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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - October 14, 2017 Starts to close: Saturday, October 14 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Sterling Cross with Diamonds
2.Sterling Diamond Accent Band
3.Sterling and 14K Gold Cross
4.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
5.Sterling and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
6.Sterling Diamond Ring
7.Sterling ~1/4ct Diamond Pendant
8.Sterling and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
9.Sterling Black and White Diamond Pendant
10.Sterling Diamond Ring
11.Sterling Diamond Ring
12.Sterling Ruby and Diamond Heart Pendant
13.Sterling and Diamond Bracelet
14.Sterling and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
15.Sterling Diamond Pendant
16.Sterling Diamond Pendant
17.Sterling Mother of Pearl Pendant
18.Sterling Mother of Pearl Pendant
19.Sterling Heavy Pendant on Chain
20.Sterling Mother of Pearl Pendant
21.Sterling Rose Ring
22.Sterling Turquoise Ring
23.Sterling Multi Stone Ring
24.Sterling Dolphin Ring
25.Fancy Sterling Earring
26.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
27.Sterling Peridot Ring
28.Fancy Sterling Black onyx and Ruby Pendant
29.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
30.Sterling Fancy Corral Ring
31.Sterling Mother of Pearl and Marcasite Pendant
32.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
33.Sterling Cross Ring
34.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
35.Sterling Ring
36.Sterling Turquoise Ring
37.Sterling Black Pearl Ring
38.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
39.Sterling Heart Ring
40.Sterling Religious Ring
41.Sterling Cluster Ring
42.Stelring Green Stone Ring
43.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
44.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
45.Sterling Enamal Earrings
46.Sterling Indian Ring
47.Sterling Orange Stone Ring
48.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
49.Sterling Red Stone and Amethyst Ring
50.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
51.Sterling Cluster Ring
52.Sterling Garnet Ring
53.Stelring Topaz Ring
54.Sterling Pearl Ring
55.Sterling Amethyst Ring
56.Sterling Amethyst Ring
57.Sterling Pearl Pendant
58.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
59.Sterling Purple Stone Ring
60.Sterling Amber Ring
61.Sterling Lapis Ring
62.Sterling Opal Ring
63.Sterling Topaz Ring
64.Sterling Purple Stone Ring
65.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
66.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
67.Stelring Marcasite Ring
68.Sterling Corss Amethyst
69.Sterling Roman Head Ring
70.Sterling Balck Onyx Ring
71.Sterling Anniversary Ring
72.Sterling Topaz Cross
73.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
74.Sterling Onyx and Mother of Pearl Ring
75.Sterling Amethyst Ring
76.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
77.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
78.Sterling Multi Stone Ring
79.Sterling Spoon Ring
80.Sterling Indian Ring signed Sosia
81.Sterling 2 Green Stone Ring
82.Westclox Pocket Watch
83.Fancy Railroad Watch
84.Sterling Enamal Earrings
85.Rare 1893-CC Silver Dollar
86.1932-S Rare Date
87.1955-D Unc Washington
88.BU Unc Booker T Washington MS63 1952 $.50
89.1921 Mercury Dime Key Date
90.Rare 1904 2.50 Gold Coin MS63 Red Book $600 NGC Slabbed
91.Unc 1944-S Mercury Penny
92.1913 Barber Half Rare Dollar
93.1879 BU Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
94.1928 Rare Peace Dollar Key Date
95.1998 MS63 Unc Morgan Dollar
96.1890-CC Carson City Morgan Dollar
97.1941 Unc Walking Liberty Half Dollar
98.1935-S Peace Dollar Hard to Find
99.1899-O New Orleans BU Unc MS63
100.1921 Peace Dollar Rare Date
101.1900-O New Orleans BU Unc MS63
102.1919 Walking Liberty $.50
103.1945 Unc Washington $.50
104.1948-S Unc Washington $.25
105.1890-CC Carson City Rare
106.1887 BU Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
107.1881-S BU Unc MS64 Morgan Dollar
108.1885-O New Orleans Unc Morgan Dollar
109.1878-S First Year Morgan Dollar
110.1922 BU Unc Peace Dollar
111.1925 BU Peace Dollar
112.1889 Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
113.1899-O Morgan Dollar MS63 Unc
114.1904-O New Orleans Unc MS63 Silver Dollar
115.1887 Morgan Silver Dollar MS63 Unc
116.1926-S San Francisco Hard to Find Unc
117.1878-S Morgan Silver Dollar
118.1898-O Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
119.1900-O Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
120.1925 Unc Peace Dollar
121.1921-D Unc Morgan Dollar
122.1927-D Peace Dollar Hard to Find
123.1970 Great Britain Proof Set Silver
124.1971 Ireland Proof Set
125.1921 Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
126.Geneva Pocket Watch and Knife
127.Addison Pocket Watch
128.5 Silver Bar 15grams each
129.Springfield Pocket Watch
130.Vintage Pocket Watch
131.Sterling Large Turquoise Ring
132.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
134.Sterling Multi Stone Ring
135.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
136.Sterling Filigree Ring
137.Sterling Red Stone Ring
138.Sterling Amethyst Ring
139.Sterling Garnet Ring
140.Stelring Pink Stone Ring
141.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
142.Sterling Amethyst and Marcasite Ring
143.Coin Bracelet
144.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
145.Sterling Garnet Earring
146.Sterling Blue Stone Pendant
147.Sterling Drop Earrings
148.Lot of Buffalo Nickels 1920 1916 1927-D 1915
149.Gold Filled Bracelet
150.1970 Australian Mint Set
151.1933 The World's First Miniature $10 Gold Piece Solid 14K Gold
152.1933 The World's First Miniature $10 Gold Piece Solid 14K Gold
153.1884-CC Carson City MS65 slabbed Unc Silver Dollar
154.Federal Reserve Red and Green Seal $5 Bills
155.United States of America Two Dollar Bill in Full Color
156.1846 $.01 Coin
157.3- 90% Silver Quarters 1928 1928 1929
158.Winchester Shotgun Shells
159.Old 22s
160.Old 22s
161.Winchester Shotgun Shells
162.Shotgun Shells
163.Western 45 Auto
164.Winchester 38 Special
165.Winchester 22lr
166.32 S And W Long
167.243 Win And 6.5x54
168.Remington 4/10
169.7,63 Mauser
170.7.5x55 Ammo
171.Old Shotgun Shells
172.16 Gauge 40/65 WCF Ammo
173.Old Winchester Box
174.Old 22s
175.Federal 22s
177.Shotgun Shells
178.Old Military Ammo
179.38 Special Super Match
180.Remington Boxes
181.Remington 7mm Rem Magnum
182.22 LR 3 Boxes
183.Winchester 8x57mm Mauser
184.380 Auto
185.380 Auto
186.Old Winchester Ammo
187.7mm Rem Magnum
188.25-35 Winchester
189.Winchester 8mm Mauser
190.Old Remington Boxes
191.Old Hoppes
192.Antique Ammo
193.22 Boxes
194.30-30 Winchester
195.22 Ammo
197.223 Remington
198.22 Hornet
200.7mm Mauser
201.Hornady 33 Win
202.22 Ammo
204.9mm Luger Ammo
205.2 Boxes Ammo
206.22WMR And Hoppes
207.Shotgun Boxes
212.38 Special Pistol. Good Shape
213.CVA Black Powder Pistol
214.Ketland Antique Rifle
215.Antique Drill
216.Antique Basket
217.Picnic Basket And More
218.Antique Log Grabber
219.Antique Lamps
220.Cast Iron Skillet
221.Wagner Cast Iron Skillet
222.Cast Iron Skillet
223.Antique Bucket
224.Antique Jack
225.Old Chisel And More
226.Old Brush Cutters And More
228.Samuri Sword
229.Old Sword
231.Citizen Watches
232.Brass Bucket
234.Vintage Phone
238.Small Mirror And More
239.Old Calenders
240.Old Cigar Box
241.Lot Of Glassware
242.Ball Jars
244.Old Sewing Items
245.Antique Items
247.Stuffed Doll
249.Sewing Items
252.Vintage Phone
254.Old Box And More