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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Dec 9, Bidding is open! Starts to close:Sunday, December 9 @ 8 P.M.

Item Description
1.Sterling Marquise Pink Stone Ring
2.Sterling Three Stone Opal Ring
3.Sterling "x" White Stone Ring
4.Sterling Blue Stone Split Shank Ring
5.Sterling Blue Stone Halo Ring
6.Sterling Blue Heart Stone Ring
7.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
8.Sterling Five Blue Stone Ring
9.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
10.Sterling Green Stone Ring
11.Sterling White Stone Ring
12.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
13.Sterling White Stone Filigree Ring
14.Sterling Green Stone Claddagh Ring
15.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
16.Sterling Pearl Ring
17.Sterling Purple Stone Ring
18.Sterling Blue Stone Halo Ring
19.Sterling Drusy Ring
20.Sterling Green Stone Cluster Ring
21.Sterling Yellow, Pink and White Stone Halo Ring
22.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
23.Sterling Floral Ring
24.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
25.Sterling Green Stone Ring
26.Sterling Red Stone Ring
27.Sterling Mother and Child Ring
28.Sterling Five Pink Stone Ring
29.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
30.Sterling Black and White Stone Bypass Ring
31.Sterling Purple Stone Ring
32.Sterling Pink and Purple Stone Ring
33.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
34.Sterling Orange and White Marquise Stone Ring
35.Sterling Three Stone Orange Opal Ring
36.Sterling Three Stone Purple and Blue Stone Ring
37.Sterling Red Stone Ring
38.Sterling Green Stone Ring
39.Sterling Pink and White Stone Dome Ring
40.Sterling Moonstone Wide Cutout Band
41.Sterling Pink Stone Floral Ring
42.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
43.Sterling Pink Quartz Ring
44.Sterling White Stone Ring
45.Sterling Signet Ring
46.Sterling Citrine Ring
47.Sterling Green and White Stone Halo Ring
48.Sterling Garnet Ring
49.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
50.Sterling Green Stone Ring
51.Sterling Brown Stone Cutout Band
52.Sterling Blue and White Stone Ring
53.Sterling Pink and White Stone Ring
54.Sterling Black Stone Band
55.Sterling Orange and White Marquise Stone Ring
56.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
57.Sterling Pink Stone Heart Ring
58.Sterling Marcasite Crossover Ring
59.Sterling Band
60.Sterling Leaf Band
61.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
62.Sterling Abalone Ring
63.Sterling Topaz and Peridot Ring
64.Sterling Amethyst and Emerald Ring
66.Sterling Diamond Accent Dangle Earrings
67.Sterling Amethyst Earrings
68.Sterling Sapphire Hoops
69.Sterling Ruby Hoops
70.Sterling Diamond Accent Vermeil Hoops
71.Sterling Mother and Child Diamond Accent Heart Bracelet
72.Sterling Pink and White Stone Bracelet
73.Sterling Sapphire and White Stone Bracelet
74.Sterling Dangle Heart Bracelet
75.Sterling Vermeil Sapphire Bracelet
76.Sterling Sapphire Pendant on Chain
77.Sterling Turquoise Earrings
78.Sterling Blue Stone Dangle Earrings
79.Sterling Filigree Earrings
80.Sterling Dangle Earrings
81.Sterling Sand Dollar Earrings
82.Sterling Hoops
83.Sterling Amethyst Earrings
84.Sterling Blue and Moonstone Earrings
85.Sterling Dangle Earrings
86.Sterling Opal Halo Earrings
87.Sterling Dangle Cross Earrings
88.Sterling Star Earrings
89.Sterling Pink and White Stone Flower Heart Earrings
90.Sterling Heart Earrings
91.Sterling Pearl Earrings
92.Sterling Pearl Earrings
93.Sterling Dangle Earrings
94.Sterling Dangle Earrings
95.Sterling Dangle Swirl Earrings
96.Sterling Angel Earrings
97.Sterling Dangle Pearl Earrings
98.Sterling Pink Stone Earrings
99.Sterling Claddagh Earrings
100.Sterling Dangle Earrings
101.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
102.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
103.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
104.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
105.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
106.1922 Peace Silver Dollar uncirculated
107.1922 Peace Silver Dollar uncirculated
108.1922 Peace Silver Dollar uncirculated
109.1923 Peace Silver Dollar extra fine
110.1923 Peace Silver Dollar extra fine
111.1923 Peace Silver Dollar extra fine
112.1923 Peace Silver Dollar extra fine
113.1923 Peace Silver Dollar extra fine
114.1923 Peace Silver Dollar extra fine
115.1923 Peace Silver Dollar extra fine
116.1925 Peace Silver Dollar
117.1920s and 1930s Buffalo Nickels
118.1920s and 1930s Buffalo Nickels
119.1881-1908 Indian Head Pennies
120.1 gram 24K Gold Bar
121.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
122.1923 Peace Silver Dollar
123.1922 Peace Silver Dollar
124.1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
125.1881 Morgan Silver Dollar
126.Rare 1991 Panda Gold Coin 24k
127.1853 $1 Gold Coin
128.22k Gold Coin
129.25 Indian Head Pennies
130.Lot of Glassware and misc. items
131.Wooden Shelf and Stuffed Bears
134.Model Railroad Kits
137.Painted Décor Eggs
138.Train Cars and Track
139.Trinket Boxes
140.Cards and Fish Décor
147.Fishing Box
154.Glassware and Figurine
155.Cake Stand and Vases
156.Mirrored Tray and 2 Water Pitchers
157.Cruet Set
158.Costume Jewelry
159.Costume Jewelry
160.Costume Jewelry
161.Costume Jewelry
162.Costume Jewelry
163.Costume Jewelry
164.Costume Jewelry
165.Costume Jewelry
166.Costume Jewelry
167.Costume Jewelry
168.Basketball, Baseball and Football Cards