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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Aug 19, Bidding is open! Starts To close: Saturday, August 19 @ 8:00 PM.

Item Description
1.Kirby Vacuum With Accessories
2.10" Radial Arm Saw
3.Servpro Commercial Grade Dehumidifier. Works
4.Dremel Scroll Saw With Stand And Blades. Works
5.Large Industrial Fan. Unsure If Works Properly.
7.2 Trunks
9.2 Metal Chairs
10.Nice Huntsman Woodstove By The Atlanta Stove Works. Good Condition
11.Vintage Kitchen Counter
12.Scotts Fertilizer Spreader
13.4 Metal Chairs
14.2 Weedeaters
15.Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Drawing Table
16.Solid Oak Bathroom Set
17.Outdoor Light Fixtures
18.Snowboard And More
19.Gun Accessories
20.Gas Cans
23.Nesco Food Dehydrator
24.Bow And Hunting Seat
25.Clamps For Camper Top On Truck
26.Hanging Plant Baskets
27.Sears Lamp And Full Propane Tank
28.Slow Sign
29.Stove And More
30.Golf Clubs
31.Game And More
32.Wooden Signs
33.Wooden Bench
34.Black And Decker Hand Sander With Sandpaper
35.USA Knife Sharpening Stones
36.USA Knife Sharpening Stone
37.The Detailer.
38.Dremel Multipro Tool. Looks New
39.Knife And Tool Sharpener
40.Knife Sharpening Stones
41.Knife Sharpening Stones
42.Sharpening Stones And More
43.Buffing Compound And More
44.Wood Files
45.Wire Brushes And More
46.Wood Files, Brushes And More
47.Ryobi Detail Sander With Sandpaper
48.Brushes And More
49.Files, Knife Oil And More
50.Ceramic Knife Sharpeners
51.Wood Files
52.Carpenter Wood Pencils
53.Jewelry And Bead Glue And More
54.Carpenter Wood Pencils
55.Wood Pencils And More
56.Stone Colored Clay, Molds And More
57.New Oven Bake Clay And More
58.Beads, Glue Gun And More
59.Buttons And Other Craft Items
60.Sand Paper And More
61.Tray Full Of Craft Items
62.BASS Carving Wood
63.File Sets
64.Tool Box
65.New Magnifying Glass
66.Full Coleman Propane Fuel Tanks
67.Shop Lights
68.Fun Wire For Crafts
69.Small Clamps And Sanding Items
70.2 Organizers Full Of Craft Items
71.Thick Solid Copper Etching Plates
72.2 Organizers Full Of Craft Items
73.Clamp And Paint Brushes
74.Bead Making Tools
75.38 Special Pistol Bullets 200 Rounds
76.38 Cal Bullets Full Boxes
77.45 Cal 500 Bullets Full Box
78.500 Count Cast Bullets 45 Cal
79.Carving Books
80.Ryobi Detail Carver
81.Hand Craft Tool
82.Carve Ease Carving Machine
83.Makita Die Grinder
84.Plano Tackle Box
85.Hammers And More
86.Jewelry Making Tools
87.Polymer Clay And Craft Oven
88.Jewelry Tools
89.Realistic Scull
90.Jewelry Tools
91.Nice Jewelry Tools
92.Clay Tools
93.Jewelry Tools
94.Hatchet And More
95.L Squares
96.Plano Tackle Box
97.Pasta Machine AL Dente. New
98.Black And Decker Toolbox
99.Nice Flexcut Hand carving Tools. Great Shape
100.Nice Hand carving Knives
101.Precise Measuring Tools
102.Hand carving Tools
103.Nice Hand carving Knives
104.Nice Hand carving Knives
105.Flex cut Hand carving Tools
106.Flexcut Hand carving Tools
108.Bass Carving Tools
109.Nice Hand Files
111.Dremel Electric Engraver
112.Ryobi Detail Carver. New
113.Shop Air Purifier with Filters
114.Wood Files And More
115.Clay Tool Set
116.J-Tong Carving Wood
117.Pyrex Glass
119.Pyrex Glass
128.Box Full Of Glassware
129.Baking Dishes
130.Coca Cola Glass And More
131.Glassware and Metal Serving Trays
132.Christmas ornaments
134.Cartoon Glasses And More
135.Sony David Player
136.Semi Truck And More
137.Magazine Rack And More
138.Wood Doll Bed
139.Scale Cars
140.2 Model Kits
141.Scale Cars
142.Starting Lineup Figurine And More
144.Board Games
145.Board Games
147.Glassware Set
148.Sony Charging Station And More
149.Glassware And More
150.Photo Printer And More
151.Clippers, Irons And More
152.Screws, Nuts And Bolts
153.Screws, Nuts And Bolts
154.Screws, Nuts And Bolts
155.Screws, Nuts And Bolts
156.Old Chain And More
157.Casters And Other Hardware
158.Single Tree
159.Tray Of Hardware
160.Tray Of Hardware
161.Tray Of Hardware
162.Prybars And More
163.Garden Basket And More
164.Meat Grinder Parts And More
165.Cheese Box And More
166.Crass Bottles With Crate
167.Vise Grips And More
168.Antique Tool
169.Batman Book And More
170.Silver-plate And More
171.Alan Wrenches And More
172.New Jersey Plates And More
173.Wooden Decoration
174.Christmas Decorations
175.Power Tools
176.Board Games
177.1913 Calendar And More
178.Wood Storage Bins
179.Lamp Parts And More
180.Wood Decoration And More
181.Glass Bottles
182.Surge Protector And More
183.Fire Extinguisher
184.Jewelry And More
185.Basket And More
186.Organizer And More
187.2 Trays Of Items
188.Hardware And More
189.Hardware And More
190.2 Bags of Ice Melter
191.Venza Mat, Blanket, & More
192.Antique Sewing Table
193.Metal Pot & More
194.Step-On Trash Can
195.Potato Chip Tins
196.Vintage Vacuum Cleaner
197.Antique Tractor Seat
198.Single Trees
199.Antique Box
200.Basket & More
201.Snow Shovel & Garden Tools
202.Fondue Set
203.Antique Jacks
205.Black & Decker Drill
206.Makita Drill
207.Vintage Shoes
208.Brass Light
209.Antique Basket
210.Antique Box
211.Candy Dish & More
212.Decorative Butter Churn
213.Ball Jar full of Marbles
215.Antique Toy
217.Sand Paper Discs
218.Antique Shoe Making Items
219.Kenwood Police Radios
220.Light Bulbs
221.Desk Lamp
222.Grinders & More
223.Candles & More
224.Wooden Spoons & More
225.Small Cedar Box
226.2 Skillets
227.Kitchen Items
228.Antique Skates
229.2 Cast Iron Skillets
230.Ball Jars
231.Vintage Tins & More
232.Doll Bench
233.Radar Detector Power Cords & More
234.Knobs & More
235.Tin Lampshades & More
236.Antique Enamel Spittoon
237.Nails & More
238.Nails & More
239.Misc. tools
240.Misc. tools
241.Tool Items
242.Misc. tools
243.Lamp Parts
244.Coors Bottles & More
245.Assortment of Ammo
246.Wire Brush Pads
247.Shop Vac & More
248.Antique Drill, Auger, & Jacks
249.Hitch & More
251.Antique Door Hardware
252.Antique Tools
254.Tool Hardware
255.Mallets & More
256.Hinges & More
257.Garden Clippers & More
258.Vinegar Bottles
260.Scrapers & More
261.Vintage Phone
262.Fabric Paint
264.Antique Toys & More
265.Harley Davidson Motorcycle Starter
266.Outer Primary Cover
267.Chrome Fork Sliders