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Dominion Auction
Onsite Estate Auction - Jan 5, Bidding is open! Starts to close: Saturday, January 5 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.*This is a on-site auction located in Verona*. All items not picked up during the pickup time will be forfeited... No extra pickups can be provided. Address listed on main page.. Outdoor Lawn Ornaments
2.Wooden Bench, snow shovel and chair
3.Plastic organizer and all contents, organizer may need work
4.Patio Furniture
5.Patio Furniture, no cushions
6.Lawn Figurines and Small Bench
7.Lawn Figurines
8.Chair with Ottoman
9.Vintage Tabletop Decorations
10.Owl clock and owl figurines
11.Two Hanging Plants
12.Wooden bookshelf and contents
13.Wood Stove Tools and Figurines
14.Wooden bookshelf and contents
16.Two Floor Lamps
17.Marble top coffee table and content
18.Marble top end table, lamp and more
19.Marble Top Table and contents
20.Mirror Frames and more
21.Table Top Decorations
22.Antique swinging leg drop leaf table
23.Marble Top Table and Mirror
24.Umbrella Holder, Umbrellas and Wall Decorations
25.Contents of closet
26.Nice Wall Clock
27.Wooden Stand, Duck Figurine and Santa Decorations
28.Kitchen China Hutch, contents in drawers included, glassware behind glass is not included
30.Flatware set
31.Drop Front Hutch with all contents
32.Sterling Silver Candlestick Holders
33.Coffee maker and more
34.Contents of Cabinet
35.Contents of Cabinets
36.Contents of Cabinets
37.Breadbox and all contents on counter to the sink
38.Contents of Cabinets
40.Microwave Stand and Contents
41.Floor radio/cd/record player with speakers
42.Wooden Table, Wall Decorations and more
43.Wooden Display Shelf and figurines
44.Chair and mirror
45.Kitchen Table and chairs, look at last photo with protector pulled back that shows tabletop
46.All items on kitchen wall, please look at all photos
47.Stainless trashcan and more
48.Organizer, fire hydrant not included
49.Contents of closet
50.All Items in bathroom that are not screwed to the floor or wall
51.Wooden Shelf and contents
52.CD holder and CDs
53.Wooden stand and all contents and mirror
54.Floor lamp ad contents in white boxes
55.Shelf and all contents
56.Contents of closet
57.Stand, VCR,DVD and contents
58.Fold up chair and more
59.Nice electrical recliner, raises up and back
60.Wooden bookshelf and contents
62.Mirror, wooden stand, all contents shown in picture are included
63.Lamps, mirror, wall decoration and everything on dresser
64.Dresser and contents located in drawers, items on top of dresser are part of lot 63
65.Ladies purses
66.Night stand and items located on top and in drawer
67.Bed frame, mattresses and all linens on bed
68.Chair and items on top of chair
69.Mirror ad items on shelves
70.Luggage, wall decorations and more
71.Casio keyboard
72.Sofa table and magazine holder
73.Dresser and contents in drawers only. Mirror and contents on top are lot 74
74.Contents on top of dresser only, mirror belongs to lot 73
75.Wooden dresser, includes items on top and in drawers
76.Chair and items on top of marble top table, marble top table is lot 77
77.Marble top table
78.Corner Shelf, puzzle and more
79.Items located in bathroom, does not include anything fixed to the floors or walls
80.Laundry basket and linens
81.Contents of closet
82.Night stand and items on top and inside drawer
83.Bed frame and twin mattresses, includes linens
84.Painting and clock
85.Two model ships
86.Fossil clock
87.Metal storage locker, two fans and metal bed frame
88.Outdoor chairs
89.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
90.Metal gas can
91.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
92.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
93.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
94.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
95.Metal container and items inside
96.All tools and items located on this shelf
97.Items located on the TOP of work bench, does not include anything in drawers or the items on the wall. Weed killer is empty
98.All tools and items on the pegboard shown.
99.All items on shelf, shelf is not included
100.Items on pegboard only
101.Contents located in the drawers only
102.Storage cabinet and items located inside and on top
104.Table, trash can and all items located on top of the table
105.Storage cabinet and items located inside and on top
106.Lawn tools
107.Vintage table and all items located on top
108.Lawn tools
109.Dehumidifier and frame on top, ironing board and items, also includes portable toilet and more
110.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
111.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
112.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
113.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
114.All contents of shelf, shelf is not included
115.Iron table and all items on and beside it
116.Wholesale lot, includes tools hanging from the ceiling
117.Ladder, step stool and snow shovel
118.File cabinet, includes items inside, on top and beside it to the left. All items to the right belong to next lot
119.Wholesale lot
121.Multiple extension cord, see all photos
122.Wooden bench and wall decoration
123.Paper shredder