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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - March 12, 2019 Starts to close: Tuesday, March 12 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Sterling Filligree Ring
2.Sterling Amethyst Ring
3.Sterrling Red Stone Ring
4.Sterling 3 stone Ring
5.Sterling Garnet Filligree ring
6.Sterling Green stone cluster ring
7.Sterling Amethyst Filligree Ring
8.Sterling Green stone cluster ring
9.Sterling Cluster Ring
10.Sterling Cluster Garnet Ring
11.Sterling Peridot Earring
12.Sterling JS Signed Blue and white Diamond 1/4 ct
13.Sterling Peridot Ring
14.Sterling round Ball Earring
15.Sterling 3 stone Ring
16.Sterling Garnet Ring cluster
17.10K Gold 1/4 Amethyst ring
18.Sterling Hoop Earring
19.Lucerne Railroad Watch and chain-- Runs, Train on back
20.Sterling Jade Cluster Ring
21.Sterling Turquoise Band
22.Sterling Turquoise Band and white diamonds
23.Sterling Pearl Ring
24.Sterling Opal Ring
25.Sterling white and blue stone Ring
26.Sterling Flower Cluster Ring
27.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
28.Sterling Jade Ring
29.Sterling Hoop Earring
30.Sterling Vanity Earring
31.Sterling Amber Earring
32.Sterling Mystic Topaz Earring
33.Sterling Turtle Turquoise Ring
34.Sterling Cluster Ring
35.Sterling Garnet Marcasite Ring
36.Sterling Pearl Earring
37.Sterling Heart Pendant
38.Sterling Blue Topaz and Garnet Ring
39.Sterling Amythest Anniversary band
40.Sterling Marcasite Earring
41.Sterling Red Stone Band
42.Sterling Peridot Bracelet
43.Sterling Diamond Hoop Earring
44.Sterling Vintage Turquoise Indian Ring
45.Sterling Blue Stone Hoop Earring
46.Sterling Jade Ring
47.Sterling Cross Ring
48.Sterling Garnet Ring cluster
49.Sterling Mother of Pearl and Marcasite Ring
50.Gold over Sterling Multi-stone Necklace
51.1850 Large Cent US
52.1854 Large Cent US
53.Sterling Chain
54.Lot of Old Coins, Some Silver 1891 25 cent
55.Sterling Green Stone Pendant
56.Sterling Black Onyx Filligree Ring
57.Sterling Ring
58.10K Gold Opal and Diamond Ring
59.14K Gold Solitaire Ring
60.Sterling Hoop Earring
61.Sterling Turquoise Ring
62.Sterling Turquoise Earring
63.Sterling Green Stone Ring
64.Sterling Ruby Earring
65.Sterling Opal Ring
66.Sterling Emerald Earring
67.Sterling Locket
68.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
69.Sterling Black Onyx and Marcasite Earring
70.Sterling Blue Topaz Earring
71.14 Silver George Coins
72.11 Netherlands and Ecuador silver coins, One 1887
73.Elgin Pocket Watch, Runs
74.1974 Silver Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar
75.1973 Silver Dollar Solid center
76.2004-S Solid Silver Proof 70 Roosevelt Dime
77.1970-S Silver Proof Half Dollar
78.1917-S Liberty Half Dollar
79.2000-S 10 cent Solid Silver Proof 70
80.1972 Silver Proof Silver Dollar
81.1971 Silver Proof Silver Dollar
82.1776-1976 BiCentennial Silver Half Dollar
83.1974 Eisenhower Silver Dollar
84.1974-D Clad Silver Dollar, 2 Proof Half Dollar
85.1972 Silver Eisenhower Dollar Silver Center
86.2004-S Roosevelt 10 cent Solid Silver Proof 70
87.Lot Coin 24 piece Silver Coin Large Cent and foreign coins
88.Lot of Proof Coins Bahamas
89.1977 50 France Silver Dollar
90.Bag Foreign Coins, Some Silver, some dates 1857
91.Bag Foreign Coins 1878 or newer
92.Bag of Foreign Coins
93.Bag of Foreign Coins, Some silver
94.Bag of Foreign Coins, Some silver
95.Dollar Watch, Westclox Scotty-- Runs
96.Dollar Watch, Westclox Pocket Ben-- Runs
97.Buls Eye Pocket Watch-- Runs
98.Sentinel Click watch
99.Jocket Pocket Watch-- Runs
100.Westclox Railroad Watch
101.Sterling Filligree Ring
102.Sterling Black Onyx and Marcasite Ring
103.Sterling Mother of Pearl Marquis Ring
104.Sterling Amethys Earring
105.1973 Silver Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar
106.1776-1976 BiCentennial Silver Eisenhower "Ike" Half Dollar
107.1971 Eisenhower "Ike" Silver Dollar
108.1974-S Eisenhower "Ike" Silver Dollar
109.1973-S Silver clad dollar
110.Sterling and Macasite Religion Pendant
111.Costume Jewelry, Some Vintage
112.Sterling Blue Stone Earring
113.Sterling Hoop Earring
114.Sterling Blue Cluster Ring
115.Sterling Jasper Earring
116.Sterling Cluster Ring
117.Sterling Hoop Earring
118.Sterling Multi-Color Stone Earring
119.Sterling Multi Stone Ring
120.Sterling Peridot Earring
121.Sterling Black Onyx Earring
122.Sterling Amethyst and Diamond Cluster Ring
123.Sterling Blue Stone Earring
124.Sterling Butterfly Pendant
125.Sterling Blue Stone Key Pendant
126.Sterling 10K and Diamond Earrings, no post on one
127.Sterling and Diamond Heart Pendant
128.Sterling and Diamond Opal Ring
129.Sterling Rose Gold Pendant
130.Sterling and Diamond Cross Pendant
131.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
132.Sterling and Diamond Horse Pendant
133.Sterling and Diamond Ring
134.Sterling and Diamond Ring
135.Sterling and 10K Gold Horse Earring
136.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
137.Sterling and Diamond Pendant
138.Sterling Blue Topaz and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
139.Sterling and 10K Amethyst Ring
140.Sterling and Diamond Heart Ring
141.Sterling and 10K Gold Earring
142.Sterling and Diamond Ring
143.Sterling and Diamond Pendant with chain
144.Sterling Black and White Diamond
145.Sterling Sapphire Earring
146.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
147.Sterling Blue and white twist bracelet
148.Sterling and Diamond Ring
149.Sterling Topaz bracelet
150.Box of Pocket and Wrist Watches, some vintage
151.Check V223 Mauser Bayonet
152.US Bayonet
153.Military Bayonet
154.Miltary Bayonet
155.Japanese Bayonet
156.Box of Winchester 7 MM Mag
157.45 Auto 230 Grain Hi-Shot
158.45 Federal 230 Grain Hi-Shot
159.4 Boxes 22 High Power
160.Winchester 30 Mauser and 7MM
161.Shells 22L and 30 Luger
162.2 Vintage Pocket Watches
163.hunter Pocket Watch
164.1 Car Wtach 2 Pocket Watches
165.1973 Silver Dollar
166.1972-S Silver Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar
167.1776-1976 Silver Mint Dollar
168.1776-1976 Silver 50 cent
169.1970-S Proof set
170.Sterling Silver Necklace
171.1971 Silver Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar
172.California Gold Token and 1933 Coke Uncirculated World FA
173.2 1971 Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar
174.2 1971 Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar
175.1972 Eisenhower "Ike" Dollar
176.2005 Westward Jovine Set US Mint
177.2005 US Proof Set
178.1990 Uncirculated Bana Set
179.1996 Proof Set
180.2000 Proof State quarters
181.2000 Proof Set
182.1995 Proof Set
183.1994 Proof Set
184.2006 Proof Set
185.2000 US Proof Set
186.2002 Proof Set
187.Bag of Foreign Coins
188.Wartime Coinage Set
189.2 Set 2001 Mint Set
190.2 Set 2000 Mint Set
191.1997 Uncirculated coin set
192.1995 uncirculated coin set
193.1998 US Mint
194.2002 Mint Set 2 packs
195.2005 Proof Set
196.2006 Proof Set
197.1971 Proof Eisenhower "Ike" Silver Dollar
198.1972 Canada Proof Set
199.1781-1981 Yorktown Medal
200.2001 US Proof quarters
201.1968-S Proof Set
202.1991 Proof Set
203.1986 Proof Set
204.1984 Proof Set
205.1982 Proof Set
206.2006 Proof Set
207.1971 Proof Set
208.2005 Proof quarter set
209.1972 Proof Set
210.2000 Proof Set
211.1992 Proof Set
212.1968 Canada Proof Set
213.1971 Canada Proof Set
214.1971 Canada British Columbia Silver Dollar
215.2007 Proof state quarters
216.2006 Proof Set
217.2002 Proof set quarters
218.2003 Proof set quarters
219.2003 Proof set
220.2005 Proof Set
221.1999 Proof Set quarters
222.1993 Proof set
223.1992 Proof set
224.1981 Proof set
225.1986 Mint Set US
226.1978 US Mitn Set
227.1977 US Mint Set
228.1984 Mint Set
229.1989 Mint Set
230.1987 Mint Set
231.1993 Mint Set
232.2 1975 BiCentennial Coins
233.1995 US Mint Set
234.1994 US Mint Set
235.1992 US Mint Set
236.1988 Mint Set
237.1971 Eisenhower "Ike" SIlver Dollar
238.1971 Proof Set
239.1974 Mint Set
240.1972 Proof Set
241.Tray of costume rings, some silver
242.Tray of Costume Jewelry
243.Tray of Costume Jewelry, some vintage
244.Tray of Costume Jewelry and Watches
245.Tray of costume Jewelry
246.Tray of old coins, some silver
247.Tray of Costume Jewelry
248.Tray of Costume Jewelry
249.Tray of Costume Jewelry and Pearls
250.New Swiffer Steam Boost
251.Rare 1926 $10 Indian Coin MS62
252.1885-D New Order MS 62 Silver Dollar
253.1886-P MS 62 Silver Dollar
254.1904-D New order uncirculated Silver Dollar
255.1926 Uncirculated peace dollar
256.1921 Morgan Dollar Uncirculated Proof
257.1897 Morgan Dollar
258.1921 Morgan Dollar Uncirculated Proof
259.1922 Peace Dollar
260.1900 Morgan Silver Dollar
261.1912 Barber 50 cent piece
262.1881 Morgan Silver Dollar
263.1921-S San Francisco Morgan Silver Dollar
264.1885 Morgan Silver Dollar
265.1884 Morgan Silver Dollar
266.1910 Barber 50 cent
267.1900 Barber 50 cent
268.1900 Barber 25 cent
269.1911 Barber 25 cent
270.1914-D Barber 25 Cent
271.25 V Nickels
272.25 Indian Pennies
273.25 Buffalo Nickels
274.James Madison 50 cent Silver coin 1993
275.Eisenhower Silver Dollar Proof "Ike"
276.Fox Model B 12 Gauge shotgun, FFL Transfer processed through Dominion Outdoors, Additional $10 charge to winning bidder
277.BSA 218 Australia
278.Savage 99 284 Winchester Lever Action Rifle, FFL Transfer Processed through Dominion Outdoors, additional $10 charge to winning bidder
279.Remington Rolling Block Carbine 1901
280.Box Vintage Car Toys
281.Box Vintage Car Toys
282.Box Vintage Toys
283.Bayard Arms Double Barrel Shotgun
284.Cast Iron Coin Bank
285.Money Saver Bank
286.2 Coin Banks, Rabbit and Butler
287.Rocking Horse Bank
288.Cash Request Bank
289.Santa Iron Bank Coca Cola
290.Antique coin ban
291.Cast Iron Money Bank
292.Lincoln Cents Book, 1941-1974
293.1971 Proof Set
294.Winchester Centennial '66 30-30 Lever Action, FFL Transfer Processed through Dominion Outdoors, Additional $10 charge to winning bidder
295.Eastern Arms Company Single Shot 16 gauge shotgun 2 3/4 inch chamber, FFL Transfer Processed through Dominion Outdoors, Additional $10 charge to winning Bidder
296.Savage Arms Bolt Action 30-06, Clip Fed, CenterPoint 3x9 Scope, FFL Transfer Processed through Dominion Outdoors, Additional $10 Charge to winning Bidder