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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Feb 7, Bidding is Open! Starts To close: Wednesday, February 7 @ 8:00 PM.

Item Description
1.Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Ring
2.Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Ring
3.Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Heart Ring
4.Sterling Silver Ruby Diamond Tennis Bracelet
5.Sterling Silver ~1/4 ct Diamond Ring
6.Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Pendant
7.Sterling Silver Diamond Tennis Bracelet
8.Sterling Silver Diamond Tennis Bracelet
9.Sterling Silver Intaglio Ring
10.Sterling Silver Diamond Sapphire Bracelet
11.Sterling Silver Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
12.Sterling Silver Diamond Pendant
13.Sterling Silver Diamond Ring
14.Sterling Silver Silpada Earrings
15.Sterling Silver Diamond Pendant
16.Sterling Silver Diamond Hoop Earrings
17.Sterling Silver Diamond Earrings
18.Sterling Silver Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
19.Sterling Silver Diamond Ring
20.Sterling Silver Diamond Tennis Bracelet
21.Sterling Silver Diamond Bracelet
22.Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Ring
23.Sterling Silver Cluster Diamond Ring
24.Sterling Silver Diamond Ring
25.Sterling Silver Diamond Ring
26.Sterling Silver Diamond Wings Ring
27.Sterling Silver White and Black Diamond
28.Sterling Silver Diamond Moon Ring
29.Sterling Silver Pearl and Diamond Ring
30.Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Ring
31.Sterling Silver Heart Tennis Bracelet
32.Sterling Silver Diamond Apple Ring
33.Sterling Silver "c" Necklace
34.Sterling Silver Cross Diamond Ring
35.Sterling Silver Black Onyx and Diamond Ring
36.Sterling Silver "N" Necklace
37.Sterling Silver "R" Necklace
38.Sterling Silver & 14K Earrings
39.Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Pendant
40.Sterling Silver Enamel and Diamond Earrings
41.Sterling Silver & 14K Diamond Cross
42.Sterling Silver Opal Heart Pendant
43.Sterling Silver Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
44.Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring
45.Sterling Silver Diamond Ring
46.Sterling Silver Black Onyx and Marcasite Ring
47.Sterling Silver Garnet Ring
48.Sterling Silver Diamond Ring
49.Sterling Silver Flower Ring
50.Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Ring
51.Sterling Silver Diamond Cross Ring
52.Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Large Ring Nice
53.Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Ring
54.Sterling Silver Flower Ring
55.Sterling Silver Pink Stone Ring
56.Sterling Silver Cat Ring
57.Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Ring
58.Sterling Silver Dolphin Ring
59.Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring
60.Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring
61.1845 Large Cent
62.1889 Lincoln Dime
63.1845 Large Cent
64.1890 Lincoln Dime
65.Unc 1924 Peace Dollar
66.1827 Large Cent
67.1891 Dime
68.1889 Lincoln Dime
69.Rare MS63 1884-CC Silver Dollar
70.1852 Large Cent
71.1841 1/2 Dime
72.1847 Large Cent
73.Unc 1923 Peace Dollar
74.Unc 1921 Morgan Dollar
75.3 Copy $5 and $20 Gold Pc
76.1881 Morgan Silver Dollar
77.1889 Morgan Silver Dollar
78.3 copy $20 Gold Pc
79.1/2 cent and Large Cent
80.Indian Head Cent
81.Lot of Foreign Coins
82.1/2 1830 Dime 1769 Silver
83.5 Stone Ring
84.1904 Barber Half Dollar
85.1970 Silver Half Dollar
86.1970 Silver Half Dollar
87.Washington Quarter
88.Native American Coin and Arrowhead
89.WWI Lincoln Wheat Penny, Historical One Cent Collection
90.Bryce Harper Mint 9
91.Bryce Harper Washington Nationals
92.4 Coin Silver Set
93.Lot of V Nickels
94.6 Original Cameos
95.Dragon Pendant
96.Lot of Military Pictures, WWI
97.Stephen Strasburg Baseball Card
98.Manny Machado Baseball Card
99.Bryce Harper BBP4 Card
100.2 Boxes of Maxi Mag Ammo
101.Antique Wood Plane
102.RC 4 Wheeler
103.Antique Tool
104.Metal Wood Planes
105.Doll Items
106.Cast Iron Horse Decoration
107.Antique Knives
108.Wooden Toys
109.Coasters & More
110.RC Truck
111.Volkswagen Beetle
112.GI Joes
113.Small Box of Buttons
114.Small Box of Jewelry
115.Small Box of Jewelry
116.GI Joes
117.Old Baseball Cards
118.Basketball Cards
119.22 WMR, Full Box
120.Tul Ammo 9mm
121.20 Rounds of 9mm
122.Federal 30-30
123.9mm Luger
124.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
125.Diecast Replica Car
126.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
127.Box with Ammo & More
128.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
129.Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast Car
130.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
131.Jewelry Box
133.Antique Dolls & More
134.Football Cards
135.Dale Earnhardt Blanket
136.Bear Bow
137.Light & More
138.Box of Tools
139.Leather Boots
140.Box of Drinking Glasses
141.Bowling Ball w/ Bag
142.Bag of Softballs
143.Gift Boxes
144.Box of Cologne
146.Antique Glassware
147.Silver Plate
148.Antique Clock
149.Antique Stoneware & More
150.Box of Hardware
151.Tray of Shot Glasses & More
152.First Aid Box
153.Thomas Kinkaid Collectibles & More
154.Framed Mirror
155.Tennis Rackets
156.Enamel Pot & More
160.Thomas Kinkaid Collectibles
161.Avon Collectibles
162.Thomas Kinkaid Collectibles
163.Thomas Kinkaid Collectibles
164.Thomas Kinkaid Collectibles
165.Thomas Kinkaid Collectibles
166.Power Ranger Toys & More
167.Glass Ash Trays
168.Large Lot of Glassware
169.Large Lot of Glassware
170.Vintage Cameras
171.RC Car Kit
172.Coke Glasses
173.Coke Glasses
174.Blue Mugs
177.Drinking Glasses
178.Cord Reel
179.Box of DVDs & Games
180.Misc. Items
181.Kitchen Items
185.Old Oil Lamps & More
189.Avon Collectibles
190.Misc. Items
191.Misc. Items
193.Christmas Decorations
194.Misc. Items
195.Large Lot of Glassware
196.Clocks & More
199.Box of Misc. Items
200.Large Lot of Glassware
202.Wooden Decorations
204.Picture Frames & More
205.Box of Glassware
207.Misc. Items
208.Antique Wooden Pictures
209.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
210.Collectible Pitcher
211.Picture Frames
212.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
213.Misc. Items
214.Angel Decorations
215.Antique Lamps
216.Toy Cars & More
217.Antique Oil Lamps
218.Cast Iron Ship
219.Dale Earnhardt Mugs
220.Dale Earnhardt Mugs
221.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
222.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
223.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles
224.Large Oak Coffee Table w/ Pull Out
225.Gun Cabinet
226.Metal Bunkbed
227.Vintage Wooden Cabinet
228.Wholesale Lot
229.Wholesale Lot
230.Metal Cabinet
231.Tool Cabinet
232.Huge Box of Christmas Items
233.Wooden Night Stand w/ Contents
234.End Tables w/ Matching Coffee Table
236.Wholesale Lot
237.Tent & Cooler