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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - June 15, Bidding is open! Starts To close: Thursday, June 15 @ 8:00 PM.

Item Description
1.Sterling Turquiose Ring
2.Large Heavy Moonstone Ring
3.Sterling Roman Head Ring
4.Sterling Turquiose Ring
5.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
6.Sterling Peridot Ring
7.Sterling Ring
8.Sterling Vintage Green Stone Ring
9.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
10.Sterling Green Stone Ring
11.Sterling Tiffany Style Ring
12.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
13.Sterling Garnet Ring
14.Vintage Sterling Turquoise Ring Very Heavy
15.Stelring Opal ring
16.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
17.Sterling Peridot Ring
18.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
19.Sterling Pear shape RhodaliteRing
20.Sterling 3 Stone Amethyst Ring
21.Sterling Turquiose Ring
22.Sterling Opal Ring
23.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
24.Sterling Tiffany Style Band
25.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
26.Sterling 3 Stone Ring
27.Sterling Amethyst Ring
28.Sterling Larimar Ring rare
29.Sterling Green Stone Cluster Ring
30.Sterling ClusterRing
31.Sterling Turquiose Ring
32.Stelring Garnet Ring
33.Sterling Orange Stone Ring
34.Sterling Garnet Ring
35.Sterling Turquiose Ring
36.Sterling Tiffany Style Band heavy
37.Sterling Garnet Ring
38.Sterling Orange Stone Ring
39.Sterling Claddagh Ring
40.Sterling Turquiose Ring
41.Sterling Tiffany Style Mesh Band
42.Sterling 3 Stone Mystic Topaz Ring
43.Loyola CollegeRing 1944
44.Sterling 1ct Diamond Ring
45.Sterling Pearl and Diamond Accent Ring
46.Sterling Black Stone Ring
47.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
49.Sterling Moonstone Ring
50.Sterling Blue Stone and Diamond Accent Ring
51.Sterling diamond Tennis Bracelet
52.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Accent Pendant
53.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Accent Earrings
54.Sterling Diamond Accent Heart
55.Sterling ~1/4ct Diamond Accent Ring
56.Sterling Blue and White Diamond ~1/4ct Ring
57.Sterling Black Diamond Band
58.Pearl Necklace
59.Sterling Turquoise Ring
60.Sterling Turquoise Ring
61.Sterling Amethyst and Mother of Pearl Ring
62.Sterling Blue Stone Ring
63.Sterling Red Stone Ring
64.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
65.Sterling Frog Ring
66.Sterling Butterfly Ring
67.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
68.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
69.Sterling Diamond Accent Heart Necklace
70.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Accent Bracelet
71.Sterling Pearl Ring
72.Sterling Emerald ring
73.Sterling Diamond Accent Bracelet
74.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
75.Sterling Sapphireand Diamond Accent Pendant
76.14k Sterling Diamond Accent Earrings
77.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
78.Sterling Sapphire Ring
79.Sterling Sapphire Ring
80.Sterling Rhodalite Ring
81.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
82.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
83.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
84.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
85.Sterling Green Stone Ring
86.Sterling Moonstone Ring
87.Sterling Orange Stone Ring
88.Sterling Red Stone Ring
89.Sterling Green Stone Ring
90.Sterling Pink Stone Ring
91.Sterling Orange Stone Ring
92.Sterling Pearl Ring
93.Sterling Moonstone and Orange Stone Ring
94.Sterling Garnet Ring
95.Sterling Band
96.Sterling Green Stone Band
97.Fancy Sterling Band
98.Sterling Green Stone Ring
99.Sterling Blue Stone Band
100.Sterling Mother of Pearl Pendant
101.Large Lot of Costume Jewelry
102.Lot of New Watches
103.4 Large Cent 1817 1845
104.Sterling Pearl Ring
105.Pearl Necklace
106.Vintage Costume Jewelry
107.Vintage Costume Ring and Pendant
109.Hunting Scene Pocket Watch
110.Vintage Remington H1 Speed 22 Shell
111.Remington 22 Win. Shells
112.Remington Vintage 9mm Shells
113.Sterling Turquoise Ring
114.Vintage Sterling Turquoise Earrings
115.Sterling Amber Earrings
116.Sterling Turquoise Ring
117.Sterling Jade Ring
118.Sterling Red Stone Ring
119.1994 US Mint Set
120.1994 US Mint Set
121.1997 2001 100 Eagle
122.$5 1851 Farmers Bank VA
123.Susan B Anthony Silver Dollar
124.Washington Quarter
125.Lincoln Memorial Cents, many unc coins
126.3 Large Cents 1-2 cent
127.Bulova Watch
128.Box of Watches
129.1974 Bicentennial Coin
130.200th Anniversary Half Dollar
132.Bag of Coins
133.Sterling Turquoise Ring
134.Sterling Turquoise Ring
135.Sterling Halo Ring
136.1977-S Proof
137.Lof of Wheat Penny, Silver Coin and Foreign Coin
138.Vintage Watch
139.6 Fancy Rings some marked
140.Coin Bracelete and 2 other coins
141.Sterling Diamond Accent ~1/5ct
142.Sterling Diamond Accent Pendant
143.Sterling Diamond Accent Pendant
144.Sterling Diamond Accent Band
145.Sterling Diamond Accent Necklace Signed
146.Sterling Diamond Accent Earrings
147.Sterling Diamond Accent Band
148.Sterling Diamond Accent Ring
149.Sterling Diamond Accent Ring
150.Sterling Diamond Accent Earrings
151.Sterling Diamond Accent Bracelet
152.Sterling Diamond Accent Earrings
153.Sterling Diamond Accent Band
154.Sterling Diamond Accent Earrings
155.Sterling Sapphire and Diamond Accent Bracelet
156.Sterling Diamond Accent Locket
157.Sterling Diamond Accent Bracelet
159.Sterling Diamond Accent and Sapphire Earrings
160.Sterling Diamond Accent Earrings
161.Large Fancy Pendant
162.Sterling Peridot and Diamond Accent Ring
163.Sterling Blue and White Diamond Ring
164.Sterling Diamond Accent Ring
165.Sterling Blue and White Diamond
166.Sterling Diamond Cluster
167.Sterling Diamond Accent Ring
168.Sterling Blue Diamond Pendant
169.Sterling Diamond Accent Bracelet
171.Black Powder Rifle
172.CVA Optima 50 Cal Break Open Muzzleloader
173.Black Powder Rifle
174.Black Powder with Wood Stock Rifle
175.Remington 9mm shells vintage
176.Foreign Coins some Silver 1867 1915
177.Silver Coin Set Silver Certificate
178.20 Old V Nickels
179.20 Indian Head 1 cent
180.20 Buffalo Nickels
181.10 Silver Mercury Dimes 1917
182.UNC 1924 Peace Dollar
183.1904 Morgan Silver Dollar
184.1935 Peace Dollar
185.1923 Peace Dollar
186.1902 Morage Dollar
187.1922 Peace Dollar
188.1923 Peace Dollar
189.1890-O Morgan Dollar
190.1922 Peace Dollar
191.1899-O Morgan Dollar
192.1891-O Morgan Dollar
193.1882-O Morgan Dollar
194.1923 Peace Dollar
195.1889-O Morgan Dollar
196.Approx 400 Wheat Pennys
197.Lot of Costume Jewelry
198.Lot of Costume Jewelry
199.Lot of Civil War Bullet dug in VA
200.Lot of Civil War Bullet dug in VA
201.Wooden End Tables
202.Lamp Parts & More
204.Lamp Parts & More
205.Set of Antique Lamps
206.Wooden Jewelry Box
207.Lot of Baskets
208.Wooden Jewelry Box
209.Antique Miniature Chest
210.Gavel & More
211.Rastine 1985 Cow Pottery Pitcher
212.Pottery Pitchers
213.Pottery Pitcher with Ship Design
214.Green Pottery Pitcher
215.Handmade Walnut Chest
216.Wooden Box full of Old Pictures
217.Old Glory Cigar Box & Jersey Cream Box
219.Antique Bank with Key
220.Musical Instrument
221.The First National Bank, Strasburg, VA Thermometer
222.Shoe Horns And More
223.VA Shoe Cleaner Bag And More
224.Antique Baby Ruth Box
225.Antique Song Books, Train Whistle, & Rulers
226.Antique Enamel Bowl
227.Antique Brass Scale
228.Antique Box
229.Antique Framed Pictures
230.Antique Lamps & Cherub Statue
231.Lot of Cuckoo Clocks
232.Trivet & More
233.Antique Planter
234.Cuckoo Clocks
235.Antique Bell
236.Brass Dish & More
237.Set of Signed Leaf Dishes
238.Handmade Knife Tray
239.Misc. Items
240.Box of Antique Milk Seals & Wooden Box
241.Antique Jewelry Box, M. M. Lackey, Lexington, VA, 1963
242.Baby Toy & More
243.Wooden Box
244.Antique Tin Molds
245.Antique Wooden Duck
246.Antique Clocks
247.Antique Slicer
248.Tyco Train Kit
249.Light Fixture
250.Halls Dishes
251.Light Fixture
252.USA Pottery
253.Antique Vases
254.Wooden Box
255.Wooden Box
256.Antique Vase & McCoy Dishes
257.Wooden Box
258.Lane Wooden Box
259.2 Wooden Jewelry Boxes
260.Brass Anchor & Bell Doorknocker
262.Antique Butter Mold
263.Antique Coffee Grinder
264.Set of 6 Brass Bells
265.Antique Ashtray
266.Gnome Mold
267.Brass Bells & Fish
269.Antique Brass Bell with Wooden Handle
270.Antique Brass Bell with Wooden Handle
271.Antique Brass Bell with Wooden Handle
272.Antique Brass Bell with Wooden Handle
273.Antique Brass Bell with Leather Handle
274.Antique Gas Mask
275.Antique Brass Items
276.Antique Lamps
277.Antique Pottery Set
278.Set of Antique Glass Candlestick Holders
279.Antique Plates
280.Antique Glass Pheasant
281.Antique Toothpick Holders
282.Antique Lamps
283.Antique Lamps
284.Framed Artwork
285.Antique Master Crafters Clock
286.Antique Sessions Clock
287.Antique Clock
288.Antique Pitchers
289.Antique Clock
290.Antique Alarm Clocks
291.Antique Glassware
292.Serving Dish
293.Antique Combat Collectors Case
294.Lot of Vintage Lighters & Glass
295.Picture Frame & More
296.Planter & More
297.Set of Antique Glasses
298.Set of Antique Glasses
299.Set of Antique Glasses
300.Set of Antique Glasses
301.Set of Antique Glasses
302.Lot of Antique Glassware & More
303.Small Cast Iron Dog
304.Small Longaberger Basket
305.Vintage Dishes & Perfume Set
306.Framed Pictures
307.Prints & More
308.Antique Toy Cars
309.Antique Small Oil Lamps
310.Antique Salt & Pepper Shakers, Oil Lamps & More
312.Framed Pictures
313.Misc. Items
315.BB Pistol
316.GI Joes & More
317.Antique Plates & More
318.Box of Ball Cards
319.1981 Inaugural Program, Antique Toy Car & More
320.Lot of Baskets
321.Salt & Pepper Shakers
322.Glassware & More
323.Gardening Baskets
324.Antique Magazines
325.Antique Sears Catalogue
326.Antique Newspaper
327.Antique Children's Books
328.Antique Wooden Crate
329.Porcelain Figurine
330.Antique Auger
331.Brass Eagle
332.Wood Plane & More
333.Brass Horn & More
334.Cadillac Hubcaps
335.Decorative Brass Plate
336.Antique License Plates
337.Picture Frame & More
338.Antique Glassware
339.Antique Glassware
340.Antique Glassware
341.Antique Glassware
342.Antique Moccasins
343.Antique Sign & Pictures
344.Native American Artwork & More
345.Antique Glassware
346.Antique Laboratory Scale
347.Silver-plate & More
348.Antique Picture & Tray
349.Cast Iron Firefighter
350.Antique Mold
351.Antique Lamps
352.Lamp Accessories
353.Advertising Items & More
354.Antique Oil Lamp & Trivet
355.Antique Glassware
356.Fireplace items and more
357.Antique Tin & More
358.Small Wicker Chair
359.Antique Hatchet
360.VM Leaf Dish
361.Cast Iron Pot
362.Brass Horn
363.Antique Wood Plane
364.Antique Drill
365.Antique Belt Buckle
366.Antique Scale
367.Antique Cast Iron Reindeer & Sled
368.Antique Truck
369.Antique Wood Planes
370.Wooden Mallet & More
371.Framed Pictures
373.Framed Pictures
374.BB Gun
375.Antique Rocking Chair
378.Marble Stand & More
379.Floor Light
381.Wooden Shelf
382.Metal Shelf
383.Glass Shelf
384.Glass Shelf
385.Glass Shelf
386.Wholesale Lot
387.Wholesale Lot
388.Wholesale Lot
389.Wholesale Lot
390.Misc. Ammo, Includes 220 Swift & More
391.38 Special Remington, Half Box
392.Winchester 22LR 50 Round Box
393.Antique Winchester 32 Smith & Wesson Long
394.Winchester 9mm
395.Remington 30-06
397.Whole Bag of 9mm
398.Daisy Target Special BBs