
209.Tray Of Jewelry
210.Tray Of Jewelry
211.Tray Of Jewelry
212.Tray Of Jewelry
213.Tray Of Jewelry
214.Tray Of Jewelry
215.Lot Of Coins
216.Tray Of Jewelry
217.Danish Krag Model 1889 8mm Rifle
218.Antique Rifle
219.Antique Clock
220.Antique Clock
221.Very Nice Antique Clock
222.Lenons And More
223.Nail Keg
224.Old Newspapers
225.Antique Glassware
226.Antique Glassware
227.Antique Glassware
228.Large Tub Full Of Clock Parts
229.Antique Hats
230.Antique Hat
231.Metal Sign
233.Glassware And More
234.Knives And More
235.Antique Glassware
238.Antique Oil Lamps
239.Old Bottle And More
240.Nice Washbowl And Pitcher
246.Antique Glassware
247.Milk bottle And Lamp
249.Paper Items
250.Nice Clock Case
251.Nice Clock Case
252.Glassware Set
254.Army Figurines