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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Oct 21, Bidding is open! Starts to close: Saturday, October 21 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Set of 4 Very Nice Oak Barstools
2.Nice Patio Table & Chairs
3.Antique Sewing Machine
4.Antique Senger Sewing Machine
5.Set of 5 Antique Chairs
6.Wooden End Table
7.Metal File Cabinet
8.Oak Chair
9.Laundry Basket
10.Wooden Cabinet
11.Antique Mahogany Dining Table w/ Leaf
12.Antique Drop-Front Desk
13.Antique China Cabinet
14.Victrola Record Cabinet
15.Floor Lamp
16.Antique Oak China Cabinet w/ Wooden Shelves
18.Fold-Up Chairs
19.Vintage Chest of Drawers
20.Antique Chest of Drawers
21.Antique Trunk
22.Antique Trunk
23.Vintage Vanity w/ Stool
24.Vintage Chest of Drawers
25.Walnut Gun Cabinet
26.Antique High Chair
27.Antique Chair
28.Antique Dresser
29.Wooden Storage Cabinet
30.Plastic Drawers
31.5-Tier Wooden Corner Shelf
32.Vintage End Table
33.Wooden Table
34.Antique Table
35.Vintage End Table
37.Milk Bottle
38.Milk Bottle
39.Aunt Jemima Glass Jars
40.Antique Water Dispenser
41.Vintage Kitchen Items
42.Antique Jar Mixer
43.1 Gallon Crock
44.Enamelware Pan
45.Flour Sifter & Jars
47.Box of Tools
48.Black & Decker Jigsaw
51.Cordless Screwdriver & More
52.Pipe Vice
53.Antique Drill & More
54.Corded Drills
56.Craftsman Saw
57.Antique Clock
58.Glue Gun & More
59.Lock Box w/ Keys
60.Lamp w/ Shade
61.Antique Mason Jar
62.Antique Mason Jar
63.Antique Mason Jar
64.Antique Mason Jar
65.Antique Mason Jar
66.Antique Mason Jar
67.Set of 4 Blue Ball Jars
68.Set of 4 Blue Ball Jars
69.Set of 4 Blue Ball Jars
70.Set of 4 Blue Ball Jars
71.Set of 4 Blue Ball Jars
72.Set of 4 Blue Ball Jars
73.Set of 4 Blue Ball Jars
74.Set of 4 Blue Half-Gallon Ball Jars
75.Set of 4 Blue Half-Gallon Ball Jars
79.Ball Jar No. 13
80.3 Blue Jars
81.Set of 4 Half Gallon Ball Jars
82.Half Gallon Blue Jars
83.Half Gallon Ball Jars
84.Half Gallon Jars
85.Old Jars
86.Old Jars
87.Daily Log Book
88.Antique Tin
89.Very Small Cast Iron Dogs
90.Post Cards, Some Local
91.Smiths Transfer Patches
92.Post Cards, Some Local
94.Smiths Transfer Watches
95.Lot of Watches
96.Small Chest w/ Key
97.Lot of Jewelry
98.Lot of Jewelry
99.Milk Bottle
100.Milk Bottle
101.Milk Bottle
102.Milk Bottle
103.Coca-Cola Tray w/ Glasses
104.Small Milk Bottles
105.Peanut Butter Jar
106.Ball Jars
107.Set of 4 Ball Freezer Jars
108.Set of 4 Ball Freezer Jars
109.Yellow/Green Half Gallon Mason Jar
112.Galvanized Bucket w/ Lid
113.Bear Bow
115.Antique Toys
116.Antique Picnic Basket
117.Coleman Cooler
118.Canopy for Lawn Mower
119.Coca-Cola Tray & More
120.Framed Picture
121.Picture Frame & More
122.Jesus Picture
123.Cutting Board
124.Small Rugs
125.Lantern & More
126.New Kitchen Cloths
127.Basket & More
128.Tray of Salt & Pepper Shakers
129.Tray of Salt & Pepper Shakers
130.Tray of Salt & Pepper Shakers
131.Tray of Salt & Pepper Shakers
132.Tray of Salt & Pepper Shakers
133.Manger Scene Set
134.Manger Scene Set
137.Old Hubley Tractor & More
138.Antique Glassware Set
139.Large VA Rose Glassware Set
140.Mixer, Crock Pot & More
141.Toaster & More
142.Crock w/ Stamp
143.Antique Washboards
144.Stainless Steel Cookware
145.Mugs & More
146.Kitchen Utensils
149.Rainbow Vacuum
150.Planter Rack
151.Statue of Liberty Picture
152.Antique Razors
153.Jewelry & More
154.Antique Fans & More
155.Antique Light Fixture (was told its from Verona United Methodists Church)
156.Small Gumball Machine
157.Butter Mold
158.Flour Sifter
159.Antique Tools
160.Misc. Items
161.Light Fixtures & More
162.White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer
163.Window Fan
164.Enamelware Bucket w/ Handle
165.Enamelware Bucket w/ Lid
166.Magazine Rack
169.Antique Toys
170.Lamp w/ Shade & More
171.Foot Spa
172.Tub of Playing Cards
173.Coasters & More
174.Antique Items
175.Antique Items
176.Stainless Steel Cookware
177.Enamelware Cookware & More
178.Antique Picture & More
179.Glass Cups
180.Antique Toys & More
184.Glassware Set
185.Glassware Set from Verona Church
187.Beer Mugs & More
188.Heart Monitor & More
189.Vintage Purse
190.Baskets & More
191.Chess Set
192.Lantern & More
193.Butter Mold
194.Antique Hardware & More
195.Antique Butter Churn
196.Antique Electric Butter Churn
197.Ball Jar Lids
198.Badminton Racquets
199.Antique Milk Can Strainer
200.Antique Table
201.Antique Items
202.Original Tube of Staunton, VA Milk Bottle Lids
203.Old Postcards & More
204.Antique Watches
205.Wooden Smiths Transfer Log Box
206.Antique High Chair
207.Oak Chair
208.Antique Chair
209.Ring Washer, Works