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Dominion Auction
Dominion Gallery Auction - Nov 15, Bidding is open! Starts To close: Wednesday, November 15 @ 8:00 PM.

Item Description
1.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
2.Sterling Citrine Ring
3.Sterling Girls Scouts Ring
4.Sterling Claddagh Ring
5.Sterling Garnet Ring
6.Sterling Amethyst Ring
7.Sterling Wrap
8.Sterling Citrine Ring
9.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
10.Sterling Black Onyx Ring
11.Sterling Filigree Pink Stone
12.Large Sterling Multi Stone Ring
13.Sterling Halo Ring
14.Sterling Red Stone Ring
15.Sterling Cluster Ring
16.Sterling Fancy Amethyst Ring
17.Sterling Emerald Ring
18.Sterling Amethyst Ring
19.Sterling Blue Topaz Ring
20.Sterling Lapis Ring
21.Sterling Amethyst Pendant
22.Sterling Black Onyx Pendant
23.Sterling Malachite Pendant
24.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
25.Large Fancy Sterling Turquoise Ring
26.Sterling Black Pearl Ring
27.Sterling Turquoise Earrings
28.Sterling Jade Earrings
29.Sterling Jasper Earrings
30.Sterling Amethyst Earring
31.Sterling Pearl Earrings
32.Sterling Black Onyx Marcasite Earrings
33.Sterling Black Onyx Earrings
34.Sterling Malachite Earrings
35.Sterling Ball Earrings
36.Sterling Wire Earrings
37.Sterling Turquoise Bracelet
38.Heart Pendant on Chain
39.Rail Road Pocket Watch
40.Black Pearl Bracelet
41.Sterling Cat Pendant
42.Sterling Frog Ring
43.Sterling Poison Ring
44.Sterling Tigers Eye Ring
45.Sterling Beaded Spoon Ring
46.Sterling Dome Ring
47.Sterling Sapphire Ring
48.Sterling Blue Topaz
49.Sterling Cat Ring
50.Sterling Leopard Ring
51.Sterling Bead Ring
52.Sterling Fish Head Ring
53.Sterling Peridot Earrings
54.Sterling Turquoise Ring
55.Sterling Lapis Ring
56.Sterling Horse Earrings
57.Sterling Sapphire Ring
58.Sterling Mother of Pearl Ring
59.Sterling Jade Ring
60.Sterling Jade Elephant Pendant
61.Sterling Multi Stone Bracelet
62.Sterling Teddy Bear Bracelet
63.2 Sterling Rope Chains
64.Sterling Charm Bracelet
65.Sterling Amethyst Pendant with Heavy Chain
66.Sterling Tennis Bracelet
67.Perfume Bottle and Chain
68.Blown Glass on Beaded Necklace
69.Black Pearl Necklace
70.Sterling Sapphire Tennis Bracelet
71.Sterling Turquoise Pendant and Sterling Bead Necklace
72.Pearl Necklace
73.Vintage Crystal Necklace
74.Sterling Seahorse Pin
75.Sterling Grape Pin
76.1923 Unc Peace Dollar
77.Unc 1923 Peace Dollar
78.1923 Peace Dollar
79.Unc 1923 Peace Dollar
80.Unc 1923 Peace Dollar
81.1840 Large Cent
82.MS65 1954 Franklin Half Dollar
83.1829 Bust Dime Rare Hard to Find
84.999 Silver Coin
85.Unc 1923 Peace Dollar
86.Unc 1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar
87.1840 Large Cent
88.1896 Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
89.1854 Large Cent
90.1831 Large Cent
91.2006 MS70 Silver Eagle
92.1879 Morgan Silver Dollar
93.1888 Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
94.1921 AU58 Morgan Silver Dollar
95.1886 Unc Morgan Silver Dollar
96.1891-O Seated Dime
97.Lot of Souvenir Spoons
98.American Indian Youth Belt Buckle
99.Indian Cent 1864 Unc and other coins
100.1807 Coin and other older coins
101.Lot of Coins
102.2 Baseball Cards Steve Strasburg Bryce Harper
103.3 Baseball Cards Manny Machado Stephen Strasburg Bubba Starling
104.3 Basketball Cards James Harden Michael Jordan Shaquille Oneal
105.Wood Shelfs
106.Wooden Dining Table With Leaf
107.Antique Oak Twin Size Bed
108.Pine Nightstand
109.Wood Chest Of Drawers
110.Spinning Rack
111.Framed Mirror
112.Fold Up Wooden Table
113.Workshop Table
115.Bike And Training Wheels
116.Croquet Set
117.Wood Play Table
118.Wood Cradle
119.Folding Wood Fence
120.2 Wooded Desks. Can Be Put Together
121.Wood Table
122.Oak Rocking Chair
123.Sewing Machine
124.Wood Desk
125.Wood China Cabinet
126.Wooden Coffee Table. Needs Glass
127.Vintage Couch
128.Vintage Couch
129.Fold Up Table
130.Thirty-one Bags
131.Thirty-one Bags
132.Thirty-one Wallets
133.Thirty-one Bags
134.Thirty-one Bags
135.Thirty-one Bags
136.Thirty-one Drawstring Bag
137.Ryobi Circular Saw
138.Socket Set
139.Ryobi 10" Miter Saw
140.2 Pictures
142.Sawhorse Legs
143.Tape Measure And Square
144.4' Level
145.Shot Sets
146.Cast Iron Skillet
147.Tonka Dump Truck
148.Wood Racks
149.Pooh Bowling Ball
150.2 Kids Fishing Poles
151.Emerson TV. Small
152.Wood Picture Frames
154.Jordan Shoes
155.Box Of Kids Toys
156.Box Of Kids Toys
157.Junior Dome Tent
158.Duffle Bags
159.Childs Sports Center. Looks New
160.Box Of Kids Toys
161.Craft Items
162.Scale, Phone And More
163.Batman Items
164.Wii With Lots OF Accessories
165.GPS, Light And More
166.Plastic Display Gun
167.Toolboxes With Tools
168.Lanterns And Cooler
169.New Screwdriver
170.Coleman Pump
171.Acer Computer With Charger
172.Mounted Bass
174.Tablets. Missing Chargers
175.XBOX 360 With Controllers
176.Junior Golf Set
177.Mary Kay Bag FULL Of Items
178.New Binders And More
179.Christmas Decoration
180.Neck Massager And More
181.Canvas Boards And More
182.Glove And Balls
183.Plastic Toy. Looks New
184.Leap TV. May Be Missing Parts
185.Wire Rack
186.Box FULL Of Craft Items
187.Foam Numbers
188.Wii With Lots OF Accessories
189.Storage Ottoman And Decoration
190.Luggage. 3 Total Bags
191.Train Set
192.Plastic Mini Doll House
193.Toy Truck
194.Toy Car
195.Toy Train
196.Small Bratz Chair
197.Wood Doll House
198.Air Wick Air Fresheners
199.Soap Set And More
200.Toys And More
201.Pure Silk Shave Cream
202.Shave Cream And More
203.Brut Deodorant
204.TreSemme And More
205.Gillette Clear Gel
206.Gillette Body Wash
207.Degree Deodorant
208.Dove Soap
209.Gillette Body Wash
210.Degree Deodorant
211.All Purpose Cleaner And More
212.Dove Soap
213.Pert And Old Spice Mini Bottles
214.Old Spice Spray
215.Keri Original
216.Pain Relief Patch And More
217.4 Febreze Noticeable
218.4 Febreze Noticeable
219.4 Febreze Noticeable
220.4 Febreze Noticeable
221.4 Febreze Noticeable
222.4 Febreze Noticeable
223.Colgate Toothpaste
224.Aussie Hair Product
225.Aussie Hair Product
226.Aussie Hair Product
227.Hair Products
228.Air Freshener And Razors
229.Pantene Conditioner
230.Bar Soap
231.Plastic Cups
232.Face Wash
233.Skintimate Cream
234.Herbal Essences
235.Mounted Bass
236.Wall Decorations
237.Artificial Decorations
238.Office Chair
239.Round Top Trunk
240.Magazine Rack
241.Wood End Table
242.Wood Shelf
243.Rainbow Vacuum
244.Workout Machine
245.Leather Coat
246.Wire Rack
247.Leather Top Desk
251.Clint Eastwood Stand Up Advertising Poster
252.Sailboat Picture
253.Canvas Picture
254.Wagon Boss Framed Picture
255.Framed Pictures
256.Framed Pictures
257.Vintage Radio
258.Old Train And More
259.Baseball Cards
261.Redskins Star Cards. Around 45 Cards In Hard Cases
262.Redskins Star Cards. Around 45 Cards In Hard Cases
263.Star Football Cards In Hard Cases
264.Star Football Cards In Hard Cases
265.Star Football Cards In Hard Cases
266.Star Football Cards In Hard Cases
267.Wood Tables
268.Mantle Clock
269.Baking Pans
270.Wood Handle Knives
272.Disney Books
274.Race Car And More
276.Boat Pictures And More
278.Digital Photo Album And More
279.Box Of Records
280.Large Dog Bed
281.Bingo Cage Set
282.Dr Seuss Book And More
283.Picture Frames
284.Box Of Books
285.Picture Frames And More
286.Indian Decoration And More
287.Puzzle Set And More
288.Play Doh And More
289.Kitchen Utensils
290.Rubbermaid Containers And More
291.Plastic Storage Containers
292.Wood Shelf And More
293.Sports Illustrated Magazines
294.Sports Illustrated Magazines
295.Sports Illustrated Magazines
296.Sports Illustrated Magazines
297.Lot Of Books
298.Corning Ware And More
300.Starting Lineups
301.Old Picture And More
302.Village Collection Houses