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Dominion Auction
Dominion Auction Gallery - May 14, 2019. Bidding is open! Starts to close: Tuesday, May 14 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Ladders and Step Stool
2.Steel Drums with lids
3.Flower lattice
4.5 gallon buckets
5.Large Tarp
6.Fireplace Rack
7.Shovel, Broom, rake, and posthole diggers
8.Long Limb Saw, approximately 10 feet
9.Crafstman Water Roller
10.Vintage Treestands
11.Steel Ramps
12.Steel Lawn Spiker
13.Brinkman Grill
14.Paint brushes and buckets
15.battery Charger
16.Electrical Wiring
17.Miscellaneous Items
18.Swivel Jack, 2000 lb capacity
20.High tensil wire and roll of tin
23.Wall bucket rack and saddle rack
24.6.5 Foot christmas tree
25.Weld on Trailer Jack with foot base
26.Drywall Items
28.Firestarter bricks
29.Garden items and chair
30.GM Truck Parts
31.Various oils, caulk, and other items
32.Paper Shredder
33.Bucket of oils
35.Grade Stakes
36.Coleman camping cot
37.Plastic Table
38.Garden Hose Reel with hose
39.Garden Hoses, not all have ends
40.Box of books, beauty items, and other items
41.Vintage McCormick Parsley Tin
43.Cut glass table lamps
44.Green Hoosier Glass
46.Hoosier Glass
47.Funnels and Vintage Oil can
48.Ropes, Caulk gun, and other items
49.Mugs and plates
50.Glass Vases
51.Box of kitchen items
52.Glazed Pottery Bowl
53.Rake and Brooms
54.Tray with Tea Set
55.Cedar Box
56.Native American Décor
57.1949 Mercury Custom Coupe Model Car kit
58.Ash Trays
59.Garden Items
60.5 Gallon Coleman Cooler
61.Vehicle Cleaning Items
62.Box of Hardware
63.Steel Wool and other items
64.Painting items, stain, and other items
65.Artificial Flowers
66.Baskets with Vintage Stanley Thermos
67.Battery Powered heating back pad
68.Antique Masonry Tools
69.Vintage Sporting Goods
70.Glass Bowls and Punch set
71.Furniture Care Kit
72.Sundae Dishes
74.Leather covered Box with Index Boxes
75.Metal Lockbox, no key
77.Straw Broom, Rake, and manure forks
78.Rake, Hay Work, shovel, and window brush
79.Mountainaire Air purifier
80.Thermal Server and pot
81.Ironton Steel Log Brackets
82.Milk Glass
83.Kirby Vaccuum with attachments
84.Firewood Rack made with Ironton Brackets, approximately 10 feet long
85.6 Lug chevrolet Rims with BF Goodrich All Terrain KO tires, LT275/70R16, approximately 40% tread
86.Gant Hook/Log Roller
87.Murray 20 inch push mower
88.Steel Wheel barrow
89.Agrifab Pull-behind seed spreader
90.Vintage RCA Stereo with 45s, records, and cassettes
91.Homemade pull-behind sprayer
92.12 gun cabinet, glass doors with lock
93.5 gun cabinet, leg needs repaired
94.Small Oil Lamps
95.Flower Couch
96.Nursery Scale